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Many of these articles are from Dr. L. John Mason’s Bestseller, Guide to Stress Reduction. Feel free to print the articles and share them with friends, coworkers, and loved ones.


 “Dedicated to serving by providing information, products, and services to create awareness and then offer control of stress and the process of change.”


Leading Change
Organizations need prepared leaders to maintain productivity during times of change. Basics about the process of change and how to avoid some of the common challenges when negotiating the change process.

Outline of ten stress management strategies that can help to minimize the impact of stress on your body and on your life.

Ergonomics of Computer Stress

Technology is great but it has lead to an increased pace of change that we must learn to adapt to maintain productivity and enhance quality of life.

Chronic Pain
Article from 10 years of experience using behavioral techniques to help minimize, if eliminate, chronic pain. Focus on back pain, neck/shoulder pain, and headaches.

Basic Guided Relaxation
Powerful stress management technique, written out word for word.

Panic/Anxiety Control Program
Behavioral techniques for controlling panic and anxiety. Help get back in control of your life.

High Blood Pressure – Hypertension
Behavioral approach that offers insight and control of stress related high blood pressure. May help reduce the needs for medication and the side effects that can accompany medicines.

Presentation Anxiety
Learn to control the fears and anxiety that can prevent the best results when offering presentations.

Digestive and Abdominal Symptom Control Program
Stress related stomach and intestinal can be lessened, and possibly eliminated, by stress management techniques.

Intuition in Business
Learn how to connect with, and then trust, your “gut feelings” in business.

Physiology of Stress
Basic information regarding the systems which can be affected as a response to stress.

Temperature Training Biofeedback
Powerful technique for learning to control your stress response. Of great value, especially for: high blood pressure, panic/anxiety, migraine headaches, stress related sexual dysfunction, and GI complaints.

Holiday Survival Tips
10 basic strategies to more gracefully survive holiday stress.

Why We Are So Overwhelmed Now!
Why we are more stressed now. Do not be a victim to advances in technology.

Executive Stress
Examines the costs of stress on productivity and the “bottomline.”

Retaining Your Best Employees – Plus Top 10 Retention Tips
Control your costs of turn over. Learn to create an environment that will remain most attractive to your key personnel (when paying more money is not the answer.)

Stress and Performance
Awareness regarding the role stress on performance. From Sports Psychology model translated for business and work life.