Our retreats are focused on personal and professional development in stress and anxiety management with targeted emphasis on stress/anxiety control for aging, death and dying, and prenatal stress management.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching can help improve your quality of life and enhance your productivity.

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer program is intended for professionals in many industries, including therapists, counselors, teachers, medical professionals, chiropractors, massage professionals, dentists, clergy, etc.

Recent Posts

Creating Miracles

It may be easier than you THINK! You are already a Master creator even if you do not always “know” or “understand” this with your 3 dimensional, ego driven mind. Your human limitations do not make this an untruth, regarding your Miracle maker status. OK, what am I speaking…

The “Veil” a Perspective

Crossing the Veil is a spiritual concept which may bring you closer to the Divine Spirit or the “Source” or the “Higher Realms”… But, what is the Veil? Why does it keep souls incarnated as humans (or other life forms) from knowing the Higher Realms? I recently heard a…