Our retreats are focused on personal and professional development in stress and anxiety management with targeted emphasis on stress/anxiety control for aging, death and dying, and prenatal stress management.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching can help improve your quality of life and enhance your productivity.

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer program is intended for professionals in many industries, including therapists, counselors, teachers, medical professionals, chiropractors, massage professionals, dentists, clergy, etc.

Recent Posts

Listening to the “Burning Bush!”

Do you listen to the “Burning Bush?” Yes, you remember the old bible story regarding Moses and the Burning Bush but how many Burning Bushes have you met AND listened to? No, I am not crazy for asking you this question. Maybe a bit weird, but the Burning Bush…

The Value of Rituals and Ceremonies

For thousands of years, human cultures have celebrated their lives with various rituals and ceremonies. Since we began pursuing “rational thought” and moving away from the spiritual limitations of most religions, we have also reduced the spiritual practices which often include rituals. Our modern North American culture has replaced…