Coaching and Retreats



Coaching is a process where individuals or small groups enhance their performance with the support and accountability of the coaching professional. All programs are tailored for the specific needs of the individual or group. The model is taken from sports coaching but is used to enhance business productivity or and an individual’s quality-of-life. The focus of coaching is often built around: enhancing focus, improving performance, developing management techniques, stress and anxiety control, managing time, goal setting and accomplishment, and increasing the quality of life.


Retreats offer the experience of a life enhancing process. They benefit individuals and the professionals who wish to enhance their professional skills. Retreats are tailored for the specific groups and usually include stress and anxiety control techniques to promote wellness, improved performance, and enhanced quality of life. Dr. Mason has developed a special program entitled, “Finding Your Tone.” This process is taken from sports psychology and helps to anchor the stress and anxiety techniques which are learned in retreat into the participant’s everyday life. The retreat process is offered in special chosen environments where the learning process can be controlled and enhanced.

Retreats are built around targeted topics such as: fear and anxiety control, prenatal self-care and anxiety control, enhancing productivity, controlling your process of aging, stress management, improving focus & performance, and enhancing communication. All participants experience the techniques and are trained in practical applications of these. Professionals are taught how to use this process and these techniques with their clients.

Since these processes are individualized for your specific requirements it is important for you to contact Dr. Mason regarding the details and timeframe for your involvement.