We have Self Guided exercises, taken directly from the Bestseller, Guide to Stress Reduction available to you to purchase. These Self Guided exercises, available in MP3 format, offer techniques proven to be effective in the areas of Stress Management, Wellness, and Productivity.


Audio Products:

Stress Management and Relaxation

This series of guided relaxations are stress management exercises taken directly from the best selling, Guide to Stress Reduction. They serve as a powerful introduction to help you to develop awareness of habitual stress and then offer the techniques proven to be effective at controlling your response to life’s stresses.

Specific Health Topics

Stress related headaches, sleeping problems, stress related high blood presssure, panic/anxiety, chronic pain, and stress related GI complaints are addressed through the Health Series audio programs.


Business Applications

These programs will enhance quality of life, increase productivity, save you time, and help you to gain control over your stress related symptoms.

Book Products

This page contains links to and information about the books that I’ve written. They are a great source for managing stress long-term.

Online Stress Management Course

Special Online Stress Management Course. 5 Sessions – Self-Paced! Individualized Online Stress Management Course.