johnbluenewFounded in 1977 by Dr. L. John Mason, the Stress Education Center has provided Lectures, Seminars, and Training to Organizations, Associations, Corporations, and Individuals seeking Stress Management education and tools to enhance their Health, Wellness, and Productivity.

As an Executive Coach, Stress Management Trainer, and Productivity Consultant, I have authored two popular books on managing the stress of transitions, Guide to Stress Reduction and Stress Passages: Surviving Life’s Transitions Gracefully, both published by Celestial Arts in Berkeley, California. The Guide to Stress Reduction has been translated into Japanese and has been sold in all the English speaking countries of the world. From these books, a series of instructional audio cassettes have been developed which allow for fast and easy practice of the stress management strategies discussed in my books.

My college education was taken at U.C.L.A. (premed/psychology) and Sonoma State University (BA & MA in Psychology). My Ph.D. in Psychology/Psychophysiology was completed at Paideia University after which my Ph.D. dissertation became the foundation for my first book. I have also taken training in hypnosis, NLP, communication, team building, time management, psychophysiology, hospice counseling, visualization/imagery with cancer patients, chronic pain management, panic/anxiety control, desensitization, prenatal wellness, weight management, and behavioral techniques for controlling substance abuse.

Since 1980, I have been speaking, consulting and Executive Coaching. My work has me traveling for presentations to organizations, businesses, and associations. Employees or members of these major groups have benefited from my presentations or coaching:

  • Bank of America
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Sonoma State University
  • PG&E
  • Portland General Electric
  • Washington Employers
  • Skagit Valley Hospital and Whidbey General Hospital
  • AT&T
  • American & California Bar Association
  • SHRM groups (Mt. Baker Chapter, Skagit-Island HR Management Assn, Snohomish County Chapter, Bremerton-West Sound)
  • G.E. Financial
  • Genencor
  • Dolby Inc.
  • Sonoma County District Attorney
  • City of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Sonoma County (Human Services and Management Development)
  • State of California
  • California Human Development Corporation
  • ASAE & MPI
  • State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • United Way of King County (Seattle, WA)
  • Janicki Industries
  • Island County Human Services
  • Skagit Valley College
  • US Judo Team
  • Various police/fire departments (including the California Highway Patrol, POST, & the San Francisco Fire Department)
  • and many school districts, etc.

These presentations have ranged from Wellness, Stress Management, Coping with Transitions & Change, Beating Presentation Anxiety, Stress and Parenting – to name a few. I have become certified by Target Training International (TTI) in the use of their Advanced DISC (Managing for Success) and their Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values assessments. These instruments along with the 360 Degree Feedback instrument offer impressive awareness about behaviors, styles, values, and professional effectiveness. Executive managers are developing new skills and improved performance through the use of the these assessments which enhance productivity, communication, teamwork, and managerial skills.

In 1977 I started my private practice in biofeedback, stress management, hypnosis, and behavioral techniques for managing symptoms. Common medical referrals are: Headaches, Chronic Pain Management, Panic/Anxiety, PTSD, Prenatal Stress Management, Control of High Blood Pressure (Behavioral Approaches), Reducing GI (abdominal) Complaints, Stress Related Sexual Dysfunction Reduction, Stress Related Substance Abuse (including Weight Management & Smoking Cessation), and many other stress related symptoms. Since 2015, I have been building a supportive community, Masters of the Journey, to assist in consciousness development.

I am a parent to two boys, a grandparent, and am engaged in enhancing the skills of parents. Through classes, lectures, my books and CD’s, I hope to improve parents’ abilities for self-care and to offer tools for coping with the many, ever-changing issues of our children.