What Would You Tell a Third Grader?

This month, September, 2022, is also “Senior Month,” I am told. We just celebrated “GrandParents Day” this past Sunday, which was wildly ignored by my children and their children. It is not a big commercial event so our culture seems to downplay its importance and celebration. So what? This year “GrandParents Day” came out on the second Sunday of September and coincided with the celebration (???) or recognition of 9-11… Anyhow, our local Senior Center wants to begin a “Wisdom Sharing” between Seniors and elementary school aged kids. The director has found a third grade class to participate. The Senior Center will videotape Seniors offering a message in the form of answering a simple question to be recorded and played for this third grade class. The young students will then be video recorded offering their response to be played for the Seniors. A cross-generational wisdom sharing experience. I LOVE this idea.

But, if I were to consider what message I would want to record for a third grade class my thoughts run far afield. My first consideration is to what a third grader would benefit from hearing and what level can these wisdoms should/could take… Next, I question how serious or how fun I should make my presentation as a senior in my 8th decade for students in their first decade of existence.
What would YOU like to convey???

1. Be Present…
2. “Know thyself”
3. Be of service or at least a Blessing in every interaction
4. Travel more so to expand your perspective on Life and to visit other cultures
5. Stay connected to the Divine and Remember where you have come from and to where you will return (Maybe a bit much)
6. You are a “Miracle” and “Perfect” just the way you are…
7. And, YOU are Loved…
8. Find “Joy” in Every experience and then share your wisdom freely
9. Follow your path and not the path others have suggested for you…
10. Never Miss an opportunity to share your Love and hug your family and friends…
11. Love Mother Earth and All Life on Our Planet… Enjoy Nature and visit natural settings regularly
12. Turn off your media… Learn to Meditate… Learn to Really Listen… Respect other people’s attempts at communication without interrupting…
13. Respect Knowledge and Wisdoms by being “open” and available to new perspectives. Question your Sources of Information!!!
14. Laugh Freely… Smile at the people you meet along your path. And, Say Thank You!

There are so many thoughts which flood my consciousness. I am just getting started. BUT, which of these thoughts would YOU find in agreement or what might you add to this list???

YOUR story and YOUR Wisdom are important and should be shared… This is a service YOU can provide. Especially, if you keep your witness’s learning in mind and not using this interaction to just spew your ego driven thoughts…

And, if you think this has value, where will you find the audience to share your wisdom with???

YOU are Amazing!

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