Prenatal Stress Management

prenatal_stressTwo especially designed guided relaxation techniques to develop prenatal stress control and can reduce anxiety during labor and delivery. Great for Mom and the developing baby, but can also be used by anxious fathers. Best when regularly practiced as early in the pregnancy as possible. Goes well with information on stress and prenatal care in the book, Stress Passages: Surviving Life’s Transitions Gracefully. About 51 minutes in duration. 

There two different guided relaxations for prenatal stress control. You will have a choice to select the best guided relaxation for your requirements. With practice you will get better results. It takes time and practice to learn how to relax. Allow 8-12 weeks for best results. If you do not have this much time prior to labor/delivery consider using these guided relaxations 2 or 3 times per day for as long as you have available. The earlier you can use these techniques in pregnancy, the more effective these can be for you. 

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