Ten to One Countdown and Visualization for Deep Relaxation

relaxation_series_103-104#103 Ten to One Countdown is a more sophisticated technique that is excellent for developing control of your muscular tensions. Especially useful relaxation for stress related symptoms like: tension headaches, jaw tension, neck/shoulder pain, low back pain, and sleep disturbance. Emphasizes awareness and then control of tension held in your musculature. About 20 minutes in duration. 

This stress management technique was developed by the Stress Education Center for use in chronic pain management. The emphasis is in relaxation of the muscles of the lower back, neck and shoulders, and the head and face. It is also great technique for use at bedtime. With practice you will be able to abbreviate your relaxation by just counting backward from 10 down to 1. 

#104 Visualization for Deep Relaxation is a special relaxing combination of images that can relax and then lead you into a natural process of healing/recovery. This technique goes beyond simple relaxation into the use of positive mental images for enhancing the body’s natural healing process. About 20 minutes in duration. 

You will be able to choose whether you wish to drift off to sleep or to awaken to rejoin your day in a relax, yet refreshed way. You will have a choice to select the best guided relaxation for your requirements. With practice you will get better results. It takes time and practice to learn how to relax. 

Allow 8-12 weeks of regular use to get the best results.

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