What is Your Gift to the World: Your Purpose

For the people who come in contact with you, how will this contact benefit this person or, in a broader sense, how will this be of benefit to the world? This is not always easy to answer. Whether you consider yourself an expert in some area or you have groomed yourself to be impeccable as a human being, what are the attributes that you have developed that can be of service and can be shared?

You might ask the question of yourself, “What is my Purpose in this Life?” This may overlap with the previous questions, but may also prove to be a challenging question for you to contemplate. Some people have NEVER considered their purpose or their value to the world. Because this requires an effort in circumspection, many people just pass on this task and survive their lives with just basic day-to-day considerations. The larger questions, though difficult, often prove to be useful when considering how best to spend your day. Quality of life’s efforts often have more value than quantity of life’s efforts.

So what is your gift? Do you create objects or services that are appreciated and are of service to others? Or, do you connect with other people in ways that can support positive change or understanding? Are you a gifted listener? Are you a positive role-model? Are you a parent? Are you an educator? Are you a builder? Are you a defender? Are you a healer? Are you a gifted counselor or coach? Are you a “receiver?” Are you a leader who challenges people to move in positive directions? Are you a great team player/member? Are you a loving person? Do you have a radiant smile or infectious laugh? Do you entertain? Do you heal?

Do your long term goals reflect on your strengths in service? Do consider giving or giving back to the world (or beyond?) Everyone has a purpose, though some people do not recognize their greater purpose. Everyone touches other people’s lives and helps to create important lessons or opportunities for developing consciousness. Where do you want to touch lives and assist people in developing higher consciousness? How can you do this even more frequently? Can you be even more conscious about your role in assisting other people and so the developing consciousness of the world?

Along the way, find your passion and pursue it as fully as you can!

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