Clear Vision

First, let me ask, is it important to have clear vision? This can be a “loaded question.” In the physical human plane, vision is one of the primary senses used to navigate and observe the 3 dimensional world. Is this critical? Well, many people live quite well without the vision coming through their eyes and registering in their brains. This kind of vision makes life somewhat easier for most people but then you can ask, is this physical vision needed?
When we interpret the light which registers through the eyes we have the perspective of our years of learning and observations. We also have mental/emotional factors which play into our interpretation. Example, if you were burned in childhood fire may be interpreted in ways where people not traumatized by fire would view this differently. An emotional overlay can change how we react to what we “see.”

In types of meditation including Zen meditation, we can be asked to “soft-focus” our eyes on a mandala, or fixed point, as a focusing for meditation and a quieting of the visual sensations which can lead the eyes to be distracted from the meditation. Darkness or soft lighting can also gently filter out these distraction so we can see “inside” more clearly. We are not shut off from the world, just focusing “softly” to feel what can be found in a quieter state of mind.

Our minds can “muddy the water” of any observation whether this comes from external view of the outside or an internal sensing of the an internal thought, or feeling, or insight. It can be helpful to be consciously aware of when our minds might muddy the observation. The past history or anxiety/fear may get in the way of being most fully “present” and available to witness the internal and external world which we travel through on our path through life. So, clarity of vision can be complex and important. If we “miss” the full experience, perhaps we will be tested by a “re-experiencing” of the same, or similar, event again in our life. Complex issues can also be difficult for our 3 dimensional minds to most fully understand. Examples, human emotions can be very complex with a wide range of possible interpretations. AND, the human mind has difficulty when traveling into the “higher realms” where dimensions beyond our limited human understanding can be felt but not fully “known” on a mental level. An example of this, from personal experience, is to find words for Divine Unconditional Love and Acceptance which is NOT a common human experience (due to the limitations of the human mind.) (Divine Unconditional Love IS unconditional, which is not how human love on the Earthly plane is, for most of us.)

So, I ask again, after these words have “muddied” the water, is clear vision even possible for human consciousness? And, is it worth striving to achieve? Well, that is a very personal question. Many of us have lives filled with human drama as part of our human challenge. We can be distracted and this can make our lives less clear, less focused, and more of an emotional roller coaster. This confusion can be an important human challenge for us and the people around us. I do like those few moments when my mind is on the side-lines and my heart can feel most clearly what is possible… So, for me, clear vision is not always a visual thing with light coming in through my eyes. That is why, people without normal human eye-sight may also be able to see more clearly.

Enlightening…??? Well, please consider where you may venture into the realms of “clear vision.” (You can always benefit from switching on more light (and not from the “physical” light spectrum) as you pursue higher consciousness…)

You are Loved!

The Joy of “Joy”

I would rather be Joyful, Happy, and Playful than serious. I take my Joy, seriously. I am serious about Happiness and Playfulness. If you have to stop and think about this or are angered by this admission then, YOU, need to take a Very Serious Look At YOUR Joyfulness… If you take your life too (toooooo…..) serious AND You take “Yourself” too seriously, then wake up from your anxiety and your fearful side, find your way into the “Present Moment,” and start dancing in the light of the miracle you are and the world you live within. Perhaps you can benefit from starting out by learning to laugh at yourself. You and your life are filled with drama, but if you look at it from a higher perspective, it is pretty entertaining. Have you ever lost yourself in a movie, TV show, or well written book and feel the angst of the characters to the point of distraction. This is the entertainment you sought out. And, when done well, feels real and perhaps “close to home.”

Laughter is a Great medicine. It cures what ails you. When you laugh at yourself, your foibles, and your own self-created drama, you are much healthier. In my own life, I often say (and know) that “everything I eat looks good on me,” because almost daily, what I eat ends up on my clothes. This is true because I do not have a reliable dinner table to eat at because the dinner table is often covered with harvested rocks waiting to be painted with a heart which will be placed out into the world to bring smiles to the finders as a service my girlfriend offers. My food on my clothes is a small, but entertaining, side effect to attempting to bring smiles to our world. And, standard clean clothes are so boring, anyways… Joy and laughter are an important part of my world AND these would benefit most of the people I come in contact with as I stumble around in my life.

I have made a choice, whether conscious or unconscious, to leave a legacy of laughter and joy. I want to be remembered as a man who was silly, playful, and joy filled with a focused serious side to draw upon when needed. (I am pretty functional in a crisis when the situation seems called for…) But, hearing the funny side of a life experience is something I actively look forward to celebrating and sharing. Yes, this can be distracting when people want to be “taken seriously,” but this “need” to be taken seriously is part of the drama we find in our roles of living as a human…

“Beginner’s Mind” and living in childlike wonderment is a goal to strive for. When applying this behavior, you are more apt to seek and find joy in the Miracles of life. Yes, the unexplainable Miracles which surround us in our miraculous world. If you over look miracles because you have a “jaded” attitude about the amazing things in your life, you are destined to dig an emotional and spiritual hole for yourself which may not lead to life happiness and satisfaction in your relationships. Yes, your partners in your relationships are imperfect BUT they are amazing and perfect in their own special imperfect ways. Sharing smiles, laughter, Joy, and hugs are some of most useful activities you can do in your human, drama filled, lives. And, if you are either too serious (and self-important) or too detached from simple values in life, you may be the butt of jokes from the people you interact with and perhaps to be ridiculed as the entertainment your role seems to have lead you to be. Sorry, to offend you if you are sensitive to these words but from a higher perspective these thoughts may be held true.

And, I Love You! You have chosen to find human form in my human life. I am here to learn from you and our interaction. If possible, I will find laughter and joy, if only at my own self-created drama. Thanks you for pointing this out to me. You may not even realize how valuable you are in my life and my learning. Crying and sadness are not the enemy or even opposite Joy and Happiness. These are other human reactions which we experience and can learn from.

Self disclosure: I am impatient and quick to judgement. I quite often swear “like a drunken sailor” but, no rationalization intended, it entertains me and I am here to learn from this clearly imperfect Divine Soul trapped in a swearing, judgmental human life. If you can still like me with self-disclosure, then let’s have a laugh and as imperfect humans together. If you can not accept my imperfectness, then stumble off in another life direction and we will meet up again on the other side of the vail. We are different pieces of the same whole. And, remember that I Love YOU, no matter what…

What is “Really” Going On?

Once upon a timeā€¦ I imagined that I had “It” figured out… But, now, I am not so sure.

I wonder what is really going on…
There was once a time when it used to seem like I knew what was going on and now the more I know, the more I realize how little I understand what is really going on. Life spins and this roller coaster ride, though entertaining, does not seem to be as clear as my brain can handle. It takes living and experiencing many things to learn how little you know.

It is not that life is a mystery. (Which it is…) It is that our human minds cannot fully comprehend the full magnitude of what life is beyond the three dimensions. Yes, there is more than we can figure out with our linear minds when caught up in the limitations of space and time.

Sometimes I have a sense of peace when I can accept being “present” and not attempting to be “in control” of the uncontrollable life I am living in my human drama. For me, I simply observe in a nonjudgemental way. (Very occasionally.) I can attempt to remain in a state of Equanimity regarding the crisis’ and upheavals which human drama manifests. I look for a more simple pattern of appreciation and Gratitude for the “Miracles” which cross my vision (or other human senses…) BUT, (Big But,) most of the time I want to “understand” what I can not understand.

My mind and ego want to most fully understand and control every situation because these parts of me feel safer when I come up with an “understanding” and can pretend to be in control of the difficult life situations and interactions which I stumble into.

The “bottom line” is that every situation, every interaction, and every human drama is a perfect moment to test out my consciousness and my developing wisdom on the human plane of existence. When I can find amazement and joy with a “Beginners Mind” in these experiences, as a baby/toddler does when they begin to explore their world, then I might temper my fear and anxiety. Perhaps, I can even surrender into the moment to most fully appreciate how weird and wonderful being a human can be.

When I can elevate my perspective to a more broad view, I can find and then celebrate the human drama which I find myself within.

Beyond this incomprehensible conundrum, as we play our roles in our human dramas, PLEASE know that you are Loved. You are Perfect! YOU are a Miracle! Though other humans we bump into may not say it, YOU are NOT alone. YOU are an important piece of the Divine Spirit. Thank you for being you.

Living Like There is NO Tomorrow

In Spiritual Evolution there comes an awareness that there is no time. The human mind has limitations in understanding the full appreciation of the Divine because we are geared to the 3 dimensional “human” world. Our human minds need an orderly progression so we create “linear time” which seems to move sequentially. If you have an appreciation that time does not exist, except in our linear minds, then you can begin to comprehend that there is no past or no future only the “present” time. Our human history and, if fact, our “past lives” are all happening at the same moment. Being most fully “present” is an indication of being most fully conscious, and so, leads us to evolved spiritual consciousness.

What this complicated and difficult concept seems to indicate is that there is NO tomorrow. Living with past fears or anxieties from a life lived in human drama or having an anxiety about the “future” unknowns may be an interesting “lesson” but a waste of energy and resources. This changes everything! And, living in the “present” moment is much easier said than done… No one said that being an “Enlightened Being” in a human incarnation is an easy task. Few of us can even consider, let alone live, in this spiritual consciousness.

Tomorrows do become the present as our linear life progress continues. Yes, the first of the month seems to come every 28-31 days as does our rent/mortgage payment, our aging, our anniversaries, and our slow slog toward full awakening and higher consciousness. Just reading this far into this blog posting will force you into the elite company of humans exposed to, if not fully comprehending, higher consciousness. Congratulations, and NOW how do you LIVE with this information or feeling??? If you understand or even believe in this concept of No Time, then you run afoul of the excuses we often make for the direction or path our human lives are taking (or have taken.)

Suggestion: Live in Gratitude of the Miraculous life which manifests through you and all the amazing people and things you encounter in your daily human drama. And, whether you consciously know this, or not, YOU are perfect! You are a Blessing! And, make attempts to not be too constrained by 3 dimensional mindsets which cause major limitations for living most fully, outside of “Time.”

For me, there are brief moments when I feel, or “know,” the “truth” of these ideas. But, this does not make them untrue or debatable when I drift back into my 3 dimensional, and limited, way of thinking and living.

Guidance has lead me to say to YOU… You are fully Loved and Accepted by the Divine Spirit! EnJoy each moment, as best you can, and find “Joy” in every miraculous moment you allow yourself to experience.
(Again, this is easier said than done but this is what full awakening and higher consciousness can lead you to “Know…”


No matter who you are, your life has had moments where you lack self-confidence. Your self-confidence may have been a conscious awareness or it may have been below the level of your consciousness and so, unconscious. Regardless, your behaviors and actions have been driven by your self-confidence or your lack of self-confidence. To compensate for a lack of self-confidence, you may slipped into the shadows or you may have gone to the opposite extreme and demanded attention. Yes, insecure people will over-compensate and demand attention. Drawing the spotlight to you can be an advantage or it may explode in your face…

Your self-awareness can be critical. Knowing, processing, and understanding your self-confidence and how it may affect the way you behave has value. This can be an important challenge and lesson to learn from in this human life. It can add to the “drama” for you and all the people with whom you interact. This can be a major factor for your spiritual development as you follow your pathway through this life. Some of us want to lead and jump into the spotlight. This can be done when driven by self-confidence or it can be done when a victim to insecurity and the lack of self-confidence. No matter what your situation, you are here to serve. Your service may derive from self-confidence or your lack of self-confidence. (The secret challenge may lie in not demanding attention by causing major conflicts in our world, unless you serve as an instrument for people learning through the upheavals your insecurity creates… Histories greatest villains were driven by insecurities and may have served the purpose of creating major drama for others to learn from…)

You may also draw attention to yourself when you shrink back into the shadows when you want to withdraw from the spotlight… And, some very self-confident people will know when to not thrust themselves forward, so allowing for others to step up… This can be the sign of strength and self-confidence. You are important AND your “Story” is important. You can add to the perspective and offer possibilities of what “to do” or what “not to do” to your audience and so become a teacher and leader. Your life experience has value even when, perhaps especially when, you have NOT succeeded. Sharing your difficult lessons from life challenges can be a life saver for some people in your audience.

Knowing what has happened in your life to create your self-confidence or your lack of self-confidence is important in many situations but not critical for you to move forward. Looking to move past your “insecurities” or your lack of self-confidence can be a challenge and a turning point for you and your development. So, at some point, you need to push through and take a step forward which can inspire a diminishment of any lack of self-confidence.

My own insecurity and lack of self-confidence has pushed me to learn and to grow. I have managed to produce experiences which benefited me and the people around me when I have worked to overcome a personal shortcoming. This has made my life more interesting, for me, and has offered more wisdom and stories to tell… Consider, when possible, to push through your seeming lack of confidence and have a new story to tell on the other side…
YOU are Loved!

Step up and lead in service. And, envy not a leader whom demands your attention for they may be driven by their insecure feelings and a lack of self-confidence…

PS. You and your soul are perfect. Your mind and ego can make you think less of yourself. This self-criticism is part of your human drama and not your Divine soul’s true nature. When you step into higher consciousnesses you can accept your human flaws and strengths and feel equanimity with your own attacks by your ego or by other people’s human egos. (“Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never harm you…” is an old silly human saying. (If you let words and other people’s judgement affect you, you still have some important stuff to learn…)

How Many…?

A question you can not possibly answer, How Many “People” has YOUR life “touched” and influenced? Each one of us has interacted with people, and the “Universe,” and these interactions have set “things” moving in a different, or “altered,” direction. Yes, YOU have created changes in the Universe whether consciously or unconsciously. And, these alterations have been so complex that you can not possibly know the long term effects of these “chain reactions” your living has created…

Why is this important? Because, quite simply, you may find it useful to be more conscious regarding the effect your actions may take… You are more powerful and more important than you might know… And, this may lead to being more vigilant regarding your actions and behaviors as each action has a reaction which flies off into the multiple layers of our Universe. This is way too complex for most humans to even begin to most fully understand but in simple of terms, you are responsible for some pretty important “reactions” (the stuff) which happens. You can not drop a pebble into the pond without an effect or reaction on the other side of the world (or more broadly, the Universe.)

So, you have “touched” the lives of so many people. Sometimes intentionally and often, unintentionally. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. There are times when you held an expectation that you were a positive influence and occasionally this was successful. More often, you do not even see or know your long term effect in your interactions influencing movement in “altered” directions. You do not know the altered behaviors further down the path that your interaction may have had upon others. You will not be “awarded” positive feedback nor held responsible for “stuff” that happens down the road which resulted from your behaviors or interactions BUT you many want to be most vigilant regarding what your interactions/behaviors can trigger…

Sometimes a simple gesture can have profound, and unexpected, results. You may never know how some simple kindness or generosity positively affected a stranger. Conversely, A judgmental look or comment may trigger a deep seated pain, fear or anger within some unfortunate soul you bump into. Perhaps your positive act of service triggers other people to feel more positive about humanity and, in my mind, this can not be bad… Perhaps a simple act of holding a door or giving a small compliment can help to turn a day around for someone caught in their personal negative spiral. “Be the Force for Good in the World” is an expression that I hold dear. You never know how many people will be steered in a positive direction which our humanity needs now more than ever. Words are Great! Positive Actions are even Better!

When I was 19 years old I spoke with a slightly younger friend regarding his choice of direction for his future. His college education track was being considered and a question of whether to move into being an attorney or pursuing an education to become a physician. Both seemed like good careers. My opinion at the time was to suggest, and make a case for, moving into the healing professions. Later, I learned that he had chosen medicine and pursued become a doctor. No telling how many people’s lives were changed by his decision to go into medicine. And, I will not take responsibility or blame for his work in health care, but I was very passionate and convincing when he asked my opinion. Was this experience worth one hour of my time way back then??? I believe in my heart that this may have been one of the best things I have ever done in my life as a person to person interaction.

So, how many interactions have you participated within which may have lead you or your interaction partner in a different life direction? How many of these experiences may have touch off a chain reaction which rippled across our Universe? And, how many times are you now going to consider your interactions and the long term effects which may be triggered? You may never fully know the impact of your interaction but allow your heart to dance with the offering of the support, wisdom, or encouragement which may flow through you…

You are a Miracle and YOU can create Miracles which have widespread results!
Thank You in advance for being the “Light!”

Babies 2022

In April, 2022, as I write, there is an outbreak of babies coming into my life. Grandchildren, other people’s grandchildren, and obviously other people’s children are arriving. The arrival of children is to be celebrated as is the continuance of future generations. So many souls are choosing to arrive into human incarnations for the support and the development of Divine consciousness. We are coming out of worldwide pandemic, as I optimistically write, and the renewal of life has not waited for all the reports to come in. The world’s political and economic situation appears unsettled, but when in human history has this not been the case. Are these new incarnated souls here to save our world or to watch its continued degradation? Time will tell…

For me, my human incarnation appears to be closer to the ending rather than its beginning so my perspective may be jaded by this perspective. The optimism of new life in the Springtime is a wonder to behold, and to celebrate. Looking into the eyes, and the souls, of these new humans reminds me of the Miracle each person (and thing) is and the bright light of Divine Love which is at the core. Each baby is “Perfect” even within the imperfect package that wraps around this perfect being. I bless each soul and encourage these new lives to remember from where they have come and for where they will return. With Divine blessings, each soul will find the best way to remain most fully connected with the higher realms. Or, to remember and to find these Divine connections should these slip from ego consciousness.

And, I ask from a human space of anxiety, why would you choose to be born into this day and age of human drama. Did you read the “adventure travel brochures”…”See it Before It’s Gone!”? Why do parents make conscious decisions to bring children into the uncertain human times…? But, this has been a question which could have been asked throughout our human history… It is the “PERFECT” time to be born and follow the soul’s path and pilgrimage through human life. There is so much to be learned in our struggle to remember our Divinity, especially with the distractions which test/challenge us these days.

So, as Spring develops in the Northern Hemisphere, new life finds form with all of hope which Divine Spirit provides. Life seems more abundant! No matter how crazy and drama filled our world gets, it is time to pause, be most fully present, and to celebrate the birth of new, perfect souls.

Each day, when you awaken, you are blessed with a new beginning. Find appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to live in a world which teems with life, love, and possibilities. Every moment is a blessing and offers your next chance to remember your Divinity and renew your connections with the Highest of Consciousness. YOU are a Miracle!

And, for the babies pouring into my life, thank you and continue being my guides to perfect innocence and the vibrant life you hold. Your connection with the Divine Spirit is strong and more direct without the building human egoic nonsense which happens as human beings develop, with all the three dimensional limitations that make human life the interesting dilemma it is… Your human adventure is filled with learnings, testings, and learnings. That is why you are here! Please know, and Remember that YOU are Loved!


Each day, you wake up to the new day and you have a choice! You choose on what and where you will invest your time, energy, and your focus. You can go with the familiar, often repeated, anxieties and fears, because you have done these so many times they seem “comfortable.” Or, You can invest in being in the “present moment” and to connect with your “Guidance” to lead you to perhaps unfamiliar places where progress toward enhancing your human consciousness may dwell. Not an easy choice to choose the Present and the unknown… Yes, you can go small or you can shoot for the much larger, expansive, direction for your day.

Some people awake early in the day to check in on the “News” being spewed by the media. This may include topics like the “weather,” world conflicts, the financial markets, perhaps the sports scores, or even, more close to home, the family’s drama. Wow, in the “Big Picture” of spiritual consciousness, these “distractions” seem important at the time but hold little lasting value. Will fluctuations in the stock market really offer you important and lasting happiness or Joy? You may answer “Yes” or you may consider your spiritual growth at a different level of longer term importance.

Your investments of your focus, your time, and your energy can be a challenge. No matter what you choose to focus upon, you would do best to accept these choices and learn what you can from the direction you choose. Stepping unconsciously down your path is a way to operate but not necessarily the most significant for your long term levels of Joy. Sure, you tell yourself that these mundane activities and dramas are “important” but being caught up in this trap is one of the most crucial lessons in your human life to learn from. Are you connected to the highest levels of the Divine or are you choosing to wallow in the human dramas which play out as a testing challenge for your improving higher consciousness? (The answer to this question is simply, Yes.) Perhaps, early in your day, you can take a few deep slow breaths and choose to focus upon Gratitude, Service, Acceptance, and the offering of Unconditional Love to the people you bump into. (You are challenged to considered what it is to Live Namaste.)

You are given “free will” to follow the investments on your path through life. You can not make a mistake! All investments of your time and energy provide you with the opportunity to learn or to test your learning in this life…

And, if you are open to Guidance, you will find the best path for your day and your life to follow. You are Loved! You are an important piece of the Divine Spirit! You are a Miracle!

Trilliums of Spring

It is nearing the end of March in 2022 as I write in Bellingham, WA. Yesterday, I went out for one of my regular hikes in the hills above Lake Padden. It was cool and gray but not cold. There was plenty of fresh mud on the trail from recent rain. And, then, unexpected and surprising to me, was my first flowering Trillium. This seemed early to me and two days before there were none to be spotted. Very few things engage me like Spring’s Trillium season. I counted 28 Trillium plants as I hiked through my natural world. Two years ago in the peak of Trillium season we followed several regular trails and counted 800+ Trillium in 5+ miles. Yes, we take counting these flowers very seriously because there is nothing more important than spending time in nature and finding the treasures and miracles which are available to experience.

The human dramas and activities which our culture asks us to participate within can not hold a candle to the amazing natural world. I am confronted by media frenzy which tends to create anxiety or anger for me. Some silly events are debated which make no real difference in MY life but seem to be terribly important to the announcers. I would rather go hiking and feel my heart sing when I find the sweet, short-lived Trilliums in the hills. When I search for these beauties, I am “present” and not remembering past dramas or considering future unknowns. (I am not saying to stick your head in the sand and not learn what is happening in our world. Just do not think that the drama, amplified by fear to keep your attention, is as important as the screamers portray…)

This may seem ridiculous to you, my sharing of flower counting. Or, you may honor this hobby. You may even be inspired and head for the hills to find and to celebrate the next miracle of nature which crosses your path. There are stories you can hear. There are writings or videos you can experience BUT living these natural perfections is a very special use of your time. Visit them… This is what Spring can be like for you, if you let it. There is always a hope of renewal and rebirth which seems to be demonstrated in Spring’s blossoms. For you and for our future generations, I hope that Trilliums keep showing up for their brief season to be appreciated, celebrated, and Loved.

You Are Loved!

Welcome to Spring 2022

The date on the calendar tells me that we just had our Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring is starting… Well, it does not really feel like Spring to me… Sure the days are getting longer. Day light savings time went into effect. It is not so cool and Wintery these days. But, and there is a Big But, it does not quite feel like Spring to me. The birds are nesting. The trees are blooming as well as my allergies. This year we seem to have a new outbreak of man made conflict and this takes some of the Spring optimism out of the air I breathe. We have been allowed to take our Covid masks off but plenty of fear and anxiety are still available. People still look at each other a bit fearful or at least questioning whether you can trust that you will not contract a disease. Our politicians are still ranting about a long since decided presidential election with threats of impending chaos in the next elections. The economy is booming along but inflation is soaring. And, unlike most years, I am not considering breeding as I have often considered in past years… Yup, having more children in my 72nd year seems less “a thing” this year. Perhaps I am just getting old.

I am excited to begin to return to my face to face social lifestyle but, as I have said, I am in a Covid habit of questioning the safety of hugging all my friends and family. Hey, I still hug but there is a question in the corners of my mind. My hearing is not getting better so social conversations can be a bit more frustrating for me. That is not the fault of 2022 yet it adds to the frustration and isolation of 2022 life. On a positive note, I am spending more time and money on my newish hobby of woodworking. Time considering my projects at 3:00 AM where every thing I try comes out perfect, is wonderful… Until, I actually touch my projects. Woodworking, for me, is creative and full of problem solving and, of course, YouTube video watching. It is time alone but it is a new challenge for me. Though this Spring, I have yet to drop a table seed into the ground, water it, and see a new table sprouting up from the meticulously tilled soil. I do get to walk around and visit my wood table’s relatives and ancestors as I hike through my local forests in meditation and contemplation. I covet those 100 foot downed trees and want to take them back to my garage workshop and mill these into lovely projects but I do not have the strength or room for my wooden friends of the forest. They will have to remain out in the cool, damp Spring a bit longer.

Germinating deep within me are the seeds of gratitude, unconditional love and acceptance, and the excited and questioning Beginners Mind. At this stage of this life, it is easier for me to feel, if not see, the perfection of the souls I pass and the deepest unknown connections to the Divine which we all share. My lessons are still obvious in maintaining Equanimity. As I age I am finding the nature and truth of Impermanence a “knowing” that seems to be getting stronger. My lack of patience can get in my way of being most fully present, but at least I have Awareness and can laugh at my impatience. No matter what happens in this human drama in the Spring of 2022, I will follow the path of service and attempt to offer unconditional Love, as my resources allow. So, let me remind you that YOU are Loved! You are a Blessing! You are are a unique and important Miracle and you fill your role Perfectly in the Divine Universe. Thank you for being YOU! Celebrate the new births of our Spring and dance in Gratitude for all the blessing we have, even the difficult challenges that test and teach us.

Let the Love and Light within your soul and Spirit brighten the path for the pilgrims you encounter on your path. And, remember to share your wisdom and your stories…