Does it Feel Familiar? Ancient Sites Triggering Awareness

Has your awareness ever been triggered by a visit to a historical site such as a fort, a castle, a battle ground, an ancient temple or some other ancient site? Did it feel strangely familiar? I have heard many stories from people who have visited natural settings or ancient ruins where they experienced forgotten memories or powerful emotions. Most of us have visited a place unfamiliar to our life in this incarnation and somehow felt a connection for unexplained reasons. Sometime just the grandeur of the natural setting triggers a form o spiritual reverence and a Divine Spiritual feeling surfaces. For me, this happened when I was 25 years old and backpacked into Evolution Valley in the High Sierra. I looked up and the rock spires, the glaciers, and the blue sky which gave me a strong feeling of reverence as I spoke the words, “This is God’s Cathedral!” Being Non-religious at that time, these words surprised me.

The ancient sites that draw travelers like: Egypt, Greece or Rome, the Andes in Peru, the temples of Thailand, Bali, or China, central America and Mexico, even the “standing stones” of Stonehenge or sites in Scotland, and many more trigger amazing places can trigger strong emotions and flashes of consciousness. This can be attributed to reading history OR perhaps the energy of these places is sensed at an unconscious level which then triggers the spurt of awareness.

As an exercise, think back on your travel experiences to the times when you felt a burst of awareness or consciousness. You will more easily remember the major moments which seemed to really set you off. Some of these moments created enough awareness that the experienced changed your life! But why? Where did this magic come from? If you visited a manmade structure, did you imagine yourself there during construction or at the very least, attempt to understand how the “primitive” (?) cultures could have possibly been able to accomplish this engineering feat? Impressed intellectually is one response but I am suggesting the times where your heart or gut felt the power or energy of the amazing site. AND, why do some sites/experiences trigger huge reactions for some people and other people respond more casually?

If you have not come across such a site or experience, consider where you can go to have an awareness jarring experience. Sometimes places in your area, local to you, are worth going to explore or to experience. Get yourself “quiet” enough to feel for the “energy” or the “history” of the place. Build your consciousness through visiting new settings and celebrate any new insights or awareness which pops up for you. Wherever possible, exchange stories with fellow travelers and perhaps you will discover other exciting spots to visit.

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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