How Many…?

A question you can not possibly answer, How Many “People” has YOUR life “touched” and influenced? Each one of us has interacted with people, and the “Universe,” and these interactions have set “things” moving in a different, or “altered,” direction. Yes, YOU have created changes in the Universe whether consciously or unconsciously. And, these alterations have been so complex that you can not possibly know the long term effects of these “chain reactions” your living has created…

Why is this important? Because, quite simply, you may find it useful to be more conscious regarding the effect your actions may take… You are more powerful and more important than you might know… And, this may lead to being more vigilant regarding your actions and behaviors as each action has a reaction which flies off into the multiple layers of our Universe. This is way too complex for most humans to even begin to most fully understand but in simple of terms, you are responsible for some pretty important “reactions” (the stuff) which happens. You can not drop a pebble into the pond without an effect or reaction on the other side of the world (or more broadly, the Universe.)

So, you have “touched” the lives of so many people. Sometimes intentionally and often, unintentionally. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. There are times when you held an expectation that you were a positive influence and occasionally this was successful. More often, you do not even see or know your long term effect in your interactions influencing movement in “altered” directions. You do not know the altered behaviors further down the path that your interaction may have had upon others. You will not be “awarded” positive feedback nor held responsible for “stuff” that happens down the road which resulted from your behaviors or interactions BUT you many want to be most vigilant regarding what your interactions/behaviors can trigger…

Sometimes a simple gesture can have profound, and unexpected, results. You may never know how some simple kindness or generosity positively affected a stranger. Conversely, A judgmental look or comment may trigger a deep seated pain, fear or anger within some unfortunate soul you bump into. Perhaps your positive act of service triggers other people to feel more positive about humanity and, in my mind, this can not be bad… Perhaps a simple act of holding a door or giving a small compliment can help to turn a day around for someone caught in their personal negative spiral. “Be the Force for Good in the World” is an expression that I hold dear. You never know how many people will be steered in a positive direction which our humanity needs now more than ever. Words are Great! Positive Actions are even Better!

When I was 19 years old I spoke with a slightly younger friend regarding his choice of direction for his future. His college education track was being considered and a question of whether to move into being an attorney or pursuing an education to become a physician. Both seemed like good careers. My opinion at the time was to suggest, and make a case for, moving into the healing professions. Later, I learned that he had chosen medicine and pursued become a doctor. No telling how many people’s lives were changed by his decision to go into medicine. And, I will not take responsibility or blame for his work in health care, but I was very passionate and convincing when he asked my opinion. Was this experience worth one hour of my time way back then??? I believe in my heart that this may have been one of the best things I have ever done in my life as a person to person interaction.

So, how many interactions have you participated within which may have lead you or your interaction partner in a different life direction? How many of these experiences may have touch off a chain reaction which rippled across our Universe? And, how many times are you now going to consider your interactions and the long term effects which may be triggered? You may never fully know the impact of your interaction but allow your heart to dance with the offering of the support, wisdom, or encouragement which may flow through you…

You are a Miracle and YOU can create Miracles which have widespread results!
Thank You in advance for being the “Light!”

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