Spiritual and Emotional Bullies

Have you ever met a spiritual or emotional bully? Allow me to ask you once again, have you ever been blessed to meet a spiritual or emotional bully?

Are you a spiritual or emotional bully? You know that spiritual bully. You have met many of these people in your day-to-day interconnections. Yep, you know, the person that makes you feel really good. Even when you do not want to feel really good. They may force their emotions and their joy upon you. Yep, those are the people who spread joy unconditionally. They might spread their love unconditionally. They may spread their feelings of acceptance unconditionally. AND, you may be one of those special earth angels who spread love and joy unconditionally. All of those light workers and people striving for enlightenment should really move in the direction of becoming a spiritual or emotional bully. Our world needs more earth angels who are bullies who spread their joy and their love.

You have come across these people. You may not always remember who they are but the feeling that they evoke within you is very positive and special. Even if you were at a low point or wanting to stay in some role as a victim, they may give you the perspective that you are special, you are loved, you are connected, and you are a part of a much greater divine spirit. Why would these people go out of their way to torment you when what you want is to be left alone to wallow in your depression? Why would they go out of their way to do something that is spiritually and emotionally uplifting? Is it their bad breeding? Is it coming from years of meditation and spiritual work? And how should you respond when you were confronted by these spiritual or emotional bullies? Should you dance and celebrate letting that deep reserve of happiness and joy come to the surface? Can you tolerate being in the spotlight and feeling the warmth of the bonfire of unconditional love?

The truth is, that every one of those spiritual or emotional bullies thanks you. They thank you because you are their victims. Yes, you were the one that they have focused and directed their positive attention upon and they bless you, and thank you, for allowing them to share their joy, and love, and acceptance with you. These bullies could not exist without you. Whether you know it or not, you are so important and you are perfect just the way you are. You are a beautiful soul living in a fragile human life and surrounded by human drama. You are the focus of unconditional giving and love when you bump into one of these spiritual or emotional bullies. Thank you for being you.

And perhaps you should try on the role of being a spiritual and emotional bully yourself. You can experience the deep sense of purpose as you fill the void and drag people out of the darkness into the light. You can be the leader or the guide that allows people to have perspective on what is possible at a human conscious level. You can open the door and share your wisdom and your love and your enlightenment.

And what have you to lose? Nothing! But you can start a chain reaction of positivity as you share your joy and your unconditional love with the world around you and the souls that you touch. Yes, you can feel the joy and the happiness by being of service as that beacon of light and love. You have nothing to lose. You have so much to gain. And, the world really needs that kind of bullying and positive energy. Someday, when you may least expect one of those earth angels may pop into your life and allow you to bask in the positive and joyful energy. Please, allow yourself to be open and available to receive this joy this love and this happiness. You will serve that bully by accepting their love and joy.

So remember to dance like no one is watching. Be in the present moment looking for the miracles of life. And when you find the perfection of that moment and all of the things that surround you, feel the joy within you and then share it as best you can as a earth angel who is a spiritual or emotional bully.