Seasonal Mood Adjustment

As I write this blog, the calendar tells me that the “Season of Giving” (2016 seasonal version) is upon us. This year the Season of Love and new beginnings seems a bit more challenging for many of us. The world (and the news media) has found ways to present more fears, more angst, more separation, and more anger than is usual of this time of year. Sure, for those of us in the Northern Latitudes, the days grow short, the weather has the chill of Winter, and the expectations of the Winter Solstice are upon us, but the cycle of life will continue its pattern…. Many of you are noticing the same challenges that I am feeling but that is NOT what this blog is about.

I was speaking with my sage friend, Rodger, this morning and he instructed me into a different, more positive, frame of reference. Rodger asked me, as I ask of you, to suspend my darker expectations, in fact, all my expectations. He suggested to be present and to look for the “GOOD” in all of the people I encounter. He asked me to share a sincere smile coming from an unconditionally loving space and to gently await a response. Sure, there may be a momentary judgement and mistrust of a positive, loving energy put freely out into the environment, but chances are this radiant smile will brighten the person whom you bestow it upon.

Go to the Mall. Yes, go to this silly, anxious place and look for the “Good” in people. Share a smile. Be present! See what is reflected. See what kind of chain reaction of positivity can be ignited. What have you to lose by trying to Love the Divine Spirit you may encounter? Along the way, bask in the pure energy of Love which the Universe does have at its core. Connect with the wonderment of the miracle of life and enjoy the lessons you have come to this life to experience. Find JOY! It may feel hidden and in disguise, but its warm, beauty, and light are available to know!

Blessings to you. Be present and share love! Our world needs this more than ever…

If all else fails you in this seasonal pursuit of joy consider reading more at the Masters of the Journey webpage. AND, go out and do good in the world! (Not just a seasonal request.)