Waking Up

It is time to wake up! Have you heard this before? Was it your alarm clock or your mother or your job calling out to you? Or, was it coming from somewhere deep within you? Perhaps you have had the feeling that there was more to life. Perhaps you had the feeling that there is a different level of happiness or satisfaction you could achieve. Perhaps, it is time to engage in waking up! It is easier to NOT Change. It is easier to not seek. It is easier to find the feeling of “lack” because it is so familiar but this is NOT the way to move forward in your life or in your desire to become more whole and more conscious! Some of us are blocked by FEAR. Fear of the unknown, or of change, or of the risk with looking different from other people who live around you. Just look at these at these less conscious potential role models… Are they happy with their lives? Are they going to reach the end of their lives WITHOUT Regret?

This process is not one of enormous effort, only one of focused attention to “remember” what you already know… For many people it starts by quieting the chatter of your mind (and its expectations), following the breath, and moving into the state of being “Present.” Most of us can get fearful, anxious, tense, and stressed by “living” in the future. Or, we may find ourselves with: guilt, regrets, resentments, grievances, or sadness because we are living in the Past. It can help to find forgiveness and acceptance, which would be based on the premise that WE are all in this together. We are all “one.” The most challenging encounters with other humans are lessons that we find along our travels through life and these are meant to teach us what we need most to learn… I have heard it said that we “hate” most in another that which, at some level, we hate within ourselves. Personally, when I look at angry, impatient, opinionated people and find annoyance, I know these are the qualities within me that cause me the most difficulty.

It is time to WAKE UP! It is time to release judgement and the constrictions of the mind and the egoic ways of thinking which tend to separate us. There are many times when it is better to connect with other people through love and acceptance rather than the times when we look for, and fear, the identified differences. We have more in common than our mind leads us to believe. There are times, special times, when we drop the illusions of separation and feel the connection with humanity and with all life on our planet. It starts by being present, breathing, and quieting the divisive voices of the mind. (It does not serve you well to compare and contrast qualities you perceive in another person, for the sake of feeling superior or giving you a reason to look to knock this person off the conceived pedestal we might have elevated that other person to.)

Why would YOU want to wake up? What is in it for you, you might ask? When you are not “awake,”¬† it is easier to be caught in the dilemma of life dissatisfaction. It it easier to want what you do not have rather than to fully appreciate the blessings in your life. It is difficult to find lasting happiness with your life when you are wearing other people’s expectations. The solution may be found in going within, within your heart, soul, and spirit, to find the things that give YOU the deepest levels of satisfaction. Chances are that what you find are much more simple and basic life sustaining things. Your connections with your tribe. The sharing of life’s moments and the experiences acquired. Learning your lessons as you move forward along your path. Knowing Love. Finding Gratitude for all the encounters in life which are true blessings.

In the process of “waking,” you may be wise to connect with your intuitive wisdom. The “gut feelings” which are heart based and more a feeling than a thought, allow you to “Know” things that are more than fact based logic. The food of life is not always understandable. When we are guided by our intuition, we can step into experiences and connections which may allow for the deepest insights. There are no words which clearly define a taste or a flavor or a color or an emotion but there are a wide range of feelings which are outside our mental, rational thoughts. The “waking” involves trusting the messages from your heart and taking responsibility for the outcomes of your intuitive decisions. It is clear that you can better appreciate the laws of the natural world and connect with the Earth when you step away from the mental “rational” (?) thoughts of man against nature, with the outcome being the abuse of the resources our Earth provides. Our long term survival rests in backing away from the “conquer nature” mentality and the embracing of the love of our beautiful yet fragile existence.

Whether you know it or not your are here for a reason. And, since you have read this far, you need to be reminded, or may be told for the first time, that YOU are a Master! You have the Divine Spirit within your heart and soul! If you did not know this already, it is time to awaken to the truth regarding the important role that you play in this pilgrimage of souls toward full consciousness. You have a purpose! Find a way to serve. Find a way to reach around and assist your fellow pilgrims. Find the way to be a force for good in the world.

Waking up and remembering is the challenge that we all face, and the best part of following our path in this life. Are you a Glass half full or Glass half empty person? Choose Optimism and the synergy of connection with all life through love.

Namaste and Blessings!

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