No Stress in the World

Wait a minute… The world seems full of stress. Why would anyone say there is NO stress in the world? In 1981 I wrote the book, Guide to Stress Reduction, which is still a download from Amazon in its latest edited version… It was written to serve. It was written to offer many stress management techniques you can learn/experience to manage your body’s response to life. Obviously, I am going to get wealthy from this advertisement BUT I will NOT hold my breath on this expectation. BUT, this is NOT what this blog post is about. As you look around, do you see any stress? Or, do you feel any stress? You are certainly free to see and feel all the world stress you want…

This sounds like gibberish and if you do not have any spiritual consciousness IT IS! First fact, the things in life you care the most about but you can not control, can cause you to experience the most stress. From a human perspective this is true. From a spiritual perspective where you remember that your soul is perfect and a part of the Divine Spirit, you can “care” about “things” but not necessarily get caught in the human emotional dilemma of stress. Why you may ask? Because everything is “Perfect” in the Higher Realms. You are perfect. Every human event is “perfect” as a challenge you can learn from even if your human body experiences human emotional or physical pain. In a higher spiritual perspective, human lives are filled with awesome experiences for testing your learned wisdoms. In reading Viktor Frankl’s famous book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Dr. Frankl explores the traumatic human life experience of a World War II Nazi prison camp and reflects on a “learning” which came to him from this experience to become a learning moment for all humanity. By human definition, his experience was terrible! From a higher spiritual perspective it was perfect and a learning which has raised the consciousness of millions of other humans.


The opposite of Love is Fear. You can choose Love or learn your human lessons living with Fear. Humans often, maybe usually, choose Fear because this is the “Drama” we have chosen to live within as humans on our Earth plane. We love drama. Our media plays off our Fears to hold our attention. Our politicians plays off our Fears to hold our attention to get us to vote for these power seekers. Our advertising of products and services plays off our Fears to hold our attention and to sell us stuff. Our religions plays off our Fears to hold our attention and to keep us donating to their cultish religious institutions. This list goes on… FEAR generates our emotional response called stress… With less power given to fear, we can change perspective on what many humans consider to be stressful. Heck, death is not even the enemy from the higher spiritual perspective and THAT is what humans find, at the core, as the most fearful (and stressful) of concepts. Why, because the human mind and ego die and do not go to the higher realms as easily as our perfect souls…

Being most “Present,” or said differently, “in the moment,” can help you manage your stress. If you can have the perspective of not being stuck in past traumas or dramas, life will be more a positive adventure. If past fears stick with you like PTSD, you may hold past emotional and maybe physical pain which will skew you enjoyment of the perfect moment you are living. Easier said than done. And, many of us love to play the “victim” to the past so we can have excuses or share our past pain with other people we bump into. This a great way to teach others what not to do in moving forward with life. Also, if we get caught up in the anxiety of not knowing what will happen in the future, we stress in this fear. Human three dimensional thinking forces us into linear thinking where we believe that past and future exist… Higher consciousness tells us that only the “present moment” exists but our primitive human minds can not be as expansive to know the fun as we can do in the Higher Realms. This makes adventure travel in human incarnations most interesting. (And, finding “Joy” in each moment, each experience, is a goal when seeking Spiritual Consciousness…)

This brings us to the next tip… Do not take life and stress too seriously. Again the fear of death plays into our human consciousness when we consider our human lives are actually serious… Our souls are enjoying all the human dramas we create and uses these to learn and grow. Or, we are here to assist other souls in their pilgrimage of spiritual growth. Every interaction we have is designed to be a “learning” experience for all the souls involved. So, treat every interaction as if you were interacting with God, because you are. Yes, even the soul you see in the mirror. Also, remember that we are all in this together. An example from my life, when my wife passed away from Ovarian cancer in 2012 it was a very difficult experience for me and my family. AND, I learned so much and have shared the story many times for the perspective and enhancements other souls can have from our shared experience. (My experience of loss and grief has been a helpful, and common, thread for all of us to share.)

This leads to the final tip for this blog… Look for the Joy and the Wisdom to share from every human life experience. Yes, even from the dark and difficult experiences. Perhaps, even the most from the dark times. Yes, find the Joy and the Wisdom from human painful times and assists others who can raise their consciousness by hearing about your perspective in traveling through the darker times… Be the Light in the darkness of human despair as you serve by guiding others from your sharing your wisdoms.

Death and stress are NOT the enemy. These are things to consider and to move through in your human lives. Do not miss any opportunity to learn and to grow in consciousness. Avoid falling into the trap of avoiding the special moments because you have created fear. What is the worst that can happen???

There is No Stress in our world but the stress you want to perceive for your own challenges. It is a matter of perspective.

You are a Miracle!
You are the Perfect Soul standing before me radiating Divine Unconditional Love like the Sun sharing its light and energy in its life giving way.

PS… If you want debate the fear of dying with me, then do your homework and read the accounts from Near Death Experience survivors. You may resonate with their change of attitudes regarding death and of living after their NDE’s. Perspective of this message will change your life, if you allow yourself to release the drama of this fear…

Anxiety in Life’s Drama

The Anxiety Holocaust of Your Life is way too dramatic as a description of your human life. And, many of us live with the emotional consideration that our lives are filled with life threatening drama… There is plenty of drama in everyone’s life though some people will interrupt you to explain why THEIR Life is particularly filled with their drama and so offer their unconscious drama competition. (You KNOW who you are. Always trying to interrupt and “one up” your conversation partner so you can get more attention and hold the podium for focus upon yourself…) Before I interrupted myself with my rant regarding “attention seekers,” I was saying that everyone of us has drama in our lives. Due to differing levels of sensitivity, some of us dwell in this consideration, more than others of us, on the levels of drama which surround our lives. Some of us are “tough” and take our drama in a low-key way. Others of us run in circles with our hair on fire to better spread the craziness which we have created in our human existences.

There are times in our lives when there is more craziness and drama. There are times when we take conscious responsibility for this higher level of drama and there are times when we do not take conscious responsibility for the upsets in our lives. May I suggest, that at some deep level, in spiritual belief, we have agreed to take on the drama and craziness for the benefit of challenging ourselves or to be of service to other human souls we bump into in our lives. Sure, you may want to disagree with this suggestion. This is YOUR drama to play out…

There are times when we are caught up in our crazy lives and can forget that life is a Miracle and that we have come here to test our wisdom and challenge ourselves with the drama called our lives. We can forget that we are ALL in this together and that we are here to support and to serve one another. We are HERE for the adventure travel of our souls with the 3 dimensional limitation of human life on Earth. In the grandstands of the Divine Spirit, many other souls are cheering us on as we run around in the three ringed circus called humanity. Yup, they are watching the spectacle as the amazing learning experience and soul testing that living as a human is meant, and agreed upon, to be.

So, if you can resonate with these ideas and this perspective, perhaps you can break free from the unconsciousness and find celebration in the anxiety and drama we are immeshed within. This acceptance, or at least the openness for this consideration, can modify the levels of anxiety we experience in our human drama. We can use this “higher” perspective to consider the value and even the benefits from all the weirdness we must endure throughout our bizarre human lives. “Everything happens for a reason” is an expression that from a higher perspective puts anxiety filled moments into a slightly more manageable belief. Our lives are “interesting” and have value because we get to jump into the fire of our human lives and walk on the burning coals. Maybe we get burned or maybe we walk through fire relatively unscathed… No matter what, your life is “Perfect” and a Miraculous experience to celebrate, perhaps even enjoy…

You are Loved! The souls in the audience of the higher Divine Bless You and Celebrate your life!

And, so what if we have “life threatening drama” in our lives. That is what brings us back for more human adventures… And, death is NOT the enemy, just a transition into another, “Higher” state of consciousness.

Music for the Soul

The things which sooth us, excite us, heal us, and challenge us are all unique to the person/soul we are. Each of us “marches to the beat of a different drummer.” Though these differences may be slight, none the less, these are different. You are unique as a human and as a soul/spirit. Some people go to a symphony to awaken their Spirit. Some of us go to the gun range for the focus and stimulation we all seem to need in our unique lives. Knowing your unique requirements and how to “appropriately,” find these is an essential step for our adventure through our human incarnations. Hopefully, we find ways to feel satisfaction without impinging on other people. (Sadly, Not always the case…)

What is the music for your soul? Is it loud or soft? Is it available or challenging to find? How much and how often do you require this to be healthy, or even to survive? For me, a walk in the woods is great music for my soul. I can also benefit from a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains (or hills.) It benefits me greatly to be in the arms of the people I love. Some music sooth me. And, some music does not sooth me. When I find art or creativity to admire, my focused attention can bring joy to my heart. There are times when reading can be stimulating and sometimes healing. Conversation with non-hostile people is a wonderful experience in sharing for me, with or without common interest. Just watching and listening to someone share their deep passion is a blessing for me when I want to interact. Quiet, alone, times of peace and natural calmness can also be times which can help sustain me. There are even times when I am focused on a form of creativity which feel like a healthy journey for me in those moments. And, being “Present” is rewarding and can be healing especially when I have been mentally or emotionally stuck in past thoughts/experiences or future fears…

Each of us can benefit from finding and achieving those moments when our soul is vibrating in the music of life. “Know ThySelf” is attributed to Socrates with the full quote being, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” Some interpret this to mean it is important to know your limitations and possibly what you have YET to learn. And, many of us are lazy and allow other people to tell you what to know, feel, think, and to do. It benefits you, and your soul, to “Know” your own unique needs and requirements and to then find appropriate ways to fulfill yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. Support other people in their pursuit to find and fulfill their soul’s need to bask in the music of life… Remember, each one us must walk our own path. Our journey is unique so do not expect to drag another person on all your travels through your human lifetime. When you are acting in the genuine moments of your life, “Dance Like No One is Watching…” Be willing to “let go” and not to attached to the moment or the outcome. Delight in that special, unique moment and then move on… Along the way, take full responsibility for what you have created, be it most positive or what is judged as challenging, painful, or difficult. These are YOUR lessons. Keep your eyes open and focus upon the horizon as you look to expand your wisdom and awareness. And, “Know Thyself…”

When those special moments come and you resonate with the Music of Your Life float with the current in this moment in the River of Life. (Yup, be buoyant and float with reckless abandon!)

You are a Blessing! You are a Miracle! And, whether your mind knows it or not, YOU are Perfect!

Do Rocks Have Souls?

Have you ever thought about the consciousness of rocks and minerals?

The reason why I’m asking you this is because when you pick up a rock have you had this experience? You may notice that the structure of the solid rock is actually a miracle. It takes on a shape and it has qualities that make it unique in every way. Does a rock or mineral have a soul? Does it have some kind of consciousness? And, can human beings communicate or interact with minerals and rocks as we share the planet earth with one another?
Who creates rocks and minerals? How do the minerals that make up a rock find their way to connect and crystallize to form a particular rock? Have you ever been drawn to hold a crystal or mineral and reflect on the unusual beauty or “feeling” radiating from this rock?

Is there a consciousness that is available which pulls together the various atoms, the various minerals that create this particular rock? Each rock is unique. Each rock has its own qualities and, I think, that each rock has its own vibration or resonance. So, with each rock being slightly different and if you were to find a rock surrounded by other rocks on a beach, why are there so many different types of rocks and shapes of rocks? It is amazing to me that this community of rocks and minerals that have been weathered by the winds, the tides, perhaps even the gravity of knocking into one another, why do these rocks gather together along side one another when they were born in such different environments, at different ages in time and a different parts of the world? What do they have in common that makes them find their way to the beach to be by one another in this community of rocks and minerals? I do not have the answers to this but I do have questions about how this could have happened. It is amazing to me that these rocks gather on the beach, so different and so varied, and yet they seem to work together to create an environment, a combination of energies that make that beach unique onto itself.

And, sometimes I look at these rocks and I reached down to pick up a certain rock, one out of thousands. Why did I pick that rock? What makes it so special? Why was I drawn to the energy or the consciousness of that specific rock shape, size and mineral structure? Each rock has a type of energy if you allow yourself to be sensitive to feeling this. Each rock has its own character. Each rock has its own place. And yet, each of these rocks seem to work together to create the energy of this particular beach and environment. It’s amazing to think of the miracles upon miracles that went into creating each and everyone of these rocks and minerals. And who created that master plan? Who might be the one responsible for putting all of those minerals under pressure so they could create the magnificent rocks that they are and then be weathered into their particular shape and find their way to the beach with all of the other rocks and minerals that can be found in that location? Have other people asked these questions or has there been any research to try to figure out how this is even possible? In studying each rock it feels differently. It looks differently. It behaves differently in the way it emanates the energy that it gives off.

On a recent hike, I reached down and picked up a fist sized rock for no conscious reason other than it seemed to request some help or assistance in moving to yet another location. Some rocks think of humans as “rock movers” (says my friend, shaman, Raven Many Voices, who is a geologist scientist by training) and indeed I carried the stone for 2 miles and deposited it back into the stream so that this stone can continue to weather and move with gravity and the force of the waters, further downstream to the bay where it might find a beach and a location to be in a community of other rocks and minerals. I had a sense that this stone was requesting that I move it those 2 miles and I obliged. I know not why I did that. It felt very unusual and strange and yet I felt compelled to be of assistance. And, in some ways it felt like we were having a dialogue or communication more like an inter-species relationship. It was between a person and a mineral. At that point, I questioned whether that rock had a consciousness. I questioned whether I was sensitive and available to hear or to communicate with this mineral. Even to me that seems odd. And yet I don’t believe that I have ever experienced this kind of communication, consciously, before. And where will this lead me?

I do not have the ability to actually choose any scientific experiment to determine whether communication with a rock or mineral is possible but in my mind, I can’t help but wonder. And so, I just throw out these thoughts to assist in expanding the possibilities of what consciousness might be like if we were more available, open, and less limited by thinking that only humans can communicate. If you have any thoughts about this please consider this and send along your comments.

And, oh by the way, why do so many boys and men and many women, love to throw stones from the shore of a stream or beach into the water? Is this some sort of deeply held inter-species relationship which goes back to the very dawning of consciousness? Is this embedded in our human DNA? Yes, you have seen this many times with people just throwing stone after stone out into the waters for an unknown, subconscious reason, yet, this is so enjoyable and so important. People feel compelled to do this. And it is so satisfying…. but, why?

Thank you for taking your time to read and to consider this odd train of thoughts. I am in my 8th decade and I have never had these considerations before. There is always something new to ponder if you keep your mind and heart open to the amazing miracles which life can provide.
I have consider this before… You are a miracle! Thank you for being you.

Dancing in the Light

Yes. It is that time again in the Northern Hemisphere to begin to search for those ways to get yourself “Dancing in the Light” once again. Well, everyone on this planet, Earth, can search for ways to be “Dancing in the Light.” It is not just about the starting of the Spring season, this is about being challenged to look for Joy and Gratitude in each and every moment. Sure, this can be challenging when you are not feeling well or your life lessons seem overwhelming, but, if you are “Present” (in this moment) and can set aside your fear or anxiety or your “drama,” you can take a breath and find the Joy and Wisdom from the miracle of life you are!

I have said this before and will continue to remind you, YOU are a Miracle! You are so much greater than the human life drama you find yourself acting out on this Earthly plane. But, I acknowledge that YOU are Perfect in playing the role you have been birthed to play. No one can do you better than you are doing you. You are unique and special, AND, needed in the role you are playing. Now, remember that you want to do your very best at being who you are. You must continue growing in awareness and consciousness to be the very best “YOU.” We are counting on you to be the most conscious person you can be. You have refined your character so many times in this life. With every new relationship, or job, or role you take on in your family or your community, you have adapted and grown your character. You are in the spotlight and everyone must play off of the character you have chosen to play.

Now, as for you “Dancing in the Light,” that spotlight never fades. Your drama may intensify and sometimes you are the hero or the villain but you are always at the very center of the stage. So, why not be the beacon of Love and Light that you are. Let your Spirit burn with the fires of Joy and Loving Kindness. Shine brightly to be a beacon of Light to those characters who seem to hide in the shadows or are concealed in the dark corners of your stage. Sometimes, we are the flame of brightness and love so we attract the seemingly damaged souls, like moths fly to the light. We attract those people who seem to be needy or “injured.” You can not assist everyone, especially those who wish to carry their injuries for others to learn from, they teach us what not to do or what not to be… You can not control or take credit or blame for another person’s life’s path. But, you can be of service by being sincere and shining brightly as an act of service and support.

YOU have a Choice!

Be the most Perfect YOU that you can be. Look to grow in consciousness and to support any of the pilgrims who cross your path in this life. When given the opportunity, look them in the eyes and honor the deep perfection of their soul. Honor the role they are playing even if you find it challenging. AND, learn your lesson from every interaction in the Dance of Life.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Loving Intimacy

In the “Higher Realms,” beyond the Veil, there are NO lies! There is no time or space. There is no separation. The 3 dimensional limitations of our Earthly incarnation born from ego and fear do not exist. There is no place to hide from who you are! AND, You are perfect!

You are a manifestation of the Divine Spirit. You are connected to all other things, and souls, in the Universe. With the DNA of the Divine Spirit imprinted in your soul, you are a perfect hologram and copy of the Supreme Being, which IS YOU! So, imagine being loved, honored, accepted, and fully embraced by all that is good and great in the Universe, and beyond. Every facet of you, including your imperfections and drama, is loved. No secrets only complete Loving Intimacy with all other things. Fully connected and joyfully loved for the role you are playing! In fact, YOU are Unconditionally Loved by the Divine in ways which can not be defined by words or fully known by your Earthly mind.

Every piece of knowledge, wisdom, and feeling is known, telepathically and loved, in the higher realms. No other soul can do YOU better than than you are doing YOU. You are essential. Without you the Divine Spirit and all consciousness can not exist. You are an important part of the team and yet not separate from any other part. Your soul also shares loving acceptance with all the other souls. When you raise your consciousness, all souls have their consciousness raised.

There is no way to not be fully connected though your mind and ego may have a fantasy that you are isolated and separated as you Judge other souls in this incarnation. You are unique in spirit but closely interconnected. You are a Miracle! You are a Blessing! Whether you consciously know this, or not, You are a Master!

You are never alone. And, You are the most Beautiful Soul in this Universe!

BTW. If you would like to view our recent Blog Posting regarding Unconditional Love follow link to:

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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You Think You Know Who You Are!

You THINK you know who you are AND that is the problem. Thinking has limits! If we are lucky, our mind can deal with 2 or 3 or maybe 4 dimensions. This is the limitation on “Egoic” thinking. Many more dimensions exist and these include our “true Home” in the greater realms of the Divine Spirit. The incarnation you are reading this blog within is like a stripped down version, or cartoon version, of who you really are. Your Soul or Spirit are limitless, beyond space and time. I know this from the feelings experienced in my NDE (my Near Death Experience or perhaps my STE’s (Spiritually Transformative Experiences.)) Maybe you have experience and so “Know” or “Remember” your existence before you came into this life.

Work to Remember where your true Home is within the broader, multi-dimensional Divine Spirit. Your HOME back before this incarnation was full of supportive unconditional love, Wisdom of the Divine, Freedom beyond limiting time and space, and completely “Connected” with everything in the Universe, and beyond. There are no words to describe this most completely.

HOME will be there after this life when you are transforming from the “meat suit” you now wear. AND, your Home is available NOW in the present beyond the limitations of your thinking, Egoic mind. You can feel it with your Heart and by Remembering where you have come from. “We are here for a while and then we move on” into another dimension of the Divine Spirit, says Brother Bob Trask. This is discussed by most NDE (Near Death Experience) survivors who tell their familiar stories from beyond the Veil. We come to our lives to accomplish our dreams and our purpose. We come to learn and to grow AND to support and serve all the other souls we bump into! Whether you know this or not, We are ALL Old Souls who have been around forever, since the beginning of the Divine Spirit’s consciousness (forever.)

Reminder: You are “Perfect” as you are! The character you are “playing” in this life is perfect. You are doing a great job! No one else could be a better YOU! But, please remember that you are not just the necessary, essential character that you are playing out in this incarnation. You are so much more! Grander and Limitless and well beyond the 3 dimensions we have chosen to exist within. Do NOT let anyone convince you that you are not Perfect and an unbelievable Miracle. Thank you for being you! We all need you being the best of who you are. Continue to learn and to grow in consciousness until you remember your Divine Spirit and live more fully in Enlightenment.

All things are Possible if we allow our limitless self to come forward into our “present.” We are tapped into all wisdom, all knowing, limitless power and connection. We can find our way to realize this expansive divine and this is a task all incarnated, conscious souls strive for. You are Amazing and a Miracle! Please be as conscious as possible and do not miss an opportunity to: Love – Serve – Remember who you really are…

Live beyond what you THINK. Remember and Feel the true YOU!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Think beyond your limits. Think with your heart. Think in higher dimensions. Think that you do not have limits.

Walking Your Sacred Path

We are born into our present incarnations to follow our sacred path moving ever closer to “Enlightenment.” Along the way we are challenged by interactions and experiences which are there to teach us lessons we require to move further along our path. Each of us is unique and must walk our sacred pilgrimage in our own way. Know you are NOT alone. You are a part of the Divine Spirit but your distinct path will guide you to special learnings designed to assist you and to share with other pilgrims you encounter. As we are “one,” we are here to take the hands of the fellow travelers to aid them in their distinctive sacred path.

When we feel lonely, we are caught in a trap of separation which our mind and our egos create. At times like these, we can attempt to remember that our role is to support other seekers and reach out to share our story. The perspective that you offer as you share your success or failure (and failure does not really exist) offers your witness a chance to learn from your travails. You are a Master. No one else can be who you are and perfect in your own way. Share your story AND be available to witness the telling of your communication partner’s story. You give a great gift by allowing them to give to you in sharing their wisdom…

If you can remain “present” and “mindful” with each step you take on your sacred journey, you will reach your most important learnings most quickly. This is easier said than done but avoiding the traps of dwelling in the past or feeling the fear and anxiety surrounding the unknown future, you will live and learn most gracefully. Detachment and less judgement will add to your mastery. Again, this important lesson is easier said than done…

A wise mentor has encouraged me to walk my sacred path from my heart and avoid the limitations created by my mind. For me, this means that I listen to my intuition and allow my guides to assist me to make course corrections along my sacred path. Guidance has been most helpful and supportive for me. I have learned to acknowledge and trust that small voice which I “know” creates the messages I feel in my soul/heart. Along the way, I must let go of the “toxic memories” from painful past experiences so I can move forward into new adventures. So, hear the “truth” with your heart not the altered thoughts and judgements from your mind! (You are NOT a victim. At some level you have been part of the “plan” which includes those difficult experiences, which we learn most from.)

Where ever possible, “be the voice of forgiveness.” Learn to say, “I forgive you AND I love YOU!” The world needs so much more of this consciousness and this will expedite your travels along your sacred path. You are a Blessing!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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How is Your Reflection?

When other people hold the mirror, how is your reflection? Not just your physical appearance, but who you “really” are as a person. In other words, what do people who know you, know about you? Is your self-image a reflection match of how other people feel about you? Remember, everyone has their unique perspective and their own unique opinion. Some people will be better observers and possibly more accurate. Some people will be more objective and not add their own challenges to describing your attributes, both your good qualities and your difficult ones.

It may not seem important, learning how other people feel about you. Your own personal feelings are most significant, however, we often are in denial or misjudge how we come across to others. Feedback is useful and often important. With objective feedback, we can make adjustments. We can learn from experience how others know us. With this input, we can decide if we wish to make any course corrections. Sometimes we can learn what is holding us back or, at the very least, what we could consider improving. As an example, in my early 20’s as I was participating in a “encounter group,” a member called me on my use of humor when the discussion got deeper and more difficult. At the time, I thought my humor was a positive and friendly attempt to entertain. What I learned from this feedback was that I was hiding behind my humor as a defense mechanism. This was very difficult for me to learn. I went into a depression and took 7 or 8 months to accept this fact and to integrate this into my life. To this day, when I use humor in a difficult encounter, I still ask myself whether this was defensive and something I need to examine or was it just my silly side bursting out inappropriately, as it commonly does… For me, this was a turning point and this reflection was very important, though difficult, for me.

Each of us are role models. We are beacons where we share our light and can assist other pilgrims to find their way along the path of self-discovery. Sometimes we create a reflection which is so positive, other people will want to follow or at least strive to move more in the direction you are projecting. Sometimes, we are a model of what NOT to do or to be. Long ago, I found out I could not make everyone like me, let alone, follow me. That was a rough lesson for my fragile ego and this changed my life. My outgrowth from this realization was that I needed to like ME and who I AM. Everyone is a different soul and does things differently. Some people behave in ways simply to get other people to “like” them even though this may be less healthy for their unique self. Living life as a popularity contest is one way to live. Personally, I do not choose this path. My insecurities are not often the driving force in how I present myself, though, like most people, I do enjoy positive attention.

The question remains, is your self-image a good reflection of who you really are? Are you willing to ask the question and receive the answer of your partner with little, or no, defensiveness? These struggles may lead to the most important lessons you have in this lifetime. Be present and learn through external reflection and self-reflection what you came here to learn! No matter where you are in self-discovery and spiritual development, you are a blessing! Even with your seeming imperfections or flaws, you are PERFECT just the way you are, though perhaps not above improvements.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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We Are Old Souls: No Excuses

A guide recently said to me, “We are all old Souls!” I was taken aback. This comment was triggered by a meditation I was recently having and my partner in this meditation revealed himself/herself to me as older and distinguished. Kind of like looking at Moses or one the Wisepersons from biblical times, you know old and gray. Long gray hair and beard and robes just standing there like in a movie. I was a little surprised and remarked, “You are an OLD Soul!” His answer surprised me and got me thinking… “We are ALL Old Souls.”

In contemplating this response, it opened the door for me to consider that all of our souls have been a part of the “Divine” since the Divine consciousness was created. If we believe that there is time (and I am not sure about this anymore) then our souls have been hangin’ around, pushing through various incarnations, over and over, trying to master our lessons for awhile. Some of us (our souls) may have been busy doing other things, like being a glacier or a tectonic plate, and have not taken the fast tract forward toward Enlightenment or Awakening or whatever the purest form of consciousness is defined by. Some souls are in hurry and scurrying around bumping into experiences which seem to expedite the process. Some souls just spend 40 days in the desert and came back to be Christ! AND, to confuse things even more, some spirits or souls are so highly spiritually evolved they did not have to incarnate at all, EVER! (And, these unfortunate souls do not get to come to the “fun” amusement park we call Earth.) But forget about these beings, for now.

We, our souls that is, have been hangin’ around since the dawn of consciousness in some form or another AND we all are AS OLD AS POSSIBLE. Yup, YOU have no more excuses for your infantile behaviors or thinking. We are all old and wise. We just forgot! When we arrived in this current incarnation our memory of where we came from was erased so we could struggle with our current lessons and challenges. If we could just “REMEMBER where We Came From” and the Divine Perfection we are, then we would not have to take “Life” so seriously and live in Joy more 24/7. Well, that is deep and it is our lesson… BTW, we are supposed to share our wisdom & Joy and truly love every other soul we bump into because we are all in this together… Take responsibility, ’cause whether you remember this or not, you chose to come back in this incarnation AND for a lesson!

Well this was not what I thought I was going to get out of this simple, low expectation, meditation. You never know. So pay attention! Be open! And, do not try to write yourself a note excusing your behavior as just a youthful miscalculation. You were supposed to step on that turd and knew it was there on some level of consciousness. Just clean it up and do not track it into the house for dinner… With my Love and appreciation! You are Perfect!

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