Guidance, Grace and the Pilgrimage

You are blessed to have Guidance! Guidance which you may not have even been aware of at those moments in your life when you chose a direction to move. Maybe it was a hunch or a “Gut Feeling.” Perhaps your decision was not a “rational” one and made no sense to others, or even to possibly yourself, but YOU went with it… AND, it turned out to be an interesting challenge or life experience. You were ment to follow THAT path and you did. Sometimes, if it did not work out as expected, you second guessed yourself. Maybe you did not want to take responsibility for your choice, or the choice Guidance “encouraged” you to take. It may have been the trip, or the job, or the relationship, or whatever… that was “interesting” AND, looking back, you learned something which you would not have learned if you had followed the other path (choice.)

Our lives are filled with these moments when we chose a direction, perhaps even the road less traveled, and then found a rich experience. Often we make seemingly “rational decisions” which made “sense” at the time. The “easy” path is not always, if ever, the best path to choose. After all, life is an adventure and you gotta jump in and get your feet wet if you want the rewards of learning and growing even when it may have been a questionable decision.

And, there are the times in your life when Guidance allowed you to move in a certain direction which became a “peak experience” possibly leading to remembering what the state of Grace feels like…!!! The amazing but rare experience where you “know” what your connection to the Divine Spirit feels like. Perhaps a time when you were set free from the limitations of time and space. The time when you remembered the “Oneness” and connections with all other lifeforms and spirits. The gift of YOUR Pilgrimage through this life is that if you take the risks, open yourself up, you may be blessed with this re-connection with the source of all wisdom. You may remember that you are perfect, even with your perceived weaknesses and flaws (Which make you PERFECT.)

No matter what, cherish every moment of your adventure through life! Take off your blinders. Try to limit your focus by not multi-tasking during the most enchanting experiences… And, do not miss an opportunity to share your love! ALWAYS find time to connect with your fellow pilgrims. You never know which person has stumbled into your life to inspire the experience and the lesson you have come here to have. Every encounter is sacred. Every fellow traveler you gaze upon is a spirit sent from the Divine. (Though you may never be fully conscious as to the “WHY,” never the less, you were meant to share this experience.) If you close yourself off to a shared experience, you may have to return to it again…

Find Joy. Live fully. Challenge yourself to live in service! You are on the “Right” path toward your highest consciousness, so step up and embrace your adventure! Guidance has lead you to this article and to your perfect path!

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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