Creativity and Passion

Have You ever had a creative moment which developed into a project which gave you joy and satisfaction? Some of us, more than others, are blessed with creativity and the skills to pull it off… And, sometimes you can have a passion to create something and no matter what happens it becomes an amazing learning experience. When all “the stars are aligned,” as the expression goes, you may even have a passion and your creativity actually pulls it off. When it is not just “dumb luck,” your level of satisfaction may rise significantly. Especially, when it was a “stretch” for you due to skill levels and available resources. Most of us have had these moments which can stay with us for a lifetime as a treasured life experience. If we do not rest too heavily on our “laurels,” we can move on to bigger and better things, or at least, new and different things. This keeps us moving forward.

But, finding our “Passion” can be a fickle thing. A simple desire and mental thought or attraction is not enough. At some deeper level a feeling might explode into a unstoppable passion. It could be a project, or a relationship, or a learning opportunity, or even an adventure in life which “catches your fancy” at a very deep level. This may come from an external suggestion or, perhaps, the most powerful passion arises from an internal, emotional (or spiritual) place. When a Passion hits you, do you answer the call? Do you make a plan? Do you move into a most creative dimension to manifest your found passion?

The reason why I ask is because recently I have experienced a new commitment to a creative passion. For my 71st birthday, I asked myself what I wanted to do differently. What came up for me was to get into woodworking. This was partially triggered by acquiring some new tools to assist my son with some remodeling on his new home. I do not have a history of being a woodworker or any developed skills to turn wood into something useful and satisfying. You are never too old to try something new! In fact, life often demands that you attempt new and different things, if for no other reason, but basic survival. For me, I have a lifelong passion for appreciation of good wood working and the creative use of wood. Sanding a rough piece of wood into a smooth, even soft to the touch, elegant piece of Divinity is both satisfying and an act of creation which bring joy to me. I am not very good with my hands or creative. It was not well demonstrated in my family as I was growing up. I am not a patient person and frustration bubbles up quickly for me when my expectations of perfection are not met.

There are so many great challenges and lessons for me to learn from in this new, to me, activity. There is passion. When I am considering a new project, I can wake up in the middle of the night to consider how I will go about turning my thoughts into a developed project. Because I lack experience and skills, my frustration can be found fairly quickly. But, YOU have to start somewhere and “what does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Sure, I am old and can get by with less sleep, BUT, I can not just get by without following a passion, no matter where it leads me…??? You are NEVER too old to find, and then follow, a passion. Wild bouts of creativity may allude you but striving to live a passion makes life special. And, none of us were born “perfect.” We can not be mistake free with every new thing we try. Trying and failing is how we learned to walk or ride a bicycle. If you never make a mistake then you are not attempting challenges which can move you forward.

We all find and then do new things. Finding and then doing your passion can be most rewarding. Problem solving is a form of creativity which is called upon to move down your path. It is not always pretty or even artistic however it is part of the life adventure. “Go for IT!”

And, shaping a Divine piece of wood into a treasure piece of art is a goal, for me, driven by a passion and appreciation for fine woodworking. Perhaps my skills will catch up with my passion. Until then, every attempt is my learning and a wonderful way to spend some time and energy. May you be blessed with chasing after your passion. And, may your passion filled sleepless nights feed you with a focus to move toward in your life!

If nothing else, YOU are a work of Art and a Blessing!