Creativity and Passion

Have You ever had a creative moment which developed into a project which gave you joy and satisfaction? Some of us, more than others, are blessed with creativity and the skills to pull it off… And, sometimes you can have a passion to create something and no matter what happens it becomes an amazing learning experience. When all “the stars are aligned,” as the expression goes, you may even have a passion and your creativity actually pulls it off. When it is not just “dumb luck,” your level of satisfaction may rise significantly. Especially, when it was a “stretch” for you due to skill levels and available resources. Most of us have had these moments which can stay with us for a lifetime as a treasured life experience. If we do not rest too heavily on our “laurels,” we can move on to bigger and better things, or at least, new and different things. This keeps us moving forward.

But, finding our “Passion” can be a fickle thing. A simple desire and mental thought or attraction is not enough. At some deeper level a feeling might explode into a unstoppable passion. It could be a project, or a relationship, or a learning opportunity, or even an adventure in life which “catches your fancy” at a very deep level. This may come from an external suggestion or, perhaps, the most powerful passion arises from an internal, emotional (or spiritual) place. When a Passion hits you, do you answer the call? Do you make a plan? Do you move into a most creative dimension to manifest your found passion?

The reason why I ask is because recently I have experienced a new commitment to a creative passion. For my 71st birthday, I asked myself what I wanted to do differently. What came up for me was to get into woodworking. This was partially triggered by acquiring some new tools to assist my son with some remodeling on his new home. I do not have a history of being a woodworker or any developed skills to turn wood into something useful and satisfying. You are never too old to try something new! In fact, life often demands that you attempt new and different things, if for no other reason, but basic survival. For me, I have a lifelong passion for appreciation of good wood working and the creative use of wood. Sanding a rough piece of wood into a smooth, even soft to the touch, elegant piece of Divinity is both satisfying and an act of creation which bring joy to me. I am not very good with my hands or creative. It was not well demonstrated in my family as I was growing up. I am not a patient person and frustration bubbles up quickly for me when my expectations of perfection are not met.

There are so many great challenges and lessons for me to learn from in this new, to me, activity. There is passion. When I am considering a new project, I can wake up in the middle of the night to consider how I will go about turning my thoughts into a developed project. Because I lack experience and skills, my frustration can be found fairly quickly. But, YOU have to start somewhere and “what does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Sure, I am old and can get by with less sleep, BUT, I can not just get by without following a passion, no matter where it leads me…??? You are NEVER too old to find, and then follow, a passion. Wild bouts of creativity may allude you but striving to live a passion makes life special. And, none of us were born “perfect.” We can not be mistake free with every new thing we try. Trying and failing is how we learned to walk or ride a bicycle. If you never make a mistake then you are not attempting challenges which can move you forward.

We all find and then do new things. Finding and then doing your passion can be most rewarding. Problem solving is a form of creativity which is called upon to move down your path. It is not always pretty or even artistic however it is part of the life adventure. “Go for IT!”

And, shaping a Divine piece of wood into a treasure piece of art is a goal, for me, driven by a passion and appreciation for fine woodworking. Perhaps my skills will catch up with my passion. Until then, every attempt is my learning and a wonderful way to spend some time and energy. May you be blessed with chasing after your passion. And, may your passion filled sleepless nights feed you with a focus to move toward in your life!

If nothing else, YOU are a work of Art and a Blessing!

Joy & Happiness

Are Joy and Happiness the same or are these experiences different? Recently, I was asked to offer a training session with the focus on bringing more Joy into the workplace. After doing some research “Joy vs Happiness,” I came to some personal conclusions that Joy and Happiness are not the same, in my opinion. The group presentation began with this discussion in small groups and then the groups shared their conversation. It reflected my feelings and was similar to the research which I had uncovered. So, here is what we came up with…

Happiness is often coming as a reaction/response to an external interaction or experience. We see something (or hear something) and we react with a thought of happiness. We smile or laugh and our reaction can come, or go, as our mood in that moment allows. Happiness, or being happy, is GREAT! And, there is the opposite reaction/response where we can think and express “UnHappiness.” We can get “triggered” from interactions which create a feeling of unhappiness.

Joy seems to come from another, perhaps deeper, place. When our heart lights up with a “feeling” or a passion for an experience or perception, we may feel Joy. It comes from a deeper emotional feeling. Let me offer some examples which came to mind. Are You a fisherman, an artist or craftsperson, or perhaps a musician? When a fisherperson catches a fish, they experience happiness. When a fisherman walks to a lake or stream in a beautiful natural setting, they feel the Joy. When an artist or craftsperson receives new brushes or pencils or art supplies, they feel happy. When their creativity is triggered by work on their project, they feel Joy. When a musician walks into a music store filled with instruments, they feel happy. When the musician’s passion is expressed in performance, they feel Joy.

The group I was speaking with were managers in the helping profession. Caregivers by choice. When someone calls them and says, “Thank You for the work performed,” they feel Happy. When they go inside and react to the passion they have to provide this service, they know they are using their creativity and expertise to solve problems and serve their clients, they feel the Joy! For my clients who are “First Responders,” their DNA has a genetic code for rushing in to Save people, even through the fears or the dangers. This passion for service gives them a sense of purpose that when considered creates Joy.

As I stated before, there are situations you experience which create a reaction of Happiness. There are times when the situation creates UnHappiness. However, the internal, deep heartfelt feeling of Joy are unique to each individual. And, there is no such thing as UnJoyful. You either feel the passion, the creativity, and the connections through service and the Joy this creates or you do not…

Each one of us, in our own different and unique way, seek to express our passions. We create connections with people or our world and find a celebration which can reach deeply into the world of Joy. When we do what we have come here, to this life, to do and provide our service to all consciousness, we can feel/experience our Bliss, our unique Joy! Nothing external can create Un-Joy for you. So, find your Bliss. Find your passion and share it in whatever form your creativity selects… And, then feel your Joy!

When you wake up in the morning, start by offering Gratitude for what you do have and then look for the Joy which comes from every experience, every interaction, you have. Then, when possible, share your wisdom even if this is a reflection of some difficult challenge. Yes, even the dark places can create the Joy of learning from the challenge and celebration of new found wisdoms which serve you and the people you interact with.

YOU are a Miracle! You are a Blessing! Your soul guards and protects your deepest passions and Joys. Shine light upon these and find the way to communicate and to celebrate your Bliss!

Thank you for being You!

Looking Forward: Your Amazing Contributions

You have an amazing future story! Sure, it may remain unknown to your human mind and difficult to imagine. You have an important role to play!

Though time is a linear construct, YOU are doing amazing things which are changing the world! Yes, YOU! Some readers are not agreeing completely with me. So let me share with you some ideas. Everyone’s life triggers events and changes in the world. No matter how small, future generations will be influenced by your actions or your inaction. Subtle influences can have major and dramatic effects felt by subsequent generations.

Let me offer an example from my life. When I was fairly young, in elementary school, I had a very strong interest in science, especially the natural sciences. Somehow I talked my way into getting a microscope and started looking at stuff. Since I was in a neighborhood with similarly aged kids, I started a “microscope club.” The girl next door joined in, though we did not seem to have a lot in common. Dr. Laurie Green, MD later told me that her participation in backyard science from our club had influenced her. It triggered an interest and love of science for her and she has become a renowned physician in San Francisco. Her work in high level ObGyn surgery has helped many babies, moms, and their families. Perhaps, my shared interest and excitement offered a significant addition to our world. (And, I was “only” a kid with a passion to share…)

Take a few moments and consider the interactions from your human experience which have had an influence upon you. Perhaps it was a difficult challenge you may have had with a parent or sibling. Maybe, it was a “touching” experience which turn into a positive memory. For me, I had a wonderful college professor when I was 20 years old who role modeled what being a great man, and father, was possible. I will never forget this man or the positive directions my life took as a response to our relationship. You have had these interactions and relationships. AND, you can provide these life changing moments for people whom you come into contact with in this life.

History is filled with small gestures which directly or indirectly created amazing things. And, no one of us is too old or too young or too poor to change the lives of the people they interact with as we tumble through our lives. Your brain may not understand the course of events you participate within, so tread as gracefully and as respectfully as you can. Imagine that your role may be a beacon of light that will guide or direct other people on their pilgrimage through life. Even a smile or a sincere “Thank You,” can have a small but positive effect. The simple act of listening and being supportive, at a significant moment, can change the life of the story teller. The act of caring about another human being is an important and needed interaction in our lives.

Share your passion! Support other people’s passion especially if these hold positive promise for our world. You never consciously know what positive outcomes may come from seemingly casual interactions.

Getting back to this post’s theme… Know that the Love you share will spread seeds for pilgrims of the future. No one of us is too small as to not have a possible profound influence, so guide your actions appropriately with Love to maximize the possible positive effects. Even “chance meetings” or interactions can be found to change history, for GOOD and the betterment of all consciousness. You may never know which of these seeds will land and become most fruitful and abundant, so share your Love. You may never fully realize the magnificent role you will play in our Universe.

I repeat, no matter how old or how young you are, your interactions and connections can create significant changes in the world, even for our Universe. By raising your consciousness, all of Universal consciousness is raised. Do your best to remember every person you meet has a perfect soul and we are all on the pilgrimage together…

One last thing… When most fully “enlightened,” you realize that linear time does not exist. The “future” is now. Though your three dimensional mind may not be able to see the future as now, what you do in this moment is the future. Thank you for your profound effect upon all the Universe…

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Be the Change! You Have a Choice!

Our world is going through upheaval. Conscious people want to get involved. We have our “pet projects” born out personal need for a cause which is “near and dear to our hearts” and there are many ways to respond. Our “special” cause may require funding and we feel great, temporarily, throwing money at a project. Or, we start organizing and donate time, and possibly money, to the cause which lights a fire in our passion. Many of us feel “Guilty” if we are not matching the money or effort we may see in another person’s contribution. So I ask you, Are You Doing Good Work or Donating Money to FEEL GOOD or to Deal With Your Feelings of Guilt?

Perhaps we can back off a bit. Volunteering time and money for a great social cause is admirable. Worthy of admiration. Is this why we do this? AND, forget politics and political action because it is “politics” which has gotten us into this mess… But, YOU have a choice on how you can change the world! Yes, you can be empowered by choosing to take action! YOU can choose to make yourself the Beacon of Light and Love to guide the people you are Blessed to meet into a higher state of consciousness… One person at a Time! You can show respect and love for every person you interact with. Though this may cost you less time and money, it may serve our world at a deeper, foundational level.

This does not mean to stop volunteering or donating. I am asking that you dive below the surface into Divine Consciousness. Superficial actions look great on the surface. You can get recognition. But, is this what you came here to do? If you get your name on a wing of the hospital, does this make you a better person??? Is your legacy driven by an egoic need to be seen or recognized? If so, Great! But…. Sharing your light in every interaction is a CHOICE You can make. “Be the change you wish to see in our world” means living in integrity with the Divine values. No, I am not trying to share guilt or even pretend that “Divine Values” has a Universal, etched in stone, meaning. I am strongly suggesting that living in acceptance, respect, and mutual love may be worth attempting. AND, “fake it until you make it,” is a great place to start.

It begins with awareness. It may include humility. It definitely includes Knowing that YOU are a Miracle AND so is everyone you meet! There is nothing special about you AND you are the most special soul in the Universe. We are all the same and we are all in this together. Work to Save the World but first save yourself. Be conscious! Choose to live in Love! Be sincere and say “Thank You,” to every person you meet. They are there for You and Your lesson!

YOU have a choice! You can live in a “heart space” or you can live with what you “think” is correct. Thinking is great and the drama this creates is very entertaining! This is what we came into this life to explore. The fun and the drama of living in our 3 dimensional limitations and our human lives. AND, enlightenment may include being most conscious regarding living in the moment and choosing to interact with each person in a respectful and spiritual loving/honoring way. You are unique. You are a Blessing! The very best volunteer work you can ever hope to do includes sharing from your heart the love and the respect you have for each struggling soul you bump up against.

We are here to serve! We are here to support the other pilgrims we meet along our path. Donating time and money to a “Cause” you care about is good. But, being a beacon of love and light is more gooder… (I meant that poor vocabulary to be a lighter way to end this posting. YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you!)

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Do Your Gift

Do the Gift You were Given to do! We were all born with lessons to learn and talents or innate skills to assist us in providing the service we came here to share. If you can get your ego out of the way and remember the deeper connections we have with all other souls, then you will be better able to share your specific gifts.

Find, and then, know your passion. If you limit your time, energy and attention to only what you think you “should” be doing in your life, you may find that you have missed out on doing what you truly need to be engaged within. It is NOT a waste to be doing your “shoulds,” it just takes away from the important desires of your life. Life is not as much fun if you only do the “shoulds.”

But, what is YOUR Gift? And, how can you Offer Your Special Piece? What are you most strongly attracted to do? Maybe, what do you envy when you see another person’s representation of their life? I do not like the word, envy, but it can lead you to a discussion as to what might be missing from the path you are taking in life. You do have the choice to know your passion, follow your passion, and to be happily engaged in our life. Your parent’s expectations or lifestyle DOES NOT have to be the blueprint for YOUR life!

Especially, ask your self what you would be doing if there was no limitation or excuse for changing direction in your life. If you won the lottery, and money was no object, what would you be doing differently? After you travel, buy a bigger house, financially protect your children, fix your bad knee (or whatever health challenge,) and get your dream car, what would be the most satisfying activity for the rest of your life? I will bet, in most cases, you would be engaged in some act of service. What would that be? How would it feel to be able to do this? AND, why are you NOT doing this now? This act of service may find a form that is not expensive other than your time and energy. Why is NOT a part of your life NOW? The “things” you gather will not be what you celebrate at the end of this life. You will look to the people and experiences with the people you have bumped into which will be the rewarding memories and the “value” of your life’s path.

Write your book even if you never sell a single copy. (It is your thoughts and experiences and these are unique to you. Share them…)

YOU are a blessing. You have much to offer. Even if you can only afford to sit with someone else and share your story. Or, serve by being a “witness” to someone else telling their story. It is a wonderful gift to listen as a person tells the most important experiences from their lives. And maybe, yes maybe, the connection you make may lead to the learning which you are here to do.

Note: I often ask too much from my expectations in life. Expectations, quite regularly, screw things up, but that is another blog. Your PURPOSE may be simpler than you realize. It may be more important than you give it credit for. Your purpose, no matter who you are, is to serve humanity and all of consciousness by reaching around and taking the hands of your fellow pilgrims. We are all in this together and offering support, perhaps direction, can be the life changing outcome of assisting a fellow traveler. Simple is often better. A loving role model is better than a driven lecture. Remember, your actions speak louder than your words AND we need more nonjudgmental people to model.

Your gift may lie in your intuition. And, to be a clear channel you need to polish the mirror. You can do this by taking better care of yourself and in so doing, take better care of your Gift. (Example: meditate and get out into a natural setting to be present in the world.) Reflect back what your fellow partner requires and NOT what YOUR lesson is about. You may find that by using your gift of intuition you can learn a great deal as you say the words (communicate) to your partner. I have found these experiences to be magical and I know the value for the learning of each of us… You and your Gift are a blessing!

If you want to share your Gift or your story, consider the Masters of the Journey Community. Remember to remember, you are a blessing!

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Unique Path to Higher Consciousness

Are you happy with your life and find joy every day? Do you know YOUR “purpose”? Do you wish there was something more in your life? Perhaps: peace, connection, community, spirit, or even life balance? Have you considered what you could be doing differently to find greater fulfillment?

Or, would you like to better control fear and anxiety? Would you like to live each day with greater personal satisfaction?

If these questions stimulate something in you then maybe you are on a path to develop your higher consciousness. Would you be open minded enough to look at a spiritual development program (and community) that is NOT based on religion, churches, gurus, celebrities, ashrams, denial, rigid philosophy, or old school mind control? There is a new way to connect with higher consciousness that does not follow older, controlling dogmas or ego filled leaders. Masters of the Journey: A Transformational Community allows you to be the Master. The process invites you to celebrate and share your past life lessons with other fellow pilgrims who are on the path toward raising their spiritual consciousness. These fellow Spiritual Warriors are available to support you and to be witness to the story of your learning. The value to these fellow pilgrims comes from the sharing of stories and the trainings that enhance the process of growth.

Trainings will vary from: stress management, meditation skills, communication techniques, learning to be present and grounded, development of intuition, using biofeedback, and learning how to control anxiety while tapping unconditional love and higher consciousness. The Master of the Journey believe that we are all interconnected (and one) and it benefits ALL of us to assist and support all the fellow travelers. We will set up webinars, conference calls, trainings, retreats, and Master Mind groups so people can participate in ways that are best for their individual requirements. BUT, most importantly, the trainings and the community offer you an opportunity to live your life with greater purpose and satisfaction!

So are you ready to participate in this new endeavor? Would you like to move forward every day of your life? Would you like to join a community of pilgrims moving more consciously through life?

Contact us through our Facebook page at Masters of the Journey’s Facebook and look for website (in development) at You can also contact us through the Stress Education Center at Anyhow, good luck on your journey. FIND your unbridled passion for life!