Small Hinges

Small decisions and small changes can create large changes, for good or for bad…

“Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges. In the same way that a big door swings on a much smaller hinge; the choices and decisions one makes in life produce a much larger outcome. The result may be good or it may be bad – it all hinges on your choice . . . your decision. In the English language the word “but” is small.” (from a quote by W. Clement Stone.)

And, a door, whether large or small, creates an opening in a wall. The door may swing both ways. Getting an opening through an obstruction allows you an opportunity to experience a new world of possibilities. You then have a choice as to whether you want to continue on your path through this new world. That door would not have opened for you but for the small hinges which allowed it to move freely and allowed you to move through this barrier (wall.)

From a speech given by Ross Murker

FYI. The concept of the Trimtab… Small rudder attached to large rudder which allows for small change to direction of momentum which leads to big change in direction of larger ship. So, are there small changes or insights in your life which have lead to large changes in relationships or lifestyle? Example, deciding to turn off the TV, and NOT watch the evening news, allowed for positive changes which rippled through my life. I had more time and less anger and frustration. (I still get my news but more on my own terms…) A Trimtab is also found on airplanes offering the subtle wing structure to allow the plane to fly level and straight.

For example, you view a photograph or video of some natural setting and decide you would like to see this for yourself. You commit to visit nature and find that this trip to the natural world provides a solace and peace of mind that urban life does not provide. You find yourself less fearful and more motivated to spend time outside. Your lifestyle changes as you begin to embrace getting away from TV, media, and other forms of technology. You are energized by the beauty and miracles you observe on your visits out into the country. You may even dream of moving out of the city. So, the small experience of viewing the photograph or video of nature has led to major considerations and lifestyle changes. A seemingly minor suggestion may trigger a much larger consideration which may promote a major change in your attitude and the way you perceive the world.

There are times in life where a subtle change can lead to major differences in the direction your life might take. I know a couple who discussed the possibility of getting a pet and the responsibility this would make for their lifestyle. They wound up getting two cats. This allowed them to work together in a different way. Not sure of this connection, but now they have two kids and two cats. They are great parents AND their lives are dramatically different when considering their lifestyle before cats. (BTW, this example is not unique or unusual for young relationships to ease into family responsibilities. Though, having kids is much more of a lifestyle commitment change than cats.)

I am aware of a simple life philosophy which asks you to make a list of the things you need to do or the changes you would like to make. The list can be overwhelming when you look at what you desire on this list. Perhaps you pick just one or two of these items to reduce your feelings of overwhelm. You might consider picking a less challenging change to begin. By starting on a seemingly easier task, you can build momentum and overcome the inertia which may have been holding you back. On completion, check this off your list and begin the next item on your list. Once you get rolling, you will find that you are not so overwhelmed by the items on your list. (And, set priorities. If you have a high priority item which is “important,” do not push this too far down your list. Allow enough time, energy, and resources to accomplish your higher priorities.) This technique can work for your daily goals and for more major life goals, though major life changes may require more time and effort. Remember to reward yourself for each item you can check off your list. A daily list, can help you to better organize your day with the time and resources you have available.

Which subtle changes have you considered and followed in your life? Were these small changes in: relationships, careers, education, hobbies, or travel? AND, did these smaller changes lead to surprising outcomes, perhaps, life changing outcomes? The small hinges which swung the door open in your life can be appreciated for the larger change which came further down your path in life.