Small Hinges

Small decisions and small changes can create large changes, for good or for bad…

“Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges. In the same way that a big door swings on a much smaller hinge; the choices and decisions one makes in life produce a much larger outcome. The result may be good or it may be bad – it all hinges on your choice . . . your decision. In the English language the word “but” is small.” (from a quote by W. Clement Stone.)

And, a door, whether large or small, creates an opening in a wall. The door may swing both ways. Getting an opening through an obstruction allows you an opportunity to experience a new world of possibilities. You then have a choice as to whether you want to continue on your path through this new world. That door would not have opened for you but for the small hinges which allowed it to move freely and allowed you to move through this barrier (wall.)

From a speech given by Ross Murker

FYI. The concept of the Trimtab… Small rudder attached to large rudder which allows for small change to direction of momentum which leads to big change in direction of larger ship. So, are there small changes or insights in your life which have lead to large changes in relationships or lifestyle? Example, deciding to turn off the TV, and NOT watch the evening news, allowed for positive changes which rippled through my life. I had more time and less anger and frustration. (I still get my news but more on my own terms…) A Trimtab is also found on airplanes offering the subtle wing structure to allow the plane to fly level and straight.

For example, you view a photograph or video of some natural setting and decide you would like to see this for yourself. You commit to visit nature and find that this trip to the natural world provides a solace and peace of mind that urban life does not provide. You find yourself less fearful and more motivated to spend time outside. Your lifestyle changes as you begin to embrace getting away from TV, media, and other forms of technology. You are energized by the beauty and miracles you observe on your visits out into the country. You may even dream of moving out of the city. So, the small experience of viewing the photograph or video of nature has led to major considerations and lifestyle changes. A seemingly minor suggestion may trigger a much larger consideration which may promote a major change in your attitude and the way you perceive the world.

There are times in life where a subtle change can lead to major differences in the direction your life might take. I know a couple who discussed the possibility of getting a pet and the responsibility this would make for their lifestyle. They wound up getting two cats. This allowed them to work together in a different way. Not sure of this connection, but now they have two kids and two cats. They are great parents AND their lives are dramatically different when considering their lifestyle before cats. (BTW, this example is not unique or unusual for young relationships to ease into family responsibilities. Though, having kids is much more of a lifestyle commitment change than cats.)

I am aware of a simple life philosophy which asks you to make a list of the things you need to do or the changes you would like to make. The list can be overwhelming when you look at what you desire on this list. Perhaps you pick just one or two of these items to reduce your feelings of overwhelm. You might consider picking a less challenging change to begin. By starting on a seemingly easier task, you can build momentum and overcome the inertia which may have been holding you back. On completion, check this off your list and begin the next item on your list. Once you get rolling, you will find that you are not so overwhelmed by the items on your list. (And, set priorities. If you have a high priority item which is “important,” do not push this too far down your list. Allow enough time, energy, and resources to accomplish your higher priorities.) This technique can work for your daily goals and for more major life goals, though major life changes may require more time and effort. Remember to reward yourself for each item you can check off your list. A daily list, can help you to better organize your day with the time and resources you have available.

Which subtle changes have you considered and followed in your life? Were these small changes in: relationships, careers, education, hobbies, or travel? AND, did these smaller changes lead to surprising outcomes, perhaps, life changing outcomes? The small hinges which swung the door open in your life can be appreciated for the larger change which came further down your path in life.

Testing: Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind

Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind, to say yes to one and leave the other behind? Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind…??? Well, welcome to the world of consciousness raising. When you learn and grow, you have to change. You have to change the way you think and how you feel about these certain situations, or people, or attitudes. This can be difficult because it may take you into unfamiliar territory and your “habits” or habitual beliefs may be asked to change. When you are most comfortable with what you have been using in the past, you tend to find difficulty in brand new ways of reacting and “being” in the world. Wow, you have to confront your own safety from your familiar belief system. But, it is worth it! If you do not embrace a change in behavior you may find yourself limited and holding a less than desirable habituated belief which may hold you back in the long run…

You must learn and grow. Why? Because that is what we came here (to this incarnation) to do. To succeed in this you often have to stretch your skin and your comfort zone. You need to try on a new behavior or belief. This is exciting AND sometimes we do not like excitement. The easy familiar ways are threatened and we struggle with adaption, even if this is really good for us. You are on your “Heroes Journey,” when you confront and then move through your life change. You will have a story to tell whether it is easy and feels good or even if you struggle and not quite succeed in your new challenge…

This new story is for your learning but, when shared with other fellow pilgrims, can be of value for some of the people you bump into along your way. They can gain from your perspective and your sharing of your challenges.

Consider embracing change and finding the joy and wisdom even in difficult challenges. An “enlightened” person can “be present” and find joy even when difficult choices or personal pain may be a part of this learning. Fear not the transition of “dying” even though you will leave your current identify and your life’s dramatic role behind. This is inevitable in any case because no one comes out of their present life alive… But, fear can make your drama more difficult. Maintaining your equanimity regarding the most passionate dramas you face is a challenge and worth this effort… Yes, keep your wild emotional swings in balance and do not take yourself, or your story, too seriously. (Wow, easier said than done.)

Live the adventure of your life as consciously as possible. Search for and celebrate every Joy you can find in the challenges and the changes you move through. Look for your opportunity to learn from every experience and person you bump in to on this pilgrimage through this life.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Too Overwhelmed to Act

Chances are if you found your way to this blog posting and have read it this far, you are an empathetic consciousness seeking soul. As I write in February, 2020, our culture is in major upheaval and in the three dimensional world we live, we are surrounded and pounded by “Drama.” Politics, world health, climate change, homelessness, crime, racism, sexism, and all forms of polarizing mayhem happen to us or at us, everyday. We can hide our heads in sand and live in a quiet prison of self-constructed oblivion or be “concerned” about what we are “supposed” to do to make the world a better place. We may not be Billionaires with unlimited resources of time and money and energy so we may feel inadequate… We may just feel empathetic and “overwhelmed.”

You can do nothing and pretend to be unattached to the current situation. You can choose to be paralyzed by your overwhelm and do nothing, feeling bad about this option. You can go “observer,” running on “equanimity,” where you are too mellow so that all you do is watch and stay uninvolved… Or, you can do something short of violence, getting arrested in protest, or running in circles… You can change the source of this discord by changing the energy which feeds this polarizing and anxiety producing mayhem.

Let’s back up. We can do something more than pray, set a positive intention, and smile ineffectively and unattached at the world condition. First, we can be “fully present” and in the moment. Not in fear of the future or living with some past fearful trauma. (Easier said than done, BUT doable.) Next, we can realize that we are all connected and in this together. Yes, even the people who trigger you. Especially, the people who push your buttons of anger and/or fear. We are all equal and a part of the Divine Spirit. We all have our roles to play in the Drama we have chosen, spiritually, to live within. To make a positive impact on the world condition we can do something. Even if we do not have time, or money, or even energy, we do have a way to serve and to change the “Energy” that drives the mayhem. So…

Consider calming yourself. Finding your way into the present moment. (Both of these require some practiced dedication…) AND, then start, slowly and easily to connect with the other souls you bump into. Start easy, with the checker in the grocery store or with the server pouring your coffee, or the ticket taker at the movie theater AND, being present and loving, make eye contact with them and remind them, “yes, Out Loud,” that they are a Miracle, or that they are Perfect, or they are Loved, or that they are Blessed… You can get good at doing this. It will not harm you or them. After you are good at this, you can now begin to share this with the “difficult” people in your life, like your family, or your boss at work, or with the objectionable political “jerk” (an unnecessary judgement) who thinks the other political candidate is correct…. Yes, even these people are connected in the Divine with your soul AND they are a Miracle even as they “push your buttons.”

Looking the homeless person in the eyes, connecting with them and their disabilities, and reminding them that they are Loved and a Blessing is how you can begin to change the energy of our world. One eyeball to eyeball connection at a time… This requires practice and dedication. You need to step out of your ego and your fear (or anxiety/anger) and do the “right thing.” Bless them for the lesson they can teach to you, IF you are willing to be open and to listen. Please, help to dissolve the fear and the anxiety which caused the separation. Please, allow your heart and positive intention to tear down the walls! You can do this. Even with few resources, YOU can be a shining beacon of Love and Light! You can BE the change you wish to see in the world!

Do NOT be Too Overwhelmed to Act! You can take these small steps to improve this world one connection at a time.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Listening to the “Burning Bush!”

Do you listen to the “Burning Bush?” Yes, you remember the old bible story regarding Moses and the Burning Bush but how many Burning Bushes have you met AND listened to? No, I am not crazy for asking you this question. Maybe a bit weird, but the Burning Bush in your life may have been a bit more subtle than in the story about Moses. God’s angel spoke to Moses and told him to stop what he was doing, head over to the King of Egypt and to tell the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave his country. You know the details or can look these up. But, back to you. How many times in your life did that loud or subtle demand pop up for you from somewhere deep within? You know. The one that said, I want to date that special person. Or, I need to go on this vacation or to some place you have never been. Or, I have to get a new job that is more satisfying. Or, I have to move to entirely different part of the country. Wow, I have had all of these pop into my consciousness. I even fell in love twice when I was a young man and neither of those relationships worked out but they were awesome learning experiences.

For me, when I was in my second year at UCLA, my not so subtle Burning Bush told me to drop out of college and go traveling to Europe. I turned 20 in Strasbourg, France, never went back to UCLA, and moved to Northern California to live for the next 35 years. I now know that this was the best experience I required for my life to change in what I consider the most positive of directions. YOU have jumped on feelings (even odd requests) and followed through. Sometimes it works well and you are happy. Sometimes it does not work well and it was a difficult, even a painful, challenge. If you take responsibility for your life, no matter what happened or how challenging, it was an awesome learning experience. Yes, you may have learned what never to do again, but…

The Burning Bush speaks to you and sometimes you listen and sometimes you ignore the request. You have choice! You sometimes follow the road less travelled and it takes you to the very special experience you were “meant” to have. The Burning Bush is often found when you come to the “fork in the road” of your life and you know you must choose a direction to follow. Change is scary and very important for the development of you as a person. If you do not “test” yourself, you may end up with the “What if???” regrets. What if you had dated so and so? What if you had taken that job? What if you had followed your “passion” instead of what people around you thought was a sensible life plan?

If you have ever been a teenager perhaps filled with teenage angst because you are on the verge of independence and you know you must spread your wings and fly, your Burning Bush was often wild and hopeful. You had freedom to make all the mistakes you needed to so you could grow and stretch yourself as a new person. Wow, you made mistakes. These were probably not lethal because you are reading this blog. Somethings worked out well and were treasured adventures. Some of your choices have given you scars which you may still be carrying with you. All of these have helped to form you into the amazing and unique person you are today. Thanks for listening to the suggestions offered to you by your “gut,” your “guides,” or by your version of the Burning Bush!

Your Burning Bush has guided you through pain and through the attractions of relationships and your creative endeavors. It spoke to you in cravings and has pulled you into experiences you needed to know, so you could grow and stretch in ways you might not have chosen. The safe and comfortable couch you rested upon with its addicting peace and dependability needed to be pushed aside so you could step into the world. I am sure that Moses did not want to go to confront the Pharaoh but his dramatic story is far from unique in history and, in your life. Thanks for having the fortitude to grow and to change.

BTW, the “Burning Bush” which may seem like guidance coming from an external source, is actually coming to you from that part of you connected to the Divine Source.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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A Clear Path

There comes a time when the obvious direction appears and the path is clear to be considered and taken…
Sometimes the pain in life motivates this change in path…

This is what our life’s lessons are all about. Learning from life experience and this often comes from learnings which are difficult if not painful. Such is the nature of change. We did not come here for a vacation of fun and joy which lasts a lifetime. It is a blessing to be challenged and to stretch beyond our normal lives, and comfort zones, into the experiences which catch our attention. Sometimes we are “triggered” by an interaction with another person/soul to know what we need to forgive, accept, and bless from the difficult judgements we make. You must ask yourself, what is not resolved within you that created this triggered response. When you judge another person, it often speaks about a judgement of yourself or an unresolved challenge within.

As we search for our path in life, we sometimes come to the difficult realization that we must accept and change ourselves… You have experienced (or are now experiencing) when it was time to leave home or end a relationship or find a new job/career. It may not have been “rational” but you do not have a choice, like you have to drop out of UCLA during the Vietnam War and go traveling though you do not know where this will lead you! This was a moment for me, born out of anger, frustration, and despair AND it was the best difficult decision I ever made. Of course, guidance played a role and this experience lead me into an environment where I could experience the foundation of a career of service which I have loved and never doubted…

With myself as the example, I have found that my “attachment disorder” has led me to the difficulty in relationship break ups which have caused me to suffer. My insecurities wanted me to hold on to a known relationship rather stepping into the unknown “loneliness.” Yet, this process of letting go has also led me to important life learnings such as when my path moved me to Bellingham in the Pacific Northwest to invest my energy into starting the Masters of the Journey. (Relationship changes were at the core of this movement.) Again, my pain created the motivation to leave my old life and then guidance directed me into the position of honoring spirit and creating a supportive community.

Hell, I bet you are reading this blog right now because you have a pain and you were guided to read these words. Yes, you may even take responsibility for your life and make the change in direction which you need to make, now or soon. Your only future regret should be that you did not follow your heart and jump into the experience which you knew you had to take… So do not let your fear of change get in your way. You are a blessing with much to share and you need to find your way to serve by sharing your wisdom gained from your experiences. AND, by the way, you are “Perfect” and a Master though your self image and judgement get in the way of “Remembering Your Divinity.”

As a reminder, YOU are loved! You are an important part of the fabric of all life and consciousness… Sure, these words may ring hollow if you are insecure or judging yourself harshly, BUT this does not change the truth you will remember when you are not so limited by your ego and the 3 dimensional world we have chosen to live this life within…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Living Outside the Box!

Are you happy with the way your life is playing out? Have you found your purpose in this life and are you engaging in working your purpose everyday? Are you questioning whether you have found yourself living a life which could be different and perhaps more rewarding? Are you in a box with your job, your finances, your relationships, and possibly with your life’s purpose?

To be honest, most of us would have to agree that life sometimes, or maybe more often than sometimes, feels like it is going sideways. Just to complicate this discussion, consider this statement, some people define “Crazy” as repeating the same thing (Behavior) over and over again and expecting different results. (Occasionally, you may use a repeated behavior and get a different response because the environment or people involved will allow for a slightly different reaction.) Remember, if you do not like the response you get to a certain behavior then you need to take responsibility and try something different to get a more satisfying response. YOU have a choice! And, it starts by knowing that YOU are responsible and then, to break patterns where you are blaming other people or institutions for the less than desirable reaction. Yes, try an entirely new approach.

Why are you resisting change and a new approach? We do not try new behaviors because we are AFRAID. Yes, we have FEAR of new approaches because we lack confidence and do not know how these will turn out. We prefer to have reliable failure, which is comfortable and which we are familiar with, rather than move toward a more positive, yet unknown, outcome. We even have surrounded ourselves with family and friends who like us the way we are and would have difficulty supporting us if we were more successful and confident. They like the “Old” and familiar person you have been trapped within. Maybe, it is time to find new friends who love and support you on your path to becoming ever more successful and joyful.

At the end of your life, are you going to feel good about what you have accomplished and the people you have assisted? Will you weigh your legacy by how much money or how many “toys,” you have? Can you ask yourself, and honestly answer, that you have lived a full life filled with the service which has helped move consciousness forward?

It is time to take the small steps to find a better more adventurous and rewarding life. It may even be time to take the big steps toward your new life of personal responsibility and positive change. Personally, I have learned more from my failed attempts at changing my life and from confronting the challenges of trying new behaviors that lead me down an unhappy path. Take a risk. Get positive support. Break out of the confined box that has been a comfortable but unhappy experience. You will never know until you try, how good it feels to make that stretch in your life. Enjoy the adventure! No one else can do this for you, so do not wait.

The Masters of the Journey community may help to provide some support if your quest includes spiritual development (in a non-religious way.)

Coping with Grief and Loss – a Process

We all suffer from loss in our lives. Sometimes the loss relates to transitions through life that are normal and expected states of growth and development such as moving from childhood, through the teenage years, and then into the adult responsibilities that confront most people. Though this is a difficult transition, we must all face this if we live past our 18th birthday. There are more serious or traumatic losses that many of us encounter such as the death of close family member or friend, the loss of health due to accident or illness, the loss of an important relationship, or possibly the loss experienced with a career change or loss of a job. These are difficult times and hard lessons to experience in the course of life. These losses, though potentially painful, can be times of learning and personal growth. Many of these transitions can be less distracting and with a greater potential for learning if you have a positive support network. Here is the dilemma. Most people do not have a network of healthy, positive supporters to allow for movement through difficult transitions with grace and healing perspectives.

We can learn from our painful transitions and losses. We can wade through these changes more gracefully, and possibly with less discomfort, if we have the best team of support surrounding us. Some people look for professional counselors or coaches, or perhaps clergy to help with difficult transitions. Some of us have personal mentors who can be trusted and who have the necessary communication skills to assist in times of need. Some of us have healthy relationships, friends or family who can help without too much of their own “baggage.” Many people do not have enough access to the positive supporters who can help us through the grief that life throws at us.

There are many books and potential sources of information which help us to understand the process of dealing with loss and grief but for most people reading about the grief process is not enough. We need to be supported by a personalized experience that we can gather around us as we muddle our way through our emotional and spiritual pains of loss. We need to be “touched” by the proper support in many ways. We need to be allowed our grief and yet “called on it” when we have gone past the limit and start the “wallowing process.” We need to find the exact, personalized process to assist in managing the stress, anxiety, pain, confusion, and the “emptiness” of replacing the part of ourselves which has been lost with the more experienced and empowered person who has survived a major change/loss/growth… Do not miss the opportunity to build a support network of “healthy” and available people. You never know when a need will arise for this special support.

Each of us need to find the best way to learn our lesson and then to move on into our new, restructured life. We need to learn the best way to take care of ourselves, benefit from the lessons, and then discover the most appropriate directions to move our new life. To do this, we need to find people we can trust and invest the resources into the process of self-care and self-development so we can move down the path that leads to our goals. This is easier said than done, but if you realize that you would survive this transition more easily and possibly more quickly with positive assistance then you must do the work and find the correct support you require.

In the future, we will be expanding and releasing information regarding a new program which can assist most people in developing an individualized transition plan. We are beginning to build a process for creating a positive support network which will enable participants to discover their strengths, accept their weakness or flaws, and to free up energy to invest for moving toward positive goals and enhanced lifestyles. The working title for this process is “Finding Your Tone.”

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Change Happens: Change & Transition Management

Life change is unavoidable. The pace of change has increased to a record rate with the latest innovations and information technologies. Our body’s primitive response mechanism has not been able to keep pace and we are living with “overwhelm” as a daily companion. We do not have time to adapt at a genetic level, so we must learn to use behavioral adaptations to survive and thrive.

Each of us is a unique person with our unique habitual response to stress. Some of us respond to stress with anger, frustration, rage, or fear. Some of us get “uptight” and hold tension in our jaws, necks, shoulders, backs, or legs. Some of us want to run away as a response. Sometimes we tighten our stomachs, hold our breath, feel our heart racing, our blood pressure may rise, or our hands and feet may get cold. Sometimes we withdraw as if we could hide from the dangers of newness of our transitions.

When we do not have any “control” over the transition and it is an “important” issue, then our stress levels increase. Our body responds, in the only way that it can, as if we were in a life or death situation. We must learn that in life’s interactions, the only thing that we can control is our response to the event. If this situation is important to us, it is best if we can have some input in the change process. We must understand our role and importance of our contribution to the larger picture. And finally, we must be meticulous with our self-care.

If stress comes from an unclear picture of what the transition entails and what our role in this transition will be, then we can respond with fear and resistance which can hurt the project and often our credibility. Communication with higher ups, peers, and the personnel we must manage is critical. Make sure everyone really understands their value, their role, and their contribution to the success of the project. Honesty is essential. Open conversations about the fears of the new or the grieving of the things that have had to change to make way for the new policy or procedure. Dealing with these issues will enroll the participants more successfully.

In a perfect world, there would be time to honor all of these necessary steps for positive transitions, but often the reality is less complete. We must develop strong, uncompromising habits for personal survival and self-care. This might include non-negotiable time for exercise and stress management practice. It would include patterns during stressful transitions where there is enough time for sleep/rest and proper nutrition. Simplify your expectations and distractions. It may not be the best time to take on new projects that would add to the stress like: remodeling the house, moving, new relationships, or large family or social commitments. In other words, use your best common sense and do not over do non-essential activities.

Consider using the following checklist of eight tools for managing major transitions more gracefully.
Tips for Surviving Change

1. Self-Care Daily! See and Use the suggestions from the Ten Timely Tips article (at “articles page” of Self-care is the single most important ingredient to maintaining balance as you go through transitions and change. Proper diet, exercise, and regular relaxations will allow you to be more productive with a higher quality of life!

2. Communicate. Keep yourself from falling into the pitfalls of life by giving and getting feedback about every major concern (change/transition) you are dealing with. Remember, listening is the most important part of communicating. Ask for clarification, so you can make good decisions.

3. Planning… Be Prepared. A productive journey through life’s transitions can not occur gracefully without a plan. Long range goals can keep short-term setbacks from defeating you in major ways. Focus on your long term goals regularly to keep you focused and moving ahead. Plan in every area of life: Finance, self-care, education, relationship, emotional growth, creativity/aesthetic, and spiritual development.

4. Develop Positive Support Mechanisms. If you want to survive, in good health, you need to have proper feedback and support. The “Family” is not always the best place. Friends and professional counselors can sometimes be the best venue for honesty and appropriate support.

5. Develop Positive Rewards. Small and large rewards along your way help make motivation easier, especially with large, long-term goals. A real heartfelt pat on your own back with achieving a reward makes the difficulties easier to bear.

6. Use and Develop Your Humor! Positive Attitudes Really Help! Difficulties, when viewed as opportunities for growth and proving your abilities, are less harmful. But do not bury your anger, fear or sadness.

7. Deal with the Dilemma of Diversity! Every change throws you into a position of dealing with new people, teams, attitudes, emotional “stretches” and more new obstacles. Learning acceptance (through self-care) can help you to make the necessary adjustments and get along faster toward productivity and higher performance. There will always be a contrary attitude around, accept that other opinions exist and you are entitled to your own.

8. Maintain Balance in Your Life! Prioritize, acknowledge, celebrate, and follow through on every area of life, including your emotional and spiritual needs.

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