Are you aware and can you celebrate your perfect connection to our Universe and all the Higher Realms?
You are an important piece of this larger Divine system. It can not exist without you and vice versa, you can not exist without the Divine. Just go ahead and try if you do not believe me. (Just considering this can get you to a state of Enlightenment…)

Awareness, Beginner’s Mind, Acceptance, Insight, Impermanence, Equanimity, Interconnection, Compassion, Gratitude and Joy are qualities of Mindfulness… Any, and all, of these qualities are worth pursuing in my opinion. And, for those who know me, I have something to learn in many of these areas. (On a personal note, I am glad that “Patience” is not on this list ’cause I have quite a distance before adding this to my resume…)

We discussed a bit regarding Impermanence in the immediate past blog which was inspired by Guidance on a recent walk through the natural world in my neighborhood. In many of the past blogs many other of these principles have been discussed or touched upon. Each and every one of these would be a benefit to consider. They may seem to tie together but each has a different focus in my estimation. I get sucked in to “Beginner’s Mind often because experiencing each moment as a first time experience appreciation of life’s miracles seems to attract me like a moth to light. Life is a spectacular and perfect experience if you can be aware, forgo judgement, find acceptance and gratitude for the Divine’s gift in any, and every, present moment. (Do you see how these tie together?)

In physical, emotional, and especially in a Spiritual way, all things and experiences are interconnected. Our consciousness can not exist in a perfect vacuum, nor would it want to. We have to play off all the Universe can provide. Quantum physics discoveries suggest that matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed. These are just changing forms and interconnected to all possible experiences in our Universe. Well, taking this one step further, our Spirit and our Soul can not be lost forever without a trace but it can change its form. When you “know” this it changes your perspective on how you relate to your current human 3 dimensional life… And, taking this one step further, your Spirit bumps into and is a part of everything in our Universe and into the Highest Realms of the Divine Consciousness. Most human minds can NOT comprehend the vastness of this interconnectedness. Good luck trying this and then holding this “Knowing” in every moment of your human drama.

So, please consider that every miracle you bump into, which means “EVERYTHING & EVERYONE YOU BUMP INTO,” is not only perfect but also a part of who YOU are! If and when you are most fully conscious, you will appreciate that EVRY interaction is for you to learn from and for you to add your spiritual DNA to, as a service. When you can appreciate everything and every connection with an unconditional love, you are then ready for the God-like position in the higher realms you are consciously or unconsciously heading towards. Yes, you are a perfect manifestation of the very highest Divine Consciousness… Do not be scared by this lofty position but it would be nice if you acted this part a bit more often in your human life… (No, I am not fully kidding about this…) If you can only break out the 3 dimensional limitations including a human belief in time and space, you can wander the higher realms in the consciousness of the enlightened soul you are, without human limitations. Oh by the way, restated, this is closer to where you are when you are between your human incarnations.

Yes, this is an overwhelming concept, but just because it is difficult to understand does not make these statements untrue. Awaken and smell the coffee. You have this within the DNA of your Soul. And, YOU are NOT alone. All of Divine Consciousness supports you in many ways. If you allow yourself to be open, you can feel this and you can Know this at your core. YOU are an amazing Miracle! You are Loved! From the perspective of the Divine Spirit, YOU are perfect even in your human imperfect role…