Laughing in Drama

Finding Joy in Life is our challenge. Living in Joy is our goal. What can make this more difficult is to find laughter, and Joy, when the “Dramas” of our lives get intense. Taking ourselves, and our Drama, too seriously can get in our way. Sure life is a serious endeavor. But, taking our lives too seriously creates the drama which we have come to our Earthly lives to play out. And, we get “tested.” Our learned or “remembered” wisdom gets tested by every new drama we find on our path through life. Somewhere we will find our Divine Wisdom and know that we can laugh in the face of our drama because from a higher perspective our dramatic stories can be fun and entertaining…

You may not be ready to not take yourself too seriously. Heck, you may even still believe that dying at the end of your human life is a defeat rather than an amazing, unescapable feat of transformation into higher consciousness… Death is NOT the enemy nor are the often difficult dramas we find ourselves enmeshed within. From a higher perspective each drama filled experience is there for a reason and a learning possibility for ourselves or the people involved in our story. Consider that maybe your “job” is to create a piece of someone else’s drama so they can be tested and to learn a lesson which you may only play a small part in the overall scene… OR, they are in your life for the drama they add to your life and for you to test your wisdom.

Life would be boring without our human drama. It is my belief that the drama is why we have come to the Earthly plane with all the limitations of living in 3 dimensions. In the “Higher Realms” there are fewer limitations as we find ourselves moving more freely in at least 5 dimensions. There are no constraints of linear time and 3 dimensional space which test our human lives. Imagine how it would feel to be able be anywhere at any time because space and time do not exist in the Higher Realms. Our brains can not even fully wrap itself around this lack of limitations. (Just like the human brain can not fully “know” what true unconditional Divine Love feels like. For this surrounds us in the Higher Realms. It also surrounds us in our human existences but we mostly do not remember this Divine truth.)

Do you ever watch TV or movies and enjoy the engagement in the drama which the actors play out in their roles? Well that is a simplified version of what our human lives are acting out in our human roles. And, yes, there is an audience of Divine souls watching us and cheering us on as we stumble around on our human paths through life. There are times when you might feel the support and guidance which assists you. It is not always your ancestors who may seem to you to have an investment in your success or “failures.” (There are NO failures only learning opportunities.) Since all souls are connected, we have support from all parts of the Universe, and beyond. It would be too overwhelming to attempt to know all your interconnections with all of the Divine, so humans are mostly sheltered from this higher dimensional consciousness until we transition back from our Earthly existences. YOU have so much to look forward to, though, since there is no time to constrain you in the higher realms, “forward looking” is really just a human construct…

Please remember that you are Loved! You are perfect! Your human drama is the challenge you have come here to experience and, with the proper perspective, it is filled with Joy and insights only gained from enduring our 3 dimensional limitations. Like surviving an intense horror movie but with much more long term value…

Thank you for being You!

Love is At the Core

Love is at the core of our Divine Spirit. This message came to me from my Guidance as I considered my daily meditation practice. When I was first instructed on how to meditate in my early 20’s, I was asked to focus upon a “higher concept” or higher vibrational “feeling.” The feeling which Guidance gave to me was to focus upon the word (and concept) of Love. At the time, I did not consciously understand but it felt correct for me. So, I begin each meditation with Breathing in the Unconditional Love of the Divine, into my heart, and then exhaling this Unconditional Love out as a Gift to the Universe (and beyond into the higher realms.)

Let me be clear. This Unconditional Divine Love is not the same as human conditional, three dimensional, Love. For me, human Love is conditional and does not vibrate at the same high level of Divine Love. It can’t. It is locked into human mental, limiting perspective. When I was 19 years old, I was blessed to have an experience of visiting a half-way point to Death and, due to my naivety, I momentarily felt Divine Unconditional Love and Acceptance. At that moment, I did not fully appreciate this “gift.” Since then, I have discovered that not every human gets to consciously “know” this experience and feeling. Though, we all bask in this, whether we mentally appreciate it or not. In major ways this has altered my living of this life.

Getting back to today’s “message,” I felt once again that at the core of all life, both on Earth and in the Higher Realms, Love, Unconditional Love, is the vibration of the Divine Spirit which is central to all Divine Consciousness. I can not find words to fully explain this. I simply “KNOW” this is as Truth. In our Souls, below the mental defensiveness of “Ego,” is the resonance with Divine Love. It is what connects all of us. It is far beyond what our Human Minds can fully know due to the limitations we have in holding on to our 3 dimensional belief system. It is a “feeling” and not a thought. It is a “Knowing” and not learned concept…

When we pause, become quiet, and allow ourselves to be most “present” in a deeper moment, we find ourselves basking in the Light of Divine Love. You may not “see” it but your heart/soul can “feel” it. And, it is not easily understood so we might add labels to this that have roots in religion or philosophy which are constructed by the mind and not fully capable of higher dimensional “knowing.” This is confusing to consider (as a mental process.) But, engaging and freeing as a deeper feeling/knowing. And, remember, this goes further than human conditional love. It is not found in the movies or books or even in poetry. It is not between two people in “relationship.” It does exist as a spiritual bond with Everyone you experience, even when your human mental Judgement creates difficulty in know that we are all One and Connected. (This is my ongoing challenge as a lesson…)

YOU are Unconditionally Loved! YOU are a Miracle! YOU are Blessed!


Are you aware and can you celebrate your perfect connection to our Universe and all the Higher Realms?
You are an important piece of this larger Divine system. It can not exist without you and vice versa, you can not exist without the Divine. Just go ahead and try if you do not believe me. (Just considering this can get you to a state of Enlightenment…)

Awareness, Beginner’s Mind, Acceptance, Insight, Impermanence, Equanimity, Interconnection, Compassion, Gratitude and Joy are qualities of Mindfulness… Any, and all, of these qualities are worth pursuing in my opinion. And, for those who know me, I have something to learn in many of these areas. (On a personal note, I am glad that “Patience” is not on this list ’cause I have quite a distance before adding this to my resume…)

We discussed a bit regarding Impermanence in the immediate past blog which was inspired by Guidance on a recent walk through the natural world in my neighborhood. In many of the past blogs many other of these principles have been discussed or touched upon. Each and every one of these would be a benefit to consider. They may seem to tie together but each has a different focus in my estimation. I get sucked in to “Beginner’s Mind often because experiencing each moment as a first time experience appreciation of life’s miracles seems to attract me like a moth to light. Life is a spectacular and perfect experience if you can be aware, forgo judgement, find acceptance and gratitude for the Divine’s gift in any, and every, present moment. (Do you see how these tie together?)

In physical, emotional, and especially in a Spiritual way, all things and experiences are interconnected. Our consciousness can not exist in a perfect vacuum, nor would it want to. We have to play off all the Universe can provide. Quantum physics discoveries suggest that matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed. These are just changing forms and interconnected to all possible experiences in our Universe. Well, taking this one step further, our Spirit and our Soul can not be lost forever without a trace but it can change its form. When you “know” this it changes your perspective on how you relate to your current human 3 dimensional life… And, taking this one step further, your Spirit bumps into and is a part of everything in our Universe and into the Highest Realms of the Divine Consciousness. Most human minds can NOT comprehend the vastness of this interconnectedness. Good luck trying this and then holding this “Knowing” in every moment of your human drama.

So, please consider that every miracle you bump into, which means “EVERYTHING & EVERYONE YOU BUMP INTO,” is not only perfect but also a part of who YOU are! If and when you are most fully conscious, you will appreciate that EVRY interaction is for you to learn from and for you to add your spiritual DNA to, as a service. When you can appreciate everything and every connection with an unconditional love, you are then ready for the God-like position in the higher realms you are consciously or unconsciously heading towards. Yes, you are a perfect manifestation of the very highest Divine Consciousness… Do not be scared by this lofty position but it would be nice if you acted this part a bit more often in your human life… (No, I am not fully kidding about this…) If you can only break out the 3 dimensional limitations including a human belief in time and space, you can wander the higher realms in the consciousness of the enlightened soul you are, without human limitations. Oh by the way, restated, this is closer to where you are when you are between your human incarnations.

Yes, this is an overwhelming concept, but just because it is difficult to understand does not make these statements untrue. Awaken and smell the coffee. You have this within the DNA of your Soul. And, YOU are NOT alone. All of Divine Consciousness supports you in many ways. If you allow yourself to be open, you can feel this and you can Know this at your core. YOU are an amazing Miracle! You are Loved! From the perspective of the Divine Spirit, YOU are perfect even in your human imperfect role…


Why are we so attached to our “things,” our lives, and our beliefs? And, why do we consider our lives and things to be so “real” and solid? From a “Spiritual Perspective,” and quantum theory, the objects in our lives may not be as “solid” as our human senses ask us to believe. Perhaps our human lives, living in only 3 dimensions, are limited to “know” the full depth and breadth of our Universe and what may exist in the Divine Spirit’s Higher Realms…

Impermanence reminds us that nothing stays as a it is, in nature, weather, our bodies, emotions, political systems, relationships, and even in family dynamics. Yet we often wish things would stay the same, without change because we are “comfortable with things the way they are” (or appear to be.) We are attached to our possessions and our relationships. We define ourselves by our material things. We are often in an emotional state where we feel “safer” and happier when we are surrounded by our “stuff.” When our “stuff” is threatened, or taken, or lost, we feel less than whole and our fears, anxieties and our angers are often elevated. But we are not our possessions. We are more than the frail human lives that we are here to play as a role in the human drama.

There can be a huge benefit to not being attached to our things, to our relationships, and even, to our human lives. And, our human lives are transitory. Our human lives do not go on forever…

When we see the world as impermanent, we can deepen our attention to what is here now because we can appreciate that it is temporary. We can respond with the “Beginner’s Mind” and celebrate each moment as the creative miracle which it is. And we can suffer less when things do change, knowing that we can be more fully present to connect, saver, and enjoy our lives as it is and in each “present” moment. Perhaps, we can even learn that the attachments to things, experiences, and relationships can hold us back from where we are headed in our human lives and our spiritual developments.

Everything changes. Even our attitudes evolve as we move further along the path in our human lives. We gain in experience and wisdom as we live the challenges we encounter. Some of these challenging experiences are brutal and difficult. “What does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Occasionally, we even learn lessons from our mistakes and, even, possibly, from our successes. These “learnings” are can become a way of being of service if we share from these experiences. Though these experiences are “important” and can hold great value, which may enhance our learnings if we do not become too attached or stuck. We do not want to have to relive these things too often so we can be free to move on and attempt new experiences and new learning (or rememberings…)

Let us not get too attached to our things or our experiences or our relationships or even, our lives, and then lose connection with our soul and our interconnection with all of the Divine Consciousness. Our soul is growing and yet governed by the same laws of human impermanence… Our souls evolve and the Divine Spirit continues in a an unconditional loving bond forever… (Which is a very long time and near impossible for the human consciousness to fully comprehend.)

Let Go of Your Attachments and appreciate most fully the present moment. You can find a perfection and many miracles in a fully conscious moment.

Woke Up This Morning

I got up and readied myself for the day. Today is a special day. It is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, June 20th, 2021. The beginning of Summer. The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (the beginning of the waning of the Light) and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (the return of the Light.) In celebration of this special day, I headed down to the Bay, Bellingham Bay. A good sunrise service was considered but I missed sunrise by nearly 2 hours. Did I mention that this is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the sun comes up quite early in my day? So, I missed a good sunrise celebration of this amazing, in fact, miraculous day. But this did not stop me. So I prayed for our world, our planet, our amazing third rock from our sun. And, Guidance said, “there is no need to pray for the world, for it is perfect.” I prayed for humanity and for peace and for consciousness. And, Guidance said, “there is no need to pray for humanity for humanity is perfect. Consciousness takes care of itself. And, peace is so overrated.” I was beginning to get an idea that Guidance was messing with me. But, Guidance said, “live in Allowance. Find Acceptance. Know Equanimity. Be most fully Present. Be the Light of Unconditional Love. Everything is Perfect just the way it is.” I argued that our world and our humanity could be so much better. Guidance called that a Judgement. Guidance said the Wisdom and growth in Consciousness comes from human struggles and we would get too fat and lazy if the the World was too easy, safe, peaceful, and filled with Divine Wisdom manifesting in every human scenario. I did not argue. I did not fight with the reality of the never ending struggle of humanity to find true humanity. After all, we are only human and as humans, we are trapped in our three dimensional limitations.

So, Just Say Thank You! Thank you to the Blessing which is our lives and our struggles which are all, clearly, perfect and the way they are for a reason…???!!! Divine Reason!!!??? We are all here to learn from our human experience and to test the Divine Wisdom we are learning or the Wisdom we are remembering. We signed up for the “adventure travel” to this primitive human consciousness experience. In some ways, your human incarnation is like going back to a simpler more primitive time to re-discover your roots. To attempt “survival living” as a way to know the beauty and elegance, the refined Grace, of the higher realms. Like going away to Summer camp and hanging out with the dirt, and the campfires, and the mosquitos, and crappy camp food just so we could appreciate our families and “civilization” when our Summer camp ended and we got to go “back home….” We will remember the adventures through life and gain perspective from everything we stumble across along the way. We could just sit at home, in the dark, and choose not to participate but life would still come knocking even if we were lazy at our Summer Camp called human life.
Yes, we all get to go back home with a human adventure to offer us perspective.

AND, if you do not like the way your human life is going, and think you could be more, You have a choice. Yes, You can be responsible for your life’s direction AND You can change it! You still have the Love of the Divine Spirit and all the lessons you came into this life to experience… so, love and appreciate the Miracle of Life. (It is perfect in its imperfections…)

BTW, I shared a draft of this blog with my friend and mentor, Paula Forget, author of the amazing book, “Guided to the Higher Realms: A Personal Journey of Ascension through Meditation.”
Her response was: “Loved it!

Charles (her mentor and meditation teacher) used to say that we are not here to save the world. We are here to have a relationship with God.

And I (Paula) add… ‘to have fun.’ That is the first thing they will ask you when you get to heaven, ‘Did you have fun’, in the words of Mickey (Michael) Singer (author of “The Untethered Soul” and “The Surrender Experiment”, business man, and amazing meditator.)”

So Far Away

Yes, I was trigger by viewing a YouTube video of concert from 50 years ago… A song from my young angst of 1971 which is still emotional for me… So, I asked why?
View Carole King singing her song “So Far Away” in film for a BBC concert. Unconsciously I knew back then that I was so far away from the souls I loved and cared for as I stumbled along by path in this life. Heck, this is not my unique dilemma. You could think it is a simple song reflecting on a single lost relationship. You could consider whether this is so much broader and related to the lost connection with the Divine Spirit as we struggle in our Human dramas.

Yes, the obvious awareness of this past year’s celebration of our pandemic moves the thought of “so far away,” into the front of my living consciousness. Distance has been ordered and created on many levels. But, spiritually, are we really so far away?

Go look up the words to this song. (See them below.) Does the poetry of Carole King have a deeper meaning for you? Write me off as considering this too deeply. Or, reflect upon what this means for many of our souls traveling along the path toward higher consciousness. Are the feelings of aloneness an important experience for humans to experience before we remember our Universal connection to each other and the Divine? And, are “time” and “space” really the challenge for our spirits or just our dilemma living in our 3 dimensional incarnations?

Now, I “know” that we are all in the “River of Life” together. Flowing slowly to our destiny of rejoining the higher realms with our current set of life’s dramas and experiences. We have traveled and tested our innate (remembered) wisdoms and been of service to our fellow pilgrims. Yes, whether we “know” it consciously or not… And, we are not far away at all. Only our minds and our egos create the separation we seem to consider in our 3 dimensional limited incarnations. Such a miracle to consider. Such a profound stage we create for our dramas to play out.

Maybe… Time and Space do NOT exist. Nothing actually stands in the way of our connections to all other souls, in the higher realms…

Or, check out the lyrics to Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” performed in 1970. How did she know that we are just “star dust” and “we have got to get ourselves back to the “garden”?” Today, this triggers me in ways that I did not have any consciousness of back when this song was first written and performed. Yes, 50 years later, and so much further down my path, my appreciation and gratitude for these insights are complex and yet so simple… Telling our stories these poets seemed so innocent 50 years ago. What a blessing to revisit these treasures from the perspective gained from toiling in this incarnation as a character in my life’s play.

Chorus from Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”:
“We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion-year-old carbon
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden”

Thank you for your time and consideration. As a witness to my expanding drama, you hold a seat of honor. Your witnessing allows this insight to come alive and find its way of serving “downstream.” YOU are a miracle! YOU are NOT alone but know that you are so important to all the Divine Universal Spirit.

“So Far Away” by Carole King. The Lyrics…

So far away
Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
Doesn’t help to know
You’re just time away

Long ago, I reached for you and there you stood
Holding you again could only do me good
How I wish I could
But you’re so far away

One more song about movin’ along the highway
Can’t say much of anything that’s new
If I could only work this life out my way
I’d rather spend it bein’ close to you

But, you’re so far away
Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
Doesn’t help to know
You’re so far away

Yeah, you’re so far away
Traveling around sure gets me down and lonely
Nothing else to do but close my mind
I sure hope the road don’t come to own me
There’s so many dreams I’ve yet to find
But you’re so far away
Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?
It would be so fine to see your face at my door
And it doesn’t help to know
You’re so far away
Yeah, you’re so far away
Hey, you’re so far away

Reminder: YOU are a Miracle! You are a Blessing!
When we bump into each other on the travels through life, know that there is love and support for you and your journey, even if our eyes do not meet in knowing recognition…

Unique Spiritual Signature

My recent experience with sending unconditional Love and healing energy to friend has triggered more learning for me through Guidance. In the recent blog posting regarding keeping your channel open, I was given the gift from my guidance that as we offer healing energy the transmitted energy has a unique spiritual signature. As if, the loving energy we send out has some of our spiritual DNA attached. Guidance celebrates when we give our specific energy to a person or when we randomly send this offering out into the Universe and it is marked by your uniqueness. All loving energy you consciously or unconsciously send out has your DNA signature added automatically. (Thank you for your unique contributions…)

My mentor, Don Ley, has said many times, after returning from his NDE, that we as humans do not realize how powerful and amazing we are. Our egos and our 3 dimensional thinking, pretends that we are smaller than we actually are. This may be used to pretend to keep us “safe” as if we were inconsequential and not worthy of the spotlight. Don Ley and other conscious teachers remind us that we are all connected to the Divine Spirit and that we are essential to all of higher consciousness. The “Divine” notices and in an accepting and neutral way, witnesses every action and every interaction which we participate within. Yes, even if we do not consciously know or fully understand. Our sharing of stories, our wisdom, and our energy is noticed and supported by the Divine.

When you pray for the “greater good” and Universal healing, this intentional energy spreads out in every direction like ripples on the surface of an endless pond. Your intentional healing thought and energy travels to the end of the Universe AND it carries your Unique Spiritual Signature. Every thought and action has a purpose. It flows out to create waves which wash across the vastness of the physical world and the Higher Realms. When you send unconditional Love and Healing all of consciousness is bathed in the positive energy. It then raises all Universal consciousness to some degree. Thank You!

So celebrate your power and your energetic gifts as they flow out to support all consciousness. Now, you can think yourself “small” and argue with me. You can ask me to prove this concept to you. But your mind and your ego will NEVER understand how important you and your contributions are to the Higher Realms. Your mind is 3 dimensional and wired to have limitations of time and space which are not limited to you when you are floating in the higher realms. Your body is a great communication device in your miraculous human life drama. Your drama and your lessons are used to experience challenges and work through these human scenarios.

You are important and essential to all consciousness. You can be aware and hold yourself responsible mentally for your actions or you can enjoy the dark corners which you be hiding out within. Either way, YOU are a Miracle! You are Perfect! You are a Blessing! And, YOU are unconditionally Loved!!!

When possible, send your Love and energy with your Unique Spiritual Signature out for all consciousness to bask in your light. Thank You, in advance…

Resource: Don Ley’s interview regarding his NDE is available at: Don Ley’s NDE Interview

The “Veil” a Perspective

Crossing the Veil is a spiritual concept which may bring you closer to the Divine Spirit or the “Source” or the “Higher Realms”… But, what is the Veil? Why does it keep souls incarnated as humans (or other life forms) from knowing the Higher Realms? I recently heard a presentation by Robert Schwartz who had an interesting perspective regarding the Veil which I had not heard before. Rob Schwartz is a hypnotherapist who has worked with many clients to better connect with and understand their life’s purpose by “examining” the “agreements” regarding coming into their human incarnations. He claims that he has witnessed the Veil as translucent curtain which serves a great purpose. Rob claims that the Veil is a good thing. It creates a barrier to fully knowing who we are (as a perfect soul) and where we come from (in the Higher Realms.) This allows us to ask good questions until we rejoin the “higher realms” where we know everything. The Veil allows us to explore lessons as the learning challenges we are here, in our human lives, to have.

We come into human incarnations to experience the dramas of life on Earth. If we were more fully “Enlightened” in our human lives, we might not get so caught up in the our lives. We might not have to learn that we are perfect, because we are and this would get in the way of the “fun.” We would not have to learn that there is Joy to be found in every experience, even the painful challenges. We would remember and know Unconditional Love. We would know we are supported no matter what we do and not Judged. Life on Earth would not be the “Adventure Travel” experience which it appears, to higher souls, to be. (If the “Veil,” as a barrier to pure consciousness, was not in place for our human minds, we may lose motivation to “do the work” in our current lives…)

The struggles and challenges we have in our human incarnations have great value as learning experiences. We consciously or unconsciously strive for higher consciousness and travel our lives with the goal of “Enlightenment.” If the Veil did not obscure the remembering of the Higher Realms from our human lives, the scavenger hunt we are living would not be so desperate and driven. If life on Earth was so super high in consciousness without the Veil, we would not be given respect and medals for surviving our visit to the Earthly plane (Which is my humor popping through.)

For more information: Rob Schwartz’s website:

No matter where you are on your soul’s human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Privacy vs Oneness

Our friend and My mentor, Paula Forget writes:

“The need for privacy comes from fear and a sense of separation. We want to separate ourselves from the whole, to maintain our individual sense of Self, our sense of personal autonomy and control. We fear that we will be compromised by the outside world. We want to keep parts of ourselves secret to protect ourselves from external judgements and acrimonious behaviors. We fear recrimination and injury to our sense of Self and personal identity, personal story, that we identify ourselves with.

On the “other side” of the so-called veil, there is no such thing as privacy. All knowledge, perception, insight understanding of ourselves and others, is clearly visible. You cannot hide anything. Others know you and you know others wholistically: you see them, feel how they feel, understand their thoughts and know them, and much more, all at once. They also experience you the same way. There is no judgement, only understanding. Nothing is hidden or ‘private’ on the other side.

As you develop your higher senses of Love, you will also see people on Earth in the same way. If we all saw each other that way, there would no longer be dishonesty, treachery, deceit and misunderstanding because all thoughts and intentions would be transparent. If you feel fear right now as you consider this, also consider that your human experience would undergo a cathartic transformation. Our old world view and interactions would be transformed. We would see our relationships become more honest and pure, our motives and dreams would be shared in an instant, our ability to experience others hearts would instill an even deeper sense of compassion and love. It is hard to hate someone that you understand.

Yes, this day is at hand! Heaven on Earth is possible. The limits you experience are those you have placed on yourself. Unshield your eyes! It will require all of us to mature and evolve into our realized abilities. It will cause us to examine our personal defenses, perhaps our old history, yet it will also allow us to face life with an open heart as we acknowledge that we each are extraordinary beings, capable of boundless love. That day is at hand! Go forward, express your gifts, love one another. There is much splendor awaiting us all.

From Paula Forget”

Author of: Guided to the Higher Realms

My friend and mentor, Paula Forget, “Knows” about what she writes. Her practices in meditation have allowed her to access the “Higher Realms.” (Read her first book to more fully understand why I say this.) Paula does not lie or exaggerate. She speaks from her experience. When I hear about her adventures in the Higher Realms my perspective expands enormously and I begin to “Remember” what life was like for my spirit between human incarnations. For sure, this is true for you also. AND, we are all in this together! We are One!

You are a Blessing.

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment so please consider how best to share YOUR story.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

What Did YOU Get From Meeting a Master?

Bear with me, please. In 2015, the Masters of the Journey community came to life. The premise for this project came from “Guidance” which indicated that people need ways to connect and to be supported by fellow consciousness seekers. It was also indicated that whether we know, and acknowledge, it or not, we are ALL Masters of our journey through life and into higher consciousness. Our mind/egos like to keep us “small” so we are not targets by standing in the light our brilliance can create… So, YOU are a Master. Like it or not! In many of our community’s gathering we share our stories of personal awareness through a small group interchange called the “Triad Process.” This was indicated by Guidance as a tool for connecting people and focusing upon experiences which have led to higher consciousness. BUT, this is not just a Masters of the Journey formula. It is a formula for connecting with everyone you meet and hopefully, finding the value of this interaction, no matter how subtle…

The Triad Process:
First, it is most important to realize that whomever you meet has a soul which has been around since the dawn of Divine Consciousness. (Though some people may seem like they have stood on the sidelines too much and perhaps have not “jumped into the river of life’s changes” as much as they could have. Jumping in is scary!) When you look into someone’s eyes please remember that they are sacred and Masters of their life. (No one can do their life and be in their role in the drama of life better than they can…) If you “Judge” them, you do yourself a disservice. If you look down on them and consider that they are Not Your equal, you may lose the value of this interaction and demonstrate that your current incarnation has a ways to go for the “Enlightenment” you seek. (This seeking may be a conscious seeking or an unconscious seeking, dependent on how Conscious You are.) If you allow your consciousness to reach its potential, you will understand that there is much to gain from any and every interaction. Even if the interaction “Triggers” you into an upset, this can be a “Learning” experience.

Second, because the individual you are sitting (or standing) in front of is a Master, you can best learn to be the “Witness” who can add most to this interaction by being the listener. Your focus on your speaker, or storyteller, is critical. Consuming this “story” without Judgement or your interruption is a great skill to develop. Why? Because in our culture this “Listening” skill has been bred out of us. We are often taught to interrupt and assert “Our” story so our insecurity can take control of the conversation… Taking this control we often lose the wisdom which is being given to us by our communication partner. We can not “look between the lines” to find the “Lesson” we were meant to experience from this interchange if we interrupt. Please Know that being a “Witness” in respect of the storyteller is one of the Greatest Gifts you can offer another person. Allowing your partner to share their wisdom through their story requires patience and offers the storyteller the opportunity to practice or the reliving of their story/experience which they are gifting you by sharing. This “Respect” is not shared enough by the “Me First” attitude in our culture AND interrupting does not breed respect in return. People LOVE to be heard and this is a great gift!

BTW: With the Holidays, you may find yourself confined in a home with friends and family you have successfully avoided for much of the year. Consider this an opportunity to Give the Gift of witnessing the shared stories that are the family legacies. Yes, even, or especially, if you have heard them told many times. Your gift is being a witness. Your lesson is to learn what it is in these re-tellings that is most important for you to learn and to grow… These are a Blessing! Thanks for listening to these tales yet again…

Third, the act of looking into the “Masters” eyes helps you to focus and demonstrates the respect you have. There may be a need to ask a “Clarifying question” to assist the storyteller, if you are not fully understanding their communication. Please curtail your need to interject your story into this conversation and in so doing, redirect the conversation. YOU are looking for the “Pearls of Wisdom” and insights coming out of this interaction. Remember, if this “Triggers” you then there is an important lesson for YOU in this interaction. Equanimity and non-Judgement are skills to develop along the way toward Enlightenment. Honor the Master in front of you! (If you had trekked high into the mountains to sit in front of a “Holy Person” to gain their Wisdom, you would listen carefully and respectfully. That person may not be wearing robes or a tailored suit but you would honor them. This is the same for the “Holy Person” who sits in front of you even though you have NOT had to trek high into the mountains in search of this wisdom…)

Finally, ask yourself, What is the one thing YOU got out of this engagement? What did YOU find of “VALUE?” Even if this exchange with another Master took the form, only, of a shared smile! There are NO accidents in our Universe, some will say. Each seemingly random interaction, has happened for a reason. Maybe it was for YOU. Maybe it was you participating in a random act to benefit another soul’s learning. You are Essential. You are a Master! Careful respect for every soul you bump into, in the warm drier of life, is there as a service. Honor this!

And, as Abraham Hicks has channelled to us, (Thank you Robert for sharing,) “No one Gets Who You ARE!” Your greatness in following the path you are moving along, is not known by the people you pass. On Earth we are limited by our 3 Dimensional world. In the Higher Realms, everyone knows everyone’s business through instantaneous psychic communication, (there are No Lies (thanks Paula Forget, author of, “Guided to the Higher Realms”)) but here on Earth you have NOT walked a mile in their shoes. You can not fully know what they have been through to get them to the representation of the role they are playing in this life! For you, the lesson is DO NOT Live Your Life for another person’s values. Do NOT try to be something you are Not! Do Not expect to be liked or understood! You are Perfect! You are a Master! Be authentic! Be Your Self! Be the bright light which offers guidance to other souls whose lesson has them looking like they are struggling in the Darkness. Perhaps their seeming struggle is a chance for you to serve them and to experience another of Your lessons.

We are ALL in this together. Reach around and take the hands of the next soul you meet. Let them know that they are NOT alone in a way to support them and their learning. AND, every opportunity you get to bask in the light of passion coming from the person in front of you, honor them and bask in their light and passion. You never fully know what value this will have for YOU, for them, and for the future people you will bump into.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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