The Healing Tone

We all resonate with certain sounds, vibrations, emotions, and frequencies. Sometimes certain tones create healing or spiritual well-being. Sometimes certain tones create discord or unrest. Our society is so filled with high frequency emanations that though we do not consciously experience these impulses, we often respond by feeling stressed or out of balance.

I challenge you to find the tone or the music that creates health or healing for you and then bask in it! Each one of us is different and so one of us need to find the unique frequency that would allow us to feel best. At different times, we might require different tones.

If you can lose yourself in the tone/vibration and can find the perfect moment of integration and presence, then you will find that your mind, body, and spirit are aligned. This can be healing. This moment of alignment is one where you can be most creative and productive. It is remembered as a”special” moment in time and space.

Connect with the tones that offer you a moment of presence and alignment.