Scratching the Surface

No, this is NOT about emotional or spiritual considerations of some very deep topic in philosophy… This is about scratches. You are a miracle! Your body does amazing things. You somehow, without really thinking about it, heal yourself. No matter which medical doctor wants to claim healing abilities, your body heals itself! It is not well explained or fully understood regarding how this happens but it does and is a part of our everyday activity. So, why am I addressing this topic. I am glad you, almost, asked. My current human life is past 70 years. Yesterday, I was woodworking in my son’s garage and I managed to cut my hand by rubbing across a sharp, protruding screw. Sure, we have all had these mishaps and injuries. Some are minor and some require more serious attention. Well, as I was bleeding, applying pressure, elevating my cut hand above my heart, my 4 year old grandson is asking me questions about how this happened and why I have my hand up in the air above my head. My son is scurrying around to gather the first aid kit and I am reviewing how stupid I am for cutting myself, how this slows down my building process, and whether this will affect my week’s activities.

My son bandages me up after applying antiseptic and also asks what happened but in a less innocent way. No matter how this happened, and I will say this was stupid and preventable, I get to focus upon the miracle of healing. In my family there is sympathy but not a massive amount when stupidity and relative low chances of being a life threatening event have occurred. Yes, you are remembering the times in your life when you have experienced something similar. That is the nature of sharing stories of life’s interesting moments. In all fairness, I did not bleed to death. So far, I have not lost a finger, or hand, or arm in my mishaps. And, I do have a topic for a new blog as I write taking a pause from my woodworking project. (Yes, more time to watch YouTube videos on “Finishing” a wood project.)

When an illness or injury causes you to slow down, there is an opportunity to reflect upon life and to possibly learn a lesson in the fragile nature of the human body and the stupidity of scheduling activities with the expectations that everything is going to run smoothly and on schedule. Yes, my project’s schedule is now altered as are many activities I assumed would be moving most smoothly this week. Every activity that requires the use of my hands now needs to be considered. Yes, even typing out blogs… Human bodies are resilient but fragile. Bodies feel pain and continue the process of both healing and aging. It makes you more “present” when you are slowed by illness or injury. Can you view this as a positive or do you like falling into “victim” or an angry status?

No matter what, learning empathy and appreciating the miracles of human healing are worth consideration at times like this. And, we are just scratching the surface of human miracles. Your body healing from injury or an illness is a Miracle. Your life continues and does not end except once at the end of your life. You can be “present” and participate in other amazing miracles and then… share your story. You can also choose to not be most fully conscious, take life for granted, and keep stumbling along your path. No matter how you want to pursue being most conscious, it matters not… Your challenges and learning will continue. You will conscious or unconsciously seek Spiritual Wisdom and find your unique way to stumble upon it.

Regardless, YOU are Perfect! YOU are Perfect! When you cut yourself, clean the wound, protect the wound, and allow the body to heal the wound. It is a Miracle!