Trilliums of Spring

It is nearing the end of March in 2022 as I write in Bellingham, WA. Yesterday, I went out for one of my regular hikes in the hills above Lake Padden. It was cool and gray but not cold. There was plenty of fresh mud on the trail from recent rain. And, then, unexpected and surprising to me, was my first flowering Trillium. This seemed early to me and two days before there were none to be spotted. Very few things engage me like Spring’s Trillium season. I counted 28 Trillium plants as I hiked through my natural world. Two years ago in the peak of Trillium season we followed several regular trails and counted 800+ Trillium in 5+ miles. Yes, we take counting these flowers very seriously because there is nothing more important than spending time in nature and finding the treasures and miracles which are available to experience.

The human dramas and activities which our culture asks us to participate within can not hold a candle to the amazing natural world. I am confronted by media frenzy which tends to create anxiety or anger for me. Some silly events are debated which make no real difference in MY life but seem to be terribly important to the announcers. I would rather go hiking and feel my heart sing when I find the sweet, short-lived Trilliums in the hills. When I search for these beauties, I am “present” and not remembering past dramas or considering future unknowns. (I am not saying to stick your head in the sand and not learn what is happening in our world. Just do not think that the drama, amplified by fear to keep your attention, is as important as the screamers portray…)

This may seem ridiculous to you, my sharing of flower counting. Or, you may honor this hobby. You may even be inspired and head for the hills to find and to celebrate the next miracle of nature which crosses your path. There are stories you can hear. There are writings or videos you can experience BUT living these natural perfections is a very special use of your time. Visit them… This is what Spring can be like for you, if you let it. There is always a hope of renewal and rebirth which seems to be demonstrated in Spring’s blossoms. For you and for our future generations, I hope that Trilliums keep showing up for their brief season to be appreciated, celebrated, and Loved.

You Are Loved!