Though I am Just a Man…

Yes, I am just a Man! Nothing special! AND, I am as perfect and as special as every person I meet! As a man, working on my 7th decade in this life, I appear to be “average,” whatever that means… I have been a son, a brother, a lover, a friend, a worker, a business owner, an author, a coach, a trainer, a father, a husband, a widower, a team member, a grandson, a grandfather, a facilitator, a teacher, a traveller, a student, a spiritual being in a human body, a neighbor, an enemy, a “ball player,” an athlete, a hiker, a camper, a photographer, a sage, a fool, a driver, a bike rider, a runner/jogger, and many other common roles in this lifetime.

I am not special or different in many ways. I am unique and perfect in many ways. Just like YOU! I am NOT the role model for you to follow nor the person in the front of the room who tells you what to do and how to live your life. AND, I am the perfect role model which you were guided to bump into for the perspective I can offer. I am a wise older man and a completely immature fool… You can like me. You might find me annoying and difficult. We are on the same path, perhaps at different places along the way. AND, we are in this “thing” together, to support each other, as we find our way toward higher consciousness.

A am a Man! Metaphorically, take my hand and we will walk together. I can NOT live your life for you but I can support you and the adventure WE are on… As a man, do not expect that I will not make mistakes or I may even appear to let you down… Because as a man, I (& you) learn from my mistakes and transgressions. Our perfection is in how we play the role of the person we pretend to be. We do these roles so well. NO one can play YOU as well as YOU! BUT, we are so much bigger than our human roles. We are a perfect part of the divine spirit. We are so small and we are greater than the known Universe! We can feel like we are alone but we can remember that we are connected to all other souls and share unconditional love for each other… YOU are amazing and a blessing to me and to our Universe!

Do Your best to remember who you really are! You are a miracle! You are perfect in your seeming imperfections. Take responsibility and make good choices as you move through this human experience of life… AND, wherever possible share your story and your wisdom with the unconditional love from your heart and soul! Be a beacon for the good that is possible in every way possible!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

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