What Happened to You?

“What happened to YOU?” (Looking at someone’s “unusual behavior” or their “look.”) Yes, that is the question I could be asking instead of leaping into a negative judgement if you are not doing something the way “I” would be doing it. Perhaps I can work on a Total Acceptance with NO Judgement when I do not understand or feel like I agree with someone who cross my field of vision. But, total acceptance takes a special quality that I do not fully possess. So, it feels better to ask an unanswerable question. What happened to you which makes you act or respond the way that you do?

We are all different and have had different influences in our lives. We each came to our current incarnation with special lessons to learn and special lessons to teach… Why we act as we do may be related to our ancestors, or our DNA, or our unique childhood, or something in the environment we grew up within. What can be difficult for our minds to understand is that even with our flaws and imperfections, each one of us is perfect. We are all unique. We are here, in this life, to learn and to grow as we bump into the people and the challenges which we bump into. If someone “pushes your buttons” and “triggers” you, you can get judgmental or you can an ask what happen to them AND what is YOUR lesson for bumping into these seemingly annoying souls. They could be angels and we might not notice because we have been “triggered.”

It is great to attempt to understand why they did what they did. It may be more important and more within our control to attempt to better understand why I was “triggered” and not accepting, neutral, nonjudgmental, and totally in forgiveness. Forgiveness, yes, forgiveness with no need to go back and change the behavior which set me off. I am not saying “turn the other cheek,” I am saying that this judgement may have been triggered by taking MY life TOO seriously. Considering myself to be at the center of the Universe, in a sense. My Insecurity and lack of self love and self-acceptance, has created a sensitivity within me that wants, or needs, to Judge others to feel more in control and to delude myself into thinking that I am “better” than them. Not their equal. Which does not allow me to realize that I am God. I am perfect. I am a miracle. I am JUST like every other soul I bump into. I am unique but I am not “better” than they are. We are all perfect and here to trigger the lessons we need to teach each other until we are conscious enough to know that we are all connected and in this life struggle for higher consciousness, together.

Besides, when I ask what happened to you, I can ask what happened to ME to respond as I do and where is this lesson is supposed to take ME… But, asking “what happen to you?” is more conscious than responding with negative judgment.

In case you need reminding, or you do not remember, yet, YOU are a blessing! You are are perfect! No one could do YOU better than you and you have a unique role in the fabric of the Divine Spirit!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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