YOU are a Miracle!

Yes, You are a miracle! How do I know this? Because I know where YOU came from. You were NOT made in China and shipped to this country to be distributed by after being ordered on the internet! By the way, this ordering and distribution through Amazon is also a miracle but very different than the one we are here to talk about. You came from a long lineage of ancestors who joined together with Angels, Guides, the Divine Spirit, and star dust to create you in the life you now live. There are too many random acts which came together to create the perfection of who you are without a “miracle” label to help to understand how this process occurred.

Life is amazing! Life on the planet Earth is a miracle! AND, you were born and survived long enough to find your way to this blog. You were guided to experience these words and concepts to allow for your consciousness to expand by the perspective these words convey. Once again, it is, and you are, a miracle. Now, your job is to continue to grow, find joy, and to reach around to support fellow pilgrims who were “guided” into your life to share your experience and wisdom. By assisting your fellow pilgrims, you are actually assisting yourself and your own development. Yes, even the most annoying people are manifested in your life as a mutual lesson AND, you may not be ready to hear this, they are YOU! Our souls and spirits are connected and a part of every other soul and spirit. We are all a perfect piece of a much larger Divine Spirit which is too difficult to fully explain or understand with the limitations of the human brain (and ego.)

There are no accidents. There are no imperfect souls. Yes, there are challenging people and experiences because that is why we have manifested the human life we seemingly exist within. Many enlightened individuals believe that our lives and the reality we seem to work within are an illusion. The higher realms of pure soul and spirit are the true reality and we have agreed to return to the Earthly lives to face our challenges and to learn our lessons so we can expand our consciousness. Our goal in this life is to learn from our experiences, to support our fellow pilgrims, to search and find “Joy,” and to remember the “State of Grace” which we all return to after completing our incarnation.

Leap ahead! Remember the perfection and the miracle which is each, and every, soul you bump into! Celebrate each moment as the amazing lesson and experience of expanding wisdom. Share Love and your wisdom freely.

Remember, to be present and as you breathe in slowly, know the amazing miracle which is required for you to breathe. The oxygen you need is freed from the carbon dioxide you exhaled by the plants on land and in the oceans. Every part of this system is perfect. And, since matter is neither created nor destroyed, with every breath you take oxygen molecules that have been around since the dawn of our universe and enter your body. Some of these molecules where breathed in and out by Christ, or by Buddha, or by Ganhdi, or Mother Theresa, or by whomever you revere. You share in their past incarnation the same perfect spirit which makes you the miraculous spirit you are. You are a blessing!

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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