Creating Miracles

It may be easier than you THINK! You are already a Master creator even if you do not always “know” or “understand” this with your 3 dimensional, ego driven mind. Your human limitations do not make this an untruth, regarding your Miracle maker status. OK, what am I speaking about? It is my “Knowing” (and belief) that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our souls/spirits are much greater than our limited human bodies and mental consciousness. We come into our human lives to have human “dramas” and our human lives are filled with lessons. We are testing out what our souls are learning in the higher realms of spiritual consciousness. With that said, we are “living” in our human dramas in a “created” environment which would look like a movie set to our souls as seen from the view point of the higher realms. We are limited by our human belief in linear time and three dimensional space which exist so our human minds can “understand” the Earthly human world we are living within (in our human incarnations.)

Wow, that is a lot to try to take in… OR, perhaps this is a concept that you already “Know” or have “Remembered.” Our human minds have difficulty finding words to describe the higher realms which are far beyond our human thinking… And, this is where our creation of miracles comes in. Our Universe is a miracle born out of Divine Spirit. But, our human lives are filled with 3 dimensional forms and concepts which come from “Our” consciousness. We are the master creators who construct our lives, our world, and unconsciously (to our human minds,) our lessons. Our souls in the higher realms have agreed to the lessons before we incarnate but our birthing into human form has created a veil of amnesia so we can bump into our lessons and test ourselves and our “learnings.”

You are a Miracle! You are Loved and Supported by the Divine Spirit! You are having a human experience which, at a much higher level, you have agreed to have. AND, you have created the life and the world which you have chosen to engage… Your lessons and your life are PERFECT! You may want to judge these as difficult but you were supposed to live your human life and figure your way through this experience. Yes, even if it is brutal and seemingly, unfair. No one ever said life was supposed to be easy or even “nice.” Our human minds want our lives to be easy, or positive, or filled with joy and happiness. You have a choice. You can find “Joy” even within the most challenging experiences. Humans do this all the time. For me, my arm breaking, my wife dying, and my struggles with aging can ALL be known and remembered with the Joy of the spectacular lessons survived.

If you are like me, you learn from the difficult life tests more than the easy experiences which went as “expected.” My stories and my shared learnings are so much more of service when these are attached to the difficult life experiences which I have survived, and learned from. AND, asking for your lessons and then listening (or feeling) for the response from your higher self can open doors when you may only be viewing the pain from a human experience. The death of a loved one fits this well. When my wife transitioned, I knew she was “in a better place” however, I was left in my human life with a vacuum of grief to deal with. Now, I can assist other men who have become widowers to better know or understand the lessons in these difficult human experiences. Everyone of us is unique. Our experiences are unique. However, the support from another person who has learning to share after surviving a similar life experience can help each and everyone involved in this supportive sharing…

Miracles can be born from your conscious expression and then your positive intention. Often it helps to let go of expectations or the “strings attached” to an outcome. If your requests are to be of positive service and for the raising of consciousness of all mankind (and then Universal consciousness,) you will be loved and supported in this requested miracle. Being joyful and unattached to human expectations helps, but can be challenging to find.

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you. AND, thank you for the service YOU provide. Even the simple act of listening to another soul’s story telling can be of service, both to them and to you. You are Loved!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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