Discovery Regarding My Judgements

I just returned from a hike in the hills and a thought came to me…

When I was a young man I viewed people through my filter of insecurity. I judged people looking for their flaws, imperfections, and perceived weakness (probably to make myself seem superior.)

Today, I still judge people that I see but, more often than not, my filter is looking for their beauty, their uniqueness, their energy levels and their stories. I will celebrate the interesting characteristics I find. I can bask in the passion from their life experience, sometimes with eyes wide open interest.

Someday, perhaps, I will drop all my judgements and look through the filter which finds perfection and acceptance for every beautiful soul I pass…

YOU are a Miracle!
YOU are Perfect and an important, necessary, piece of the Divine Spirit!
YOU are Unconditionally Loved!
YOU are a Blessing!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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