Stranger in a Strange Land: The Value of the Stranger

Have you ever felt like you were a Stranger in a Strange land? I knew I did NOT fit in… Not with my family. Not with my classmates. Not with my culture. I was an outsider in search of my home, My place in the Universe. This feeling was there, though in the background. This feeling did not make my life “bad” but it lead me to engage in a quest for where I “belonged” and what I was “supposed” to do with my life. I doubt that feeling like a stranger is uncommon. In fact, it is very common as we feel our way through our teenage years searching for direction.

Guidance led me to choices in my life which were my special challenges and unique experiences. I am not alone in this, but I have learned to trust my gut feelings and followed interesting adventures, guided by my gut. Guidance has protected me for unknown reasons and my gratitude for this support pervades my consciousness. This drives me to learn from my life experiences to be of even greater service. I have learned that I am here to share love by connecting to other souls and for listening to their passions and stories.

Being a Stranger in a Strange Land forces me to move forward to learn and to know more about this strange land and culture. Then my goal is to learn how best to serve by being of help to increase consciousness. This leads to increase the fabric of connection and shared unconditional love… As an outsider, a stranger, I can observe, hopefully without judgement, and then I can learn and develop better strategies for the information and wisdom to be shared through teaching by sharing stories. The world needs more wisdom shared by outsiders with the gently shared perspective which gradually alters the consciousness of those souls touched by these sharings. Humor often helps make the “medicine” go down more easily. Offering the perspective of a respectful observer is not always easily accepted but can be most useful for the best outcome. (That is why companies pay big money to outside consultants to assist in finding the best strategies for developing or producing the company’s product or service.) Yes, “fresh eyes” can offer a new way of thinking.

Not fitting in is a good thing though not always the easiest path to follow. It can be lonely. You can feel unsupported. I would rather be an outsider than caught in the trap of participation and acceptance in limited or superficial behaviors which can block the focus and acuity to find, and know, the necessary path for positive change and growth into higher consciousness. Though this may sound like a judgement, impatience to enhance conscious living demands a somewhat critical perspective…

Be not attached to the outcome… There is no way to control how the other soul will react. There is no way to force consciousness.

The paradox in this belief regarding being an outsider is that we are actually all intimately involved. We are connected and not alone. As we are all interwoven, the stranger may appear to be an outsider but at the same time completely connected and “One” with every soul. Also, Everybody is special but not everybody knows it it, yet…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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