Welcome to Spring 2022

The date on the calendar tells me that we just had our Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring is starting… Well, it does not really feel like Spring to me… Sure the days are getting longer. Day light savings time went into effect. It is not so cool and Wintery these days. But, and there is a Big But, it does not quite feel like Spring to me. The birds are nesting. The trees are blooming as well as my allergies. This year we seem to have a new outbreak of man made conflict and this takes some of the Spring optimism out of the air I breathe. We have been allowed to take our Covid masks off but plenty of fear and anxiety are still available. People still look at each other a bit fearful or at least questioning whether you can trust that you will not contract a disease. Our politicians are still ranting about a long since decided presidential election with threats of impending chaos in the next elections. The economy is booming along but inflation is soaring. And, unlike most years, I am not considering breeding as I have often considered in past years… Yup, having more children in my 72nd year seems less “a thing” this year. Perhaps I am just getting old.

I am excited to begin to return to my face to face social lifestyle but, as I have said, I am in a Covid habit of questioning the safety of hugging all my friends and family. Hey, I still hug but there is a question in the corners of my mind. My hearing is not getting better so social conversations can be a bit more frustrating for me. That is not the fault of 2022 yet it adds to the frustration and isolation of 2022 life. On a positive note, I am spending more time and money on my newish hobby of woodworking. Time considering my projects at 3:00 AM where every thing I try comes out perfect, is wonderful… Until, I actually touch my projects. Woodworking, for me, is creative and full of problem solving and, of course, YouTube video watching. It is time alone but it is a new challenge for me. Though this Spring, I have yet to drop a table seed into the ground, water it, and see a new table sprouting up from the meticulously tilled soil. I do get to walk around and visit my wood table’s relatives and ancestors as I hike through my local forests in meditation and contemplation. I covet those 100 foot downed trees and want to take them back to my garage workshop and mill these into lovely projects but I do not have the strength or room for my wooden friends of the forest. They will have to remain out in the cool, damp Spring a bit longer.

Germinating deep within me are the seeds of gratitude, unconditional love and acceptance, and the excited and questioning Beginners Mind. At this stage of this life, it is easier for me to feel, if not see, the perfection of the souls I pass and the deepest unknown connections to the Divine which we all share. My lessons are still obvious in maintaining Equanimity. As I age I am finding the nature and truth of Impermanence a “knowing” that seems to be getting stronger. My lack of patience can get in my way of being most fully present, but at least I have Awareness and can laugh at my impatience. No matter what happens in this human drama in the Spring of 2022, I will follow the path of service and attempt to offer unconditional Love, as my resources allow. So, let me remind you that YOU are Loved! You are a Blessing! You are are a unique and important Miracle and you fill your role Perfectly in the Divine Universe. Thank you for being YOU! Celebrate the new births of our Spring and dance in Gratitude for all the blessing we have, even the difficult challenges that test and teach us.

Let the Love and Light within your soul and Spirit brighten the path for the pilgrims you encounter on your path. And, remember to share your wisdom and your stories…

A Different Angle…

A Different Angle…
by Sally Ledgerwood

It’s that time of the year… that time when we make promises to ourselves about what we want to accomplish/be/change/make happen in the coming year. I don’t usually make resolutions, and it’s a good thing I didn’t for 2021 because any plan would not have come even close to how the year unfolded. It was a year filled with “lessons” – a LOT of lessons. And those of us on a path of spiritual and personal growth have a tendency to analyze our experiences so we can find those lessons, those reasons, for why things happen, so we can zero in on the cause and then make improvements/changes so we can be happy. Right?

I am beginning to understand that I might need to have a different angle. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. So as one year ends and I do a review – I can reflect on what I grieved, what I celebrated, how I spent my time, where I found inspiration, and where I found joy. I can see that the experiences were not the lessons. The lessons were how I went through the experiences, what I felt and how I acted in the moment, what gave me joy, and how I interacted with those around me. How I was in the moment.

One of the phrases I am removing from my thought process is “when life becomes normal again”. I have spouted “new normal” often, but in reflecting back, I can see I might, still, secretly, sometimes, think or hope that things will “go back”. But, that attachment to “how things were” has been hacked at for two years now. I admit I can be slow to get it sometimes, but now I finally hear a gentle voice on the breeze saying maybe this isn’t how it’s supposed to be any more. I know that voice has always been there, but I believe I listen better now.

So, a vision for 2022:
I will use my energy wiser this coming year. I am less willing to use it to come up with meanings for things. I am simply more interested in experiencing the life I have right now, in this place, with these people around me that I care about. I will start my days with gratitude (like I always do), but I will also ask: What can I add to the world today and how can I bring magic back to the ordinary?
I will observe without judging and listen without giving my opinion. I will trust myself (even in doubt), and stand in the sun and smile, and I will see it big, but keep it simple. I will look people in the eyes and See Them. And I will say “I love you” more often.

Blessings, Love and Light and a new vision into 2022…
Sally Ledgerwood