The Miracle of Your 5 Senses And Other Sensitivities

Everyday you wake up with the miracle of your 5 senses AND do not take these Lightly. Your 5 senses include the sensations: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Some would add your intuition and more about this later. Some of us have suffered the loss of one or more of these 5 senses and those of us who wake everyday to the use of these senses might not appreciate the miracle that these senses are or the difficulty dealing with your life should one or more of these senses become non-functioning. Recently, I have suffered the near complete loss of my hearing. Hopefully, this is not permanent, time will tell, but it has me appreciating the senses differently. Quite a learning experience.

Imagine if you could not see another sunset or the faces of your loved ones. How would you navigate or take in information if you woke up blind or severely visually impaired? Your world would be a different place and a struggle you might not understand or be able to adapt to. Your vision is a miracle which can not be fully explained in its chemistry or physiology. How does your eye turn sights into impulses which travel through nerves to be translated by parts of your brain? It is a miracle. You were born with this sense and, by the way, YOU are a MIRACLE!. We have all met visually impaired people, some blind since birth or from accidents or illness, and yet how many fully sighted people can fully appreciate the situation which would challenge us if we were blind (without visual ability?) Most people find this scary and anxiety producing to consider having to move through life with a severe visual impairment. Do NOT use this as an unconscious excuse to keep visually impaired people at a distance or totally out of your life! Your loss of this relationship will reflect on YOUR insecurity… (And, lessons can be learned from interactions with people who live with any of the handicaps which humans experience. Appreciation and gratitude could be at the top of your list in expanded awareness regarding the “what ifs” possible in your life.)

The loss of smell and taste might seem easier to deal with but consider the importance of smell and taste. These miracles help us know the world in different ways. We can smell our lover. We can smell and taste the fragrances and tastes of a loving childhood memory. The sweet smell of Spring or Summer flowers would be missed. We can remember the trauma of death and some disease in certain smells. An example, the learned sickness a chemo-therapy patient might know as they associate certain “clinic” smells to the adverse reactions their bodies have had to the chemo-therapy agents. Or the taste of a dangerously spoiled food we unfortunately tasted. (The “Smell of Death” or very poor hygiene are more a cause for compassion than the often felt disgust our mind can lead us to feel.)

The miracle of touch is so incredibly important. New born babies and infants will not thrive unless they are touched, hopefully, lovingly by a mother or father or family member. The hug you offer or receive are nurturing to both people who share this embrace. The loving sensations of intimacy with your lover are very often addicting, nourishing, and anxiety relieving. Walking barefoot in warm sand or grass is a pleasure to experience for many people. A warm bath or therapeutic massage gives you so many possible positive sensations. I could go on a very long time describing the miracle of the sensations or touch. Remember, physical pain is a necessary sensation to protect our bodies. And, also remember the necessary nurturing from “connection” both emotionally and physically with other pilgrims you bump into on your path through this life.

And, I am dealing with the loss of hearing. To most other people I do not look much different than I did one month ago but my ability to communicate in conversation has been 90% damaged. My hearing was poor before but today, as I write, I can barely hear the voice within a few steps. In a crowded room, I can not have a conversation. I can not hear a verbal presentation on the internet or watch a movie (without captions) or listen to my new grandson. Taking in information through hearing, like seeing, is a miracle. How does the body translate a sound from the environment into a impulse sent through the nerves and then interpreted by the brain? Loss of hearing is not uncommon. Coping with a suddenly very quiet world, for me, is difficult. I, like many people, am fairly social. Interactions and communication are something I have built my life around. Sitting quietly by myself reading is possible but it is not how I have chosen to live my life. Hearing impaired individuals can get lost, overlooked, in their struggle to live normal lives. What if you could not hear the waves on the shore or your favorite music? Just be aware AND more fully appreciate your miracles which may be less appreciated.

Do not take the miracle of the 5 senses lightly! Do not assume that YOU will never be challenged by the loss of one or more of your senses.

And, by the way, your 6th sense should not be ignored. Your Intuition, Your Knowing, Your Sensing at a deep feeling level are even more miraculous. Where does it come from? What does it mean? How will you be “Guided” by your powerful and important 6th sense? And, how can you develop this miracle if you are conscious enough to realize its full importance and value? Better connecting with your intuition can help to move you forward on your spiritual path.

If you have read this far, I went to the doctor this week and he was able to clear much of the damage from the infection. I can hear poorly again and it is a blessing. Even though muffled, I can do my work and interact with people in most ways, at least better than I could for the past several weeks. Hearing better for me is a miracle and a blessing!

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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