Vision Quest in Yellowstone, Unexpected Results

My unexpected Vision Quest came spontaneously while camping in Yellowstone National Park. The experience was not set up like the quest I had read about. In fact, it was kind of an accident, a freak of nature. Let me explain. I traveled of to Colorado in search of my soul. Maybe that is a bit dramatic. Actually, I wanted to get out town for awhile and visit some friends and meet some new people and visit places I had not yet visited. So off I went.

Have you ever taken a road trip??? Well the first week was more than I had bargained for with my car breaking down near Boise, ID. But, I am graced with guidance and protection so besides being inconvenient, and expensive, I was back on the road only 1/2 day later than I had planned. Some of my “coach surfing” expectations were not quite met and my schedule got changed by uncontrollable circumstances. Still I had good visits with my Colorado friends and a very rewarding experience in Boulder, CO and with Rodger in Nederland, CO.

But that is not what this story is about. Thanks for bearing with me. I had been drawn to visit Yellowstone and I made camping reservations for three nights. The park is amazing and beautiful and the weather was unpredictable. During the day I viewed the wonders of the park and at night I spent some time hiding in my tent from the rainy evenings. This is where my story gets to the point. In a “Vision Quest,” there is often a ceremony of creating a medicine wheel circle to focus the visions energy. My flimsy tent became my unexpected vision circle. I read from two books (include: “Earth School 101”) while spending time avoiding the rain drops and the lightening/thunder. And, I was triggered to meditate to regain my focus. Finding my way back into the “Present” through my reading and meditation, my consciousness lightened to the power of the Divine Spirit and to my connection with all of the Universe (and the realms beyond.) To punctuate this re-learning, a clap of thunder graced my meditation. Not a far off clap of thunder but very near, within a half of a mile. (Not a scary experience but for those who know me, I might miss “subtle.” So this was NOT subtle…)

So many other experiences came up from my surroundings which also gave me reason to focus and celebrate. My Guidance protected me and offered me Non-subtle signals that even I could understand. Out of my disconnected, less highly spiritual ego survival state, I once again found deep connection at a “spirit” level. My tent seemed like a medicine wheel which protected me and help me to focus on the lesson of my time alone in my quest. Even if this story does not seem profound for you, I know it was for me. And, unexpected… You never know when or where your profound spiritual experiences are going to happen. Consciousness sneaks up on you when you are NOT expecting it. SO, keep your heart open for those moments when insights explode into your life.

For a more formal and worthwhile read regarding preparing for and experiencing a Vision Quest consider the following book which speaks very clearly regarding the Native American tradition of the Vision Quest. “Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest,” by Denise and Meadow Linn (and published by Hay House,) offers you many ways to best prepare yourself and then to create a special experience which will allow you to access the information you seek. There are other books on this topic or which touch on this topic but this recent gift is in the very front of my consciousness. (Amazon link to this book:

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