No Coincidences

There are No Coincidences. Every interaction has a purpose. Pay attention to your intuition, your “gut feelings,” and hopefully to your Guidance. When you have interactions with other people, animals, plant life, and environments, if you pay attention and remain “present,” you may experience the “value” of the interactions which you were allowed to have. There will be times when these interactions are specifically for your learning and there are times when your part of the interaction is to serve another soul’s learning experience. Either way, both offer important value for your spiritual evolution, if you are paying attention. When an experience seems accidental, it is not an accident. When something “Fateful” occurs, it is not a completely innocent occurrence. Often, we just “write off” an unusual event or interaction, when a deeper interpretation would have value for the possible learning or sharing of wisdom.

Even with people we have great difficulty in relating to or in darker, difficult experiences, we can find a message which can be of service to our developing consciousness. So consider, that every interaction is sacred. The value may not come as easily observable. We may have to dig deep to find the love and the joy which bathes us in more challenging situations. The possible service we provide as we find ourselves interacting has value for both sides of this equation.

When we avoid having interactions we can slow down our spiritual evolution. Yes, sometimes a quiet retreat seems necessary and important, however our “test” comes when we are able to use our acquired or “remembered” wisdom in the crucible of an interaction. The gift of life as a human comes when we are challenged by experiences and the drama which human interaction allows. So, “mix it up!” Do not hide from life’s experiences, as if we could hide… And, do not be lazy, thinking that you should not pay attention even when things, especially when events/interactions, seem to be mere coincidences. If you ignore these learnings by not taking these seriously, then you are destined to repeat this experience from a different perspective… (And, destiny does not always wait for when you think you may be ready for this experiential learning. You are ready…)

Make no mistake, I am not saying that every interaction is a consciously planned event for your learning. At least, it is not planned by our human minds. The Divine Spirit’s planning is often above your human conscious pay grade. Some people believe that every interaction on the human plane is agreed upon before we enter into our lives. I can not prove or disprove this belief. We do have “free choice” and flexibility. However, we will experience what we have come here to experience even if we seemingly avoid the learning at one point. (It will pop up again at another point in our life’s pilgrimage.) And, you are not a victim because certain choices led you into the difficult situations. So look for and find the Joy from the lessons and then you can move on… Share the wisdom you gain and always look to be of service.

Never miss an opportunity to say “Thank You.” Greet people with respect and a Smile. Offer sincere compliments freely. LOOK for the perfection of the soul standing in front of you and think (or communicate,) “Namaste.” A “struggling” person you interact with is offering you an opportunity to serve by gently reaching out in a positive, loving way. You are more powerful and perfect than your human mind may allow you to believe and you are a representation of the Divine Spirit. Perform your miracle of sharing the path with fellow pilgrims while finding gratitude for all the beauty you experience. (AND, look first for the Beauty and Joy in life…)

AND, it is NO coincidence that you are reading this blog. It was written from my guidance for YOU!
You are a Miracle!

Right after posting this blog this morning, I drove up to the trailhead for the Boynton Canyon Vortex in Sedona, AZ. Walked up the trail and got to the Vortex with a small number of other interested folks. I looked around and took some pics. Then, I sat in the shade and meditated. Then I got up with a “feeling” that I should check out the Vortex more closely. I walked over to the “Vortex” and watched some activities. An older guy named, Robert, appeared and enthusiastically presented me with a heart shaped red rock. He launched into a lively sermon regarding getting out of your mind and into your heart and then raising consciousness. Wow, it was GREAT! I agreed with him and he climbed the rock spire above the vortex, like a Mountain goat, and sat and played his flute. It was spectacular. While I was taking this all in, it struck me like a bolt of lightening that my Guidance had provided this “No Coincidences” experiences to punctuate the posting I had offered this morning. NOT subtle. My heart fills with Joy and I am still laughing about this approval of this morning’s post. I Hope you get what you have come here for, as well…
With Love…

Reply from Paula Forget, author of the book: “Guided to the Higher Realms

“Thank you John for sharing your story. You certainly had a memorable experience that had a deep impression on you.
For me, synchronicity is always an affirmative sign from the universe that I am on the right track.

Wishing you many more!



Sanding as a metaphor of living a life of value. How did I come up with this topic, you ask? Well, maybe you did not ask either because you know me or you do not really care enough to ask… But, this morning as I write, sanding is on my mind. My son, my daughter-in-law, and my two grandchildren just started working on their new house. They are going to turn this slightly damaged house into their Home. With work beginning, I have promised to assist them so I have gotten involved. Today, I offered to them the use of my sanders. I have several. My favorites are my orbital sander and my belt sander. These power tools can help smooth and finish many projects. Oh, You can see where I am going…

It sometimes helps to have good tools to smooth the rough spots of one’s life. Depending on the situation at hand, you must assess whether you require major smoothing or a more subtle approach. In sanding, you start with a “coarse” sand paper for the obviously rough substance you are working upon. When the roughness is managed, you can progressively move to the “finer” grades of sand paper until you get to the “finishing” and “fine” grade of sand paper. The surface becomes smooth. So smooth, it may feel soft. The beauty of the grain of the wood begins to become richer. (If you are sanding wood.) A wood craftsperson will sand with the grain, gently, to allow the beauty to “pop.” It can require patience to gain the “luster” of a most beautiful finished product. It can require a soft and gentle approach as you move to completion of your sanding project. Of course, you move to the finest coarseness of your sand paper. You may create the very best end result with your focused love. And, you want to take precautions to keep the finer dust of the material you are smoothing away from having a negative effect on you. Wear a Mask! (Not a political statement.) You can love and acknowledge this excess material without having to “take it in.” Physically or emotionally.

These techniques can find their way into many human relationships and interactions. Patience and loving focus can buff the rough edges of human relationships, if you have the desire to bring out the best grain in your interpersonal connection. Starting rough and moving toward a finer more subtle approach can bring out the very best, if your relationship manages to have the value to smooth into a work of art. Most of the time, you do not even know the beauty which the loving smoothing can bring out. The magic is worth the effort to turn a new or rough relationship into a smooth and elegant expression of what is humanly possible. The deep richness of the grain which emerges is not always what you expected but what you can uncover is always interesting.

So, when the opportunity arises in your life to find and to work with a rough, fresh relationship, consider what the patience and love might uncover as you sand away in finer and finer grits. The beauty of the unique grain will pop out from your loving efforts.

And, now I must go to deliver on my promise, to assist my son with his new project. We will work and then watch as the beauty of the grain comes to the surface of the home project he has started. My hope is that you have the love and the patience to work your way through the rough spots of the important relationships and projects in which you are engaged. Your efforts are appreciated by the Universe. The Divine Spirit “knows” your intention and supports the creativity and artwork you produce as you sand your way through your life. You are a Miracle. As a Miracle you produce miracles with every loving connection you attempt. Whether you know it or not, YOU are an artist. A craftsperson capable of bringing the possible beauty to the surface of every relationship you may hold as valuable.

AND, The Divine Spirit also appreciates that not every bit of sanded dust is material which you must hold on to. You can allow yourself to release the rough edges you have smooth down as you have honed your relationships. The Universe knows what to do with the excess matter which you have sanded away. Nothing is ever lost but nothing is permanent either (in our material world.) Find the beauty of the deep grain in the projects of your life…

Thank you for your time and consideration.