Do Rocks Have Souls?

Have you ever thought about the consciousness of rocks and minerals?

The reason why I’m asking you this is because when you pick up a rock have you had this experience? You may notice that the structure of the solid rock is actually a miracle. It takes on a shape and it has qualities that make it unique in every way. Does a rock or mineral have a soul? Does it have some kind of consciousness? And, can human beings communicate or interact with minerals and rocks as we share the planet earth with one another?
Who creates rocks and minerals? How do the minerals that make up a rock find their way to connect and crystallize to form a particular rock? Have you ever been drawn to hold a crystal or mineral and reflect on the unusual beauty or “feeling” radiating from this rock?

Is there a consciousness that is available which pulls together the various atoms, the various minerals that create this particular rock? Each rock is unique. Each rock has its own qualities and, I think, that each rock has its own vibration or resonance. So, with each rock being slightly different and if you were to find a rock surrounded by other rocks on a beach, why are there so many different types of rocks and shapes of rocks? It is amazing to me that this community of rocks and minerals that have been weathered by the winds, the tides, perhaps even the gravity of knocking into one another, why do these rocks gather together along side one another when they were born in such different environments, at different ages in time and a different parts of the world? What do they have in common that makes them find their way to the beach to be by one another in this community of rocks and minerals? I do not have the answers to this but I do have questions about how this could have happened. It is amazing to me that these rocks gather on the beach, so different and so varied, and yet they seem to work together to create an environment, a combination of energies that make that beach unique onto itself.

And, sometimes I look at these rocks and I reached down to pick up a certain rock, one out of thousands. Why did I pick that rock? What makes it so special? Why was I drawn to the energy or the consciousness of that specific rock shape, size and mineral structure? Each rock has a type of energy if you allow yourself to be sensitive to feeling this. Each rock has its own character. Each rock has its own place. And yet, each of these rocks seem to work together to create the energy of this particular beach and environment. It’s amazing to think of the miracles upon miracles that went into creating each and everyone of these rocks and minerals. And who created that master plan? Who might be the one responsible for putting all of those minerals under pressure so they could create the magnificent rocks that they are and then be weathered into their particular shape and find their way to the beach with all of the other rocks and minerals that can be found in that location? Have other people asked these questions or has there been any research to try to figure out how this is even possible? In studying each rock it feels differently. It looks differently. It behaves differently in the way it emanates the energy that it gives off.

On a recent hike, I reached down and picked up a fist sized rock for no conscious reason other than it seemed to request some help or assistance in moving to yet another location. Some rocks think of humans as “rock movers” (says my friend, shaman, Raven Many Voices, who is a geologist scientist by training) and indeed I carried the stone for 2 miles and deposited it back into the stream so that this stone can continue to weather and move with gravity and the force of the waters, further downstream to the bay where it might find a beach and a location to be in a community of other rocks and minerals. I had a sense that this stone was requesting that I move it those 2 miles and I obliged. I know not why I did that. It felt very unusual and strange and yet I felt compelled to be of assistance. And, in some ways it felt like we were having a dialogue or communication more like an inter-species relationship. It was between a person and a mineral. At that point, I questioned whether that rock had a consciousness. I questioned whether I was sensitive and available to hear or to communicate with this mineral. Even to me that seems odd. And yet I don’t believe that I have ever experienced this kind of communication, consciously, before. And where will this lead me?

I do not have the ability to actually choose any scientific experiment to determine whether communication with a rock or mineral is possible but in my mind, I can’t help but wonder. And so, I just throw out these thoughts to assist in expanding the possibilities of what consciousness might be like if we were more available, open, and less limited by thinking that only humans can communicate. If you have any thoughts about this please consider this and send along your comments.

And, oh by the way, why do so many boys and men and many women, love to throw stones from the shore of a stream or beach into the water? Is this some sort of deeply held inter-species relationship which goes back to the very dawning of consciousness? Is this embedded in our human DNA? Yes, you have seen this many times with people just throwing stone after stone out into the waters for an unknown, subconscious reason, yet, this is so enjoyable and so important. People feel compelled to do this. And it is so satisfying…. but, why?

Thank you for taking your time to read and to consider this odd train of thoughts. I am in my 8th decade and I have never had these considerations before. There is always something new to ponder if you keep your mind and heart open to the amazing miracles which life can provide.
I have consider this before… You are a miracle! Thank you for being you.