The Divine Spirit Knows

Just like “Santa Knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you are awake…,” The Divine Spirit “KNOWS” when you are in service and doing “Good.” If you are thinking about and caring about a friend or a relative, even if you do not pick up the telephone, the Divine Spirit (or God or the “Source”) knows your intention and appreciates your focus on an act of service and concern. There are NO secrets in the higher realms. Everyone knows your secrets and knows your deepest thoughts. AND, You are loved and accepted. Only human judgements can create negative definition of you or your actions.

Your Soul’s positive thoughts and intentions create a spreading chain reaction which triggers Love and positivity. Your thoughts and feelings of Fear or Hate, though out of place in the Higher Realms, create ripples of discord and upset as a challenge, or lesson, for the people who come into contact with this energy in the drama of living on the Earthly plane. This lower vibrational energy does less for the healing of the conscious energies. (Though fear, anxiety, and hate can be motivational and so bring about actions and, at times, positive change. If a change develops it is often short lived and will often not be based on humanitarian interests. Sometimes we choose to not follow anger and fear but this educates us in more positive (a judgement) alternative possibilities.)

Getting back to the original feeling which triggered this blog, when you think lovingly and with positive concern regarding another person, you start a swell of positive energy that flows out like the rings created when you drop a pebble into still water. Like the flap of a butterflies’ wing, it can travel energetically around the planet. You are amazing and more powerful than your conscious, ego mind allows you to know. AND, if a friend or family comes into your mind and triggers your feelings of concern, you can be even more powerful by actually contacting that person and communicating your loving concern. Chances are that you are acting on guidance and possibly triggering a greater miracle.

There is an older saying in our North American culture, “Actions speak louder than words.” No doubt there is truth to following through on a positive intention and the higher vibrational benefits this may create. However, we can not always “act” upon our intentions. Sometimes we are constrained by time or resources but all good deeds CAN be seen as an ego’s attachment and to the recognition which is possible. This can be giving with “strings attached” at some level. We do not need to hold the expectation that we will be recognized. I believe that we do not need to hold the expectation that if we do our “good deed” we will benefit. AND, sure we can benefit and our intentionality, even without action. This can also trigger higher vibration at the spirit level.

In reading the book, “The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life and the World,” by Lynne McTaggart, an insight which I had learned came to mind. Lynne has been a research journalist and collected information and then designed experiments of group “intentional healing.” Many experiments concluded that in a group setting an intention for healing, with no strings attached for an outcome, created a healing environment which could be focused upon a person or situation and, if unconsciously allowed and accepted, could alter the subjects energies for possible “healing.” When offered without “attachment” to the outcome, the results not only offered positive energy to the subject but also seemed to have a positive effect upon the individuals participating in the group. Perhaps, this is raising of vibrations and a healing for the people whom “gifted” this positivity. In my own experience, I have sent healing energies and intentions and my ego could NOT take credit but positive results seemed to appear to happen… AND, my heart experienced a lovely resonation with “spirit.”

Our world and all of consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency when your heart goes toward sharing love and positive concern for other creatures and for our Earth itself. Feelings, intentions, and then actions can trigger the Divine Spirit to manifest healing changes which can allow for living in greater Joy! Higher vibrations help move all of human consciousness forward. The Awareness and the Enlightenment which eventually manifests moves all souls toward building heaven on Earth as we Remember our connection with “Source.”

Please, consciously, hold good thoughts and feelings. Focusing on the positive ways to serve and to demonstrate unconditional Love, can only help and be a force of good in our world. Stay positive. Be hopeful. Share Love. AND, your act of “Caring” for others and our Earth are a great place to start.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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