Where Are You “Home?”

“Home is where the Heart is!” More importantly, Where is YOUR Home?

My internet research that gives credit for this statement goes to a Roman philosopher better known as Pliny the Elder (or just Pliny to his friends) said “Home is where the heart is.”

More internet research said that there can be two (or more) meanings to this expression. And the internet offers this opinion.

“Firstly, it can mean that wherever our loved ones are, that is our home. Thus, wherever a person’s heart is will be our true home. Thus, no matter where someone was born or grew up, their real home is the place that they care about most in the world. This place may or may not be the place that they grew up in.

Secondly, it can mean that our love (our ‘heart’) is focused around the family home. A person’s heart will always be at home. This means that their love, affection and fond memories will always be tied to the place that they live.

Note: There are differences of cause and effect in each interpretation. In the first, love makes us feel at home. In the second, home makes us feel love.”

Why did this come up for me? Why is this relevant for you? This past weekend I was engaged in a personal growth seminar conducted by Excellence Northwest. We experienced a Guided Meditation as an exercise for planning for 5 years in the future. We were asked to relax, clear our minds, and to “picture” our home 5 years from now. What did we want to find there? How did it FEEL? So, being a cooperative participant (not really such a common experience for me), I considered the more typical setting.

I pictured a house in the country. In a clearing surrounded by conifer trees like Douglas Firs or Cedars. It was bigger than a small cottage but not a huge, ostentatious house. Lots of wood. Entering into my Home, was a warm and inviting engery with the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven and home made soup in a large pot cooking on the stove. Quiet and calm. The Living room had a fireplace and comfortable furniture. Not just comfortable but wonderfully comfortable chairs and sofas arranged in a circle. Maybe 8 or 9 seats arranged for conversations and interacting with friends, family, and interesting people. This seemed to be the real purpose for this cozy environment. It then dawned on me that my concept of “Home” was not a future House but was a setting for gathering other people to connect with. My fantasy is to feed these visitors. Mind, Body, Emotionally, and Spirit, all nurtured and fed with the love and support which offers deeper connection. Not your standard Home environment. This could happen in lots of places and not be tied down to a house in which to live my life within.

Home can be anywhere which allows the connection of Heart and support. A caring for other souls without any “strings attached.” It might be a place where Gratitude and Acceptance seem to come first. Openness and trust rein supreme. So, let me ask YOU again, Do YOU have a need and a space like this kind of Home? Not as easy to answer. We often have family and, maybe, friends, but not necessarily the unconditional loving, support, and acceptance which would be so nurturing for you and your spirit. This possible environment may come and go. It may not be a permanent part of your life.

There may be times when we get caught in the “Drama” of wanting something which we perceive we do not have. We might even feel like a “victim” to the circumstance which our 3 dimensional lives have led us to experience. We may struggle with the life challenge of adding this unconditional support and love to our lives. BUT, and this is a big but (do not take this wrong), we can find this everywhere and it is NOT external to us. It is a lesson in what we Know and Remember regarding the perfection of the Divine Spirit found within us. If we are willing to look into the eyes and find the perfection of the perfect souls we interact with, we can find this deeper connection and “Home” everywhere!

My Guidance is asking me to write these words for YOU to read. Where do these concepts fit for you and the lessons you are here to learn? Do you remember that we are all connected and can share this bonding connection with every soul who crosses our path through life?

YOU ARE HOME! You are the structure and the atmosphere which extends love and creates the ideal experience of “Home.” Please consider, Knowing it, Feeling it, and Living it!

You are a Miracle! You are a Blessing! You, even with your seeming flaws and imperfections, are Perfect! No one else can be YOU better than YOU! Thank you for being in this World and Open to Connecting.

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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