Are You One of the Volunteers?

Have you ever felt like you do not belong here or that you do not fit in? Are you a little bit (or a lot) different than the “standard” people you work with or went to school with or, even, who are in your family? Maybe you are different. Maybe you are not from around here… Perhaps you are one of the “Volunteers” who have come to this time and place with a “higher calling.” There are some “conscious” people who believe that this time in human history, souls from other parts of the Universe have come to Earth to assist in raising “vibrations” and consciousness so humanity can keep from destroying itself and damaging the Earth.

Some of these “volunteers” are “waking up.” They are “remembering” their soul’s perfection and the greater power and consciousness that exists beyond the limitations of our normal and limiting 3 dimensional human existence. This remembering includes remembering or “knowing” the oneness with all souls in the Universe. And, the feeling of the true “unconditional Love of the Divine Spirit.” Or, the freedom from human’s time and space limitations. The full acceptance that the Divine Spirit has for all of its creations. And, additionally, the access to all Divine Wisdom. For ages we have been told that this is “Enlightenment” or a part of the ascension after completing our lives here on Earth. Perhaps this is more available to us if we just “wake up.”

There is an 8 minute parable regarding this concept of volunteers coming to Earth to assist with consciousness raising. If this YouTube video is available, you can check this out and share with other conscious friends. This experience is based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at: “The Volunteers” (Skip the pop up Ad, it is not part of the story.)

Did you watch the video? Do you resonate with this perspective? If so, who do you know who you are going to share this with and so assist them in their waking up? And, what are you going to do the assist in raising consciousness and spiritual vibrations on Earth? The more people who can become conscious and the more the vibration can be raised, the faster these positive transitions can occur for humanity. Please consider how you can get the word out or, at the very least, be the role model of the fully enlightened soul you are. Act like you are more than the limited 3 dimensional character you are playing in the drama called life on Earth.

Every day, perhaps every moment, look for the Joy in the lesson you are learning from the challenge you are currently living. Yes, Joy in the most difficult, or even painful, lesson. You are a Master of your Journey. AND, You are Loved for being who you are!

There is no definitive way of proving, or disproving, the theory regarding the “Volunteers” that I know of… Regardless as to whether this is an optimistic fantasy or possible, it is always a good idea to increase our awareness and to “wake up.” Enhancing our empathy and consciousness is more and more necessary in our overcrowded world. Raising our conscious vibrations, learning equanimity, being “present,” and reducing our desire for crippling judgements makes good sense in our modern world. Never give up on what is essential… growing in consciousness and finding ways to be of service. Share Love. Share your wisdom. Find Joy even in difficult challenges. Remember where you came from and where you will return.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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