Chasing Enlightenment

First, let me say that I believe each and every one of us is perfect. We each have a Spirit and soul which is connected to the Divine Source. We each serve an important role in Divine Consciousness. AND, deep within each of us is the “Enlightenment” which many of us are consciously seeking. Yes, I am saying that if we run in circles with our hair on fire, we have the purest form of the Divine Spirit within us. And, if you do NOT run in circles with your hair on fire, pure, perfect Divine Spirit is within you, as well. However, many people live their lives in quiet, or non-quiet, desperation attempting to gain a consciousness regarding our “Enlightenment.” What is “Enlightenment” and is it worth chasing?

For me, Enlightenment, which does not find easy words to be defined, is a state where we are able to live in higher dimensional consciousness. A state where we have Equanimity as we walk through our lives. Personally, I struggle to not get sucked into the human dramas and the politics of living as a human. Equanimity does not mean that you do not feel the drama but you do not get caught in the currents which throw you mentally or emotionally into the extremes of reaction. (Boy, do I need to be reminded of this constantly…) Besides Equanimity you live in a state of Non-Judgement. You can Accept what you encounter. You take full responsibility for your life, your choices, and where your path leads you. You look for the Joy in life (and find it,) even in the dark times and places you travel through. You feel connected to the Divine Spirit and all of consciousness because you are an important part of the much greater whole. So, when you look into some other soul’s eyes you see and know yourself. Namaste!!! You can appreciate that the human linear concepts of Time and Space are illusions existing within our humanness because our three dimensional thinking, as humans, can not cope with the many multi-dimensions of higher realm consciousness. And, you “Know” and “Remember” what Divine Unconditional Love feels like. (It is an integrated combination of all the qualities listed above.

As we walk through our human lives, it can be very difficult to maintain your highest consciousness. We are tested. We are limited by human survival mechanisms. We have prepared ourselves for interactions with other incarnated souls where we lack full trust regarding their intentions. This is the fear based human consciousness of separation which comes along with ego thinking and living. So, many of us find ourselves living with our human limitations chasing after full consciousness and Enlightenment. But, does this work for us? This brings us to the purpose, or intention, of this posting. Can we chase down Enlightenment successfully? The very “effort” of this chasing can scare our soul’s Enlightenment away. Like a shy creature we come across in nature, this animal will run away if we chase after it. Its survival is based on the survival of it’s flight/fight response. The faster we chase, the faster it goes in an opposite (or different) direction.

So striving for Enlightenment may chase it away. “Wanting” Enlightenment may chase it away. Trying too hard to attain Enlightenment may lead to this same result. Trying too hard gets in the way of the Enlightenment we seek. Perhaps, being available without a chasing behavior gets us closer. Perhaps, accepting that we are chasing this elusive prey is a good place to start. Maybe, living in Gratitude with a “lack of wanting” allows this consciousness to find us… Consider, living in the present moment with a lack of expectations and judgement are keys to developing the feelings within your heart of what Enlightenment is… Making the human effort of chasing after it, may be getting in the way of achieving the state of consciousness which I consider Enlightenment.

Since it is already deep within you, you may not have to seek after it externally. You can not be forced or even lead to Enlightenment by people or forces outside of yourself. You may find yourself engaged in programs or processes which can begin to open doors by creating awareness or perspective on what is possible, but it will not take you all the way. It is to be searched for and accepted as the deep, perfect soul you are… Feel it to “Know” it. And, when you get to that state of consciousness, you can “Remember” your connection to the Divine and the perfection which is YOU and within every soul you bump into as walk the path through your human life. (And, someone else’s path or philosophy for achieving a state of enlightenment may be a a good example of what is possible BUT you are required to walk your own unique path. Your individual search is a unique experience for you to explore.)

Your tools to brighten your path may include: meditation, conscious breathing, being present, acceptance, equanimity, service by loving with no strings attached, and your sincere awareness that consciousness expansion is a key. We must look to assist other human souls which we encounter as we travel through the Universe. We are all in this together. By raising our consciousness, we raise all consciousness. And, remember that YOU are perfect. You are a Miracle! And, You are Loved!

Thanks for this consideration. You are a Blessing!
And, my friend and mentor, Paula Forget, has added another point of view:

“Hi John,

Something that was missing is JOY!

Enlightenment is a state of being. Like you said: “Feel it to know it.”

I don’t think you can “practice” enlightenment, to become enlightened. It’s qualities must develop naturally. Otherwise, it is like trying to be good, not to be bad. It is a duality based approach, and still creates friction inside a person.
You cannot practice being “joyous”, for the same reason. By “practicing”, something is being suppressed.

I think, for myself, enlightenment, to be enlightened, is something that is discovered. To find something that was always there. It is a feeling, a knowing, that is found again, rediscovered. Its feeling is so full, that it transforms you into all those great qualities that you mentioned.

It is GRACE, to touch It.
That is something to be grateful for.

Of course, that’s only my opinion.

Author of: Guided to the Higher Realms: A Personal Journey of Ascension through Meditation

I think Paula’s addition in adding her perspective is brilliant! So, set your intention to allow yourself to rediscover the Joy and the Enlightenment which is within your soul. I know that this is easier said than done but it “is” the way. At some point this may lead you to drop your human, cultural striving. Then you may be able to sit in the “present moment,” accept what flows before you, and share your love without strings attached in service to all the Divine Spirit.

Sharing Your Love

Today, I am considering two friends who are facing life threatening health challenges. As I get older, this seems to happen more often in the world of people I know. My consideration goes to, have I done enough? Have I shared my love? Will there be a feeling of guilt or unfinished business if I should not get another opportunity to speak with these friends ever again, in this lifetime? How should I handle leaving every interaction so no unfinished business is left unsaid? (Should I drop “should” from my considerations?) Perhaps, I am suppose to learn something from having unfinished business. (Should I drop “supposed” from by consciousness and just “Do?”) This makes me laugh but there is “a lot to unpack” in these considerations and I have never used the expression “unpack” before in my postings.

Relationships and interactions can be very complicated. If you are not “sleep walking” through your life, you can become aware of the major reactions and the minor subtleties which occur during and after each encounter. For me, being consciously aware of the learnings possible from each interaction is a great opportunity to learn and to develop. So, I ask again, what could I have learned from my time with my friends which may be the “last” time I interact with them? A simple answer is Do Not Leave My Love Unexpressed… And, how do I deal with my lesson regarding the vacuum created by the loss, or possible loss, of my friend? In my past postings, you may have found that my attitude regarding death and dying is different from the standard cultural response. Death is inevitable. Death is NOT the enemy. No escaping it. And, I can cheer for the soul who is letting go of their human existence even if this creates a huge hole in my life. My sadness and grief is for MY LOSS. They are in a “better place.” I am left behind to deal with the hole in my life.

What is MY lesson from considering the loss of a friend? How can this change the way I look at my life and, possibly, my behaviors? There are no coincidences. There are no accidents. Things happen for a reason though these “reasons” may not be fully, consciously, understood. Life is a series of experiences that you can learn from and build upon, if you even believe in sequential time… (Being “fully present” is a whole other blog posting…) Living is complicated and multi-dimensional. There are so many dimensions your human mind can not be fully conscious of all of these “happenings.” I have been told that the human conscious brain realizes, consciously, only a small fraction of what is going through your brain. Maybe less than 5% of what the brain is dealing with… And, the human brain, in its limitations of 3 dimensions, is only dealing with a very small percentage of what is occurring in our immediate Universe. Wow, so my thoughts and my feelings of each human interaction is only registering in my limited consciousness to only a small fraction of what is actually, “fully,” happening. (I am getting confused even as I attempt to write and convey the thoughts/feelings I am having.)

Time, if you even believe in time, is limited. Our shared time with the people we interact with and care about is limited. It is a part of the challenge we have living as human beings. Below the surface of Universal interactions, there lies a sophisticated and complicated series of wisdom testing experiences we have chosen (at some deeper, soul level) to participate within. Every interaction and every moment is precious. It is better to Bless each Soul we meet for the perfection WE are. (Because they are we…) Perhaps, when we reach an enlightened state, we can “Accept” and even find Joy in each experience we find along our path through our human lives. Easier said than done, for me. And, something to strive to accomplish…

My two friends who are in a fragile state of physical well being are such lovely souls that my human self honors the value they have as they walk this Earth. They are bastions of Love and Wisdom. To me, they seem to serve with every breath they take. Our world is a better place with these souls walking amongst us. The world, even our Universe, is a better place with YOU walking amongst us. Thank you for being YOU! And, in case I forget to say this, I Love You!

Be vigilant in every interaction that, where possible, you leave no unfinished business. This awareness identifies you as developing a higher consciousness, acceptance, and moves you closer to a level of human enlightenment, which we have all come here, to this life, to strive to accomplish…


Peace for Everyone! Is this possible? Sure it is, AND… Our language fails us again. We can get painted into a corner by using words which mean so many things to so many people. I have used the statement, “for every truth, the opposite is equally true,” to describe that whatever you believe to be true from a different perspective almost anything can be “felt,” if not “proven,” to be “true.” Yes, even the seemingly opposite of your “truth.” Words like Love, Death, Heaven, Hell, Integrity, Truthfulness, Honesty, and now, Peace can mean different things to different people. We may want to feel that important words which convey important things are absolute and not caught in a game of semantics but they are. And, getting back to the point of this posting, Peace for Everyone is possible. In fact, if we shed the wrappings of fear, anxiety, dogmatism, and mistrust, we can all feel the deepest sense of Divine Peace.

Divine Peace is within each of us. We do not have to look externally for this. In fact, if we do attempt to find Peace externally, we may find confusion which may be, by some people’s definition, the opposite of peace. My definition of “Peace,” which will NOT do it justice, is the experience of our perfect souls/spirits fully connected to the Divine Consciousness. It is the part of us which is a hologram of the Divine. It is our internal God force. It is our true essence. And, it is beyond full human understanding because it’s full comprehension is far beyond our 3 dimensional human thinking. Divine Love and Consciousness can not be fully, adequately, defined in words or completely felt by human senses (except perhaps in brief flashes of awakening and enlightenment.) As an example, I once experienced Divine Unconditional Love for an instant. I will never forget how great this felt for that instant. This experience is burned deeply into my consciousness and yet, I can not recall the full depth of this Unconditional Divine Love. My mind is not capable of “knowing” the full scope of what this is due to the limitations of being a 3 dimensional human. And, I know that when I am not in my human incarnation, I will be free to live in this unconditional Love.

However, most people define Peace differently. A lack of conflict between people or nations or religions (or beliefs or politics or philosophies) is how most people might seem to view human peacefulness. Perhaps, it is defined as a moment in time without distraction or troubling thought. Perhaps, it is a measurable physical lack of movement or disruption. Perhaps, it is a deeper level of Meditation which seems to step away from normal life activities (and this might be the closest sense of the Divine.) I agree that many of these human definitions of peace fit within my language better than the concept of Divine Peace. We can be limited by language. For example, how does language describe the fragrance of a flower or baking bread. A great deal is lost when using language to define emotions or feelings. In English, we compare and contrast to attempt to box in an idea or a feeling in to a manageable concept. We can use sentences telling our communication partner what a thing is Not. Peace is often described as Not War or conflict. But, deep Peace is something more…

Everyone can find Divine Peace within. It is a “stretch” and many of us are not geared to look inside for the Peace which is possible. “Peace on Earth” is possible by my definition but may not be a 24/7 sustainable concept because human life and distractions can get in the way. It is something to strive for. For me, the concept of “Enlightenment” may be a step toward living in a more abundant state of Peace. And, if we as humanity were more fully engaged in the search for consciousness and Enlightenment, we would have, by my definition, be a much more Peaceful World.

In my opinion, we can move toward deeper personal peace by: being fully “present,” quieting our minds, breathing slowly and consciously, and pursuing a meditative awareness which allows a release of fear and embraces a Divine state of consciousness. All easier said than done. Intention and practice can assist you in bringing this into your life. I focus on the concept of Divine Love. I slowly breathe this Love in and then send this Love from my heart out to the Universe as a positive focusing tool which can lead me to a greater sense of Peace. This has taken me time and effort to be able to achieve especially in the quieting of my active mind. There might be reasons to struggle with finding deep Divine Peace and this is a personal struggle which is a part of why we came into our incarnations. A “test” in developing the Divine Wisdom we have come into our incarnations to experience, to “Remember,” and to expand.

For me, there is also the knowing/feeling that we are all perfect as souls of the Divine. As we take on our lives and the “roles” in the drama of life we play, our minds and ego may lose touch with deeper perfection of who we really are. When we re-discover or “remember” who we are and where we have come from, we are closer to knowing and remembering the Divine Peace which we have within. Consider how you might turn this light back on as a human test (challenge) while living in your human body in your human drama filled life. This is what we came here to experience so try not to consider this state of drama to be “bad” or evil. It is just what is and a part of our learning. YOU are a Blessing and celebrated for coming into the “testing ground” for higher consciousness on the field of human drama!

In my belief and understanding, peace is possible for everyone. Striving to find and know Peace is an act which moves us toward Enlightenment and spiritual wisdom. This “heaven on Earth” can be approached and achieved by most of us but the desire and the intent is often obscure or lacking. Waking up to this possibility is a message which can be shared and supported when we find people pursuing this focused direction. Where possible, hang out with individuals who are on this path not as a political, religious, or purely mental exercise but as an honest individual pilgrimage toward higher consciousness.

No matter what your beliefs are regarding these words and concepts, YOU are Perfect! You are a Miracle! You are an important piece of the Divine Consciousness. Thank you for being YOU!

Clearing Drama!

As human beings, we travel through our lives interacting with other incarnated souls. As we bump into other humans, we find ourselves engaged in human situations and often there is “drama” involved. Why do we create Drama? Why do we not lead with equanimity and acceptance? Well, that is why we came into our human lives for the adventures of living in the limitations of our human, 3 dimensional consciousness. We tend to not see the the “big picture” of Divine Consciousness. Some advanced and conscious souls might say that this is the “fun” of being human. Which brings me to the point of this blog posting… When we are most fully conscious and closer to the Divine Enlightenment, we are more fully “Present.” “Present” in terms of being fully in the moment and NOT living in the “Past” or anxious of the unknown “Future.”

Easier said than done… When we carry around our “Past” with its errors and trauma, our human defense mechanisms create drama when we compare the present situations to ones experienced from our past, when we were less prepared. With our “history,” we view events through the filters of possible past imperfections and get caught up in the possible fear of imperfections in the present. (Notice the “Judgement” of judging our imperfections.) We often forget that no matter what occurs, life is a miracle and perfect, even within its imperfections. We set ourselves up to walk through the emotional minefield of fear and self-doubt. We may forget to live in Joy and with the excitement of the “Beginner’s Mind” of Wonderment.

Or, we get caught in the “what ifs” anxiety regarding what might happen in the future which is not fully a known quantity, because it has not happened yet. Fear of the unknown is huge for humans caught in their 3 dimensional mindsets. In a most fully conscious place of awareness, whatever happens in the “future” moments, beyond the present moments, which have NOT happened, is not the best way to enjoy the amazing interactions of the “Present.” The neurobiology suggests that our upper left hemisphere of the brain is processing life experience, making judgements, and living in a survival mode where fear and anxiety lead the way in conscious thoughts or emotions. For more information regarding this consider reading Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. book: “Whole Brain Living, the Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Out Lives.” Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained and published Neuroanatomist whose best selling book “My Stroke of Insight” and her Ted Talk demonstrate her first hand experience with human brain functioning. Amazing description of the science of human conscious thought in these two resources.

So, if we drop the historical traumas from the Past and eliminate living in the unknown anxiety of the Future, we can control the human drama we are often caught up within. Again, easier said than done but this awareness is a great place to start. In Spiritual Enlightenment, we may tend to look for living in the Present moment. We may live that moment in a state of Wonderment. Not judging but Accepting. Not riding a human emotional roller coaster but feeling equanimity as much as possible. Sure we will have the “Oh Wow!” experiences which express the Joy of new miracle witnessed. These steps are a huge part of living in Mindfulness. The way to be happier in “Clearing Drama” is to be aware of living in the Present in a state of Mindfulness. We do not need to erase past drama. We may benefit from not being caught in its web of past experience or fear/anxiety of the unknown future. Once again, easier said than done. This awareness is more than half the battle.

Perhaps you have witnessed a most fully conscious being who appears calm and neutral, not out of a lack of caring, but out of an appreciation that living fully in the present moment is perfect and a miracle to most fully enJoy!

We, as humans, define ourselves by feeling separate and unique with our own human history. We tell our stories to ourselves and anyone who we can get to listen. We look for acknowledgement in our uniqueness and our survival of our lives. Sometimes we play the “victim card” to get attention. Perhaps, as we become more conscious, we can become aware that we are all connected. We are all perfect. We are all amazing Miracles. And, that every soul we bump into on our road through life is there for some, perhaps obscure, reason for our spiritual learning (and to experience and appreciate within the present moment.)

“Clearing Drama” is not erasing past experiences and learnings. It involves treating EVERY moment as the Miracle it is and searching for the lesson which can be learned in an attempt to move our consciousness further along the path. Oh, by the way, every interaction is also a perfect opportunity to be of service to share your wisdom with the people/souls you bump into along your way. We are all here to serve in this way, whether we are conscious of this or not… If nothing else, please take responsibility for the emotional drama you spew around the world as you travel through your life. This will make it more rewarding and fun especially if you do NOT take yourself or life too seriously. We are all but actors in the the play called “Life.”

You are a Miracle! Consider living in the present moment with a sense of wonderment rather than in the fear of judgment… (Or, at least move in this possible direction…)

Next Steps Toward Enlightenment

What are YOU working on to increase your consciousness and to move down your path toward “Enlightenment?” Creating a Plan is a great way to improve your focused direction. You will need to consider your own specific challenges and then build a program/plan to assist you in moving forward. Or, you can also just stumble down your path and you will get to where you are supposed to get to with a few possible side trips. Either way, You are a Miracle and your travels will be amazing… (Not always easy or direct but amazing…)

My list includes these possible considerations. These are not necessarily in a specific order of importance. You are free to consider which of these may apply to your program…
So, consider:

1.) Be Present (lessen my emotional reaction to live in the Past or in the Future)
2.) Find Equanimity first (before my knee-jerk reaction of frustration and anger) This is not easy for me and my habitual responses.
3.) Live in Allowance… Accept more, push less (Attempt to Not Try to Figure it ALL Out. Observe and learn.)
4.) Beam Unconditional Love
5.) Less Judgement and More Acceptance & Compassion
6.) More fully remember my Spiritual Power, beyond my Human limitations
7.) Listen with Love and Empathy
8.) Embrace the Miracle of Life, Appreciation!
9.) Bask in Joy (even if you have to look under some dark, scary rocks to find it)
10.) Express Gratitude (Thank You!)
11.) Celebrate each interaction with other souls as my current lesson.
Live in the Spirit of “Namaste”
12.) Give unconditionally and support my fellow pilgrims
13.) Live in Wonderment and Amazement (Beginner’s Mind)
14.) Channel Love and Healing
15.) Know that life (Human incarnation) is a state of Impermanence
(Life is temporary and so are all the challenges…)
AND, finally…
16.) We are all Interconnected, so show Love and Respect for Fellow Pilgrims

My hope is that this brief posting offers a chance to consider plotting a good direction for you to move in. I am sure that there will be necessary steps for me to add or to evolve my focus upon as I move forward, so I am not etching this particular list into stone.

No matter what else crosses your consciousness maintain your channel with the Divine Spirit. Obviously, keep this open and available… So, learn to trust, or at least hear/feel your intuition.

Along the way, celebrate all your travels down life’s path. Remember that it IS the experience of these travels and Not the destination which will offer you the wealth of life experience… When possible, remember to look up to the horizon (and not just down on your footsteps). Look for wisdom and Joy to grow out of your “Wonderment.” (Be surprised by the unlikely interactions which may hold the most unexpected learnings…)

Travel well. And where possible, be the beacon of light for the fellow souls you encounter along your path… We are all in this together.
YOU are a Miracle!

With My Love!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Dawning of the Age of Higher Consciousness

Happy New Year! Good bye to 2020 and looking to the Light for 2021…

As we transition from the year of “Torment” (2020) into the new year are we on the verge of the a New Age? Will this be the beginning of the New Consciousness or a further descent into separation and destruction of our home planet? Has the 2020 Pandemic offered us a chance to step back from cultural hedonism and conspicuous consumption or just a break from the headlong course over the ledge into mutual destruction? Will we learn from historical events regarding the decline of past civilizations or are we destined to follow the same path into a dangerous global decline? My hope is that we can remember the past human history and remember our Divine Spirit and so change course before we ruin our Earth irreparably.

Our leading cultures admire and seem to worship selfishness and individualism at the expense of the “greater good.” The power is driven by an economy (and the 1% of the population who control most of the wealth) which feeds excessively on natural resources and the servitude of a struggling working class which is an unsustainable situation. Greed of money and power is not the focus for a world growing in selfishness and is not healthy for our Global community. Future generations, if they survive, will look back on these very days as a moment of choice. These future cultures will either celebrate or demonize our cultures and leadership for the course of human civilization that is in the balance as we end the darkness of the year of 2020. Our Pandemic, our politics, our economy, and our consciousness will be revered as a positive time of growth and change or as the nail in the coffin of human civilization. Time will tell but our lessons will be critical for survival of life as we know it on Earth or as a “tear-down” and rebuilding era.

Metaphysical philosophers and Astrologers are suggesting the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The potential for positive redirection into a higher consciousness which can change the path of humanity. We are polarized and fighting for opposite values. These are exciting and interesting times. The travel brochures for spirits in the higher realms read, “See It (our Earth) Before Its Gone…” The “Adventure Travel” from the Higher Realms into human incarnation seems fraught with danger, excitement, and peril. But, this is nothing new for living on Earth. However, today at the end of 2020, we have the technology to either take the Earth down and allow the cockroaches to rule our planet for the next million years OR we can work together to build a more evolved civilization and consciousness. Historically, humans are headed for a horrendous apocalypse as a pattern which will lead to destruction of current civilizations. (example: remember the Roman Empire’s demise…) Oh well. Nice Try!

There is so much room for “learning” as incarnated humans. And, we tend to learn more from hard times so this will be a great opportunity for growth… It does not have to be so dark and we may find, and then follow, a path toward the Light. So, let’s jump on board and see where this train will take us. Keep your eyes, and minds, wide open. Support your fellow pilgrims as best you can because we all in this together, sink or swim… And, Love is a great option compared to fear.

Consider, loving support over greed. Consciousness over narrow polarized selfishness. Do Not buy in to conspiracy theories or we are digging a hole (do REAL research before you believe what you read on Social media even from “trusted” sources.) Giving rather than taking. Be the Light instead hiding in the shadows or basking in someone else’s light. Connecting with the Divine rather than living in the 3 dimensional ego driven mind. Remember your connection and oneness with all souls rather than building walls of separation (and hoarding wealth and power.) AND, most importantly, know and Love our planet Earth as the Miracle Jewel it is in our Universe.

My Mind writes these words and finds form for the Human drama that is playing out in our Earthly world. My heart feels a seemingly opposite sensation. My heart dances in the light of Joy “Knowing” and “Remembering” the Divinity beyond the travails of Human drama. This part of my human consciousness has access to the “what is possible” in being alive in these challenging times of human history. These words may help to rally the souls touched by these blogged thoughts and we can reach out to support each other to most gracefully learn from these challenges and raise all consciousness by doing so. I ask you to look for, and find, Joy each day you are blessed to live. Look especially deep into the moments which seem darkest to find the Light of these important lessons. (We came to the Earthly plane for the human dramas our lives create. We desire these opportunities to learn and to grow beyond our 3 dimensional limitations.) Express unconditional Love, more acceptance, less judgement, and remember our connection to the Divine Spirit and all souls…

We can do this! We can create the “Light” out of the seeming darkness which pervades our human existence. And, this means finding Joy in the blessings of our challenging learnings while releasing fear and mind created separation.

No matter where you are on your human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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The “Veil” a Perspective

Crossing the Veil is a spiritual concept which may bring you closer to the Divine Spirit or the “Source” or the “Higher Realms”… But, what is the Veil? Why does it keep souls incarnated as humans (or other life forms) from knowing the Higher Realms? I recently heard a presentation by Robert Schwartz who had an interesting perspective regarding the Veil which I had not heard before. Rob Schwartz is a hypnotherapist who has worked with many clients to better connect with and understand their life’s purpose by “examining” the “agreements” regarding coming into their human incarnations. He claims that he has witnessed the Veil as translucent curtain which serves a great purpose. Rob claims that the Veil is a good thing. It creates a barrier to fully knowing who we are (as a perfect soul) and where we come from (in the Higher Realms.) This allows us to ask good questions until we rejoin the “higher realms” where we know everything. The Veil allows us to explore lessons as the learning challenges we are here, in our human lives, to have.

We come into human incarnations to experience the dramas of life on Earth. If we were more fully “Enlightened” in our human lives, we might not get so caught up in the our lives. We might not have to learn that we are perfect, because we are and this would get in the way of the “fun.” We would not have to learn that there is Joy to be found in every experience, even the painful challenges. We would remember and know Unconditional Love. We would know we are supported no matter what we do and not Judged. Life on Earth would not be the “Adventure Travel” experience which it appears, to higher souls, to be. (If the “Veil,” as a barrier to pure consciousness, was not in place for our human minds, we may lose motivation to “do the work” in our current lives…)

The struggles and challenges we have in our human incarnations have great value as learning experiences. We consciously or unconsciously strive for higher consciousness and travel our lives with the goal of “Enlightenment.” If the Veil did not obscure the remembering of the Higher Realms from our human lives, the scavenger hunt we are living would not be so desperate and driven. If life on Earth was so super high in consciousness without the Veil, we would not be given respect and medals for surviving our visit to the Earthly plane (Which is my humor popping through.)

For more information: Rob Schwartz’s website:

No matter where you are on your soul’s human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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I am Sad and Depressed Everyday

How would you respond? What words can you convey to be of service? Can you feel empathy?

Comment which was received anonymously from a past blog posting:
“I am extremely sad and depressed everyday. Cry a lot. Think about suicide all the time. As a 54 yr old female, I am wondering how to achieve enlightenment to elevate my soul and spirit…”

How do YOU respond to this comment… So this is the Response from Guidance:

“Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that you feel sad and depressed everyday. Life is a Miracle. Living can be brutal. Perhaps you can set out everyday to find one miracle in your world. Look for it. Find it. Feel it. AND, Know it…
This may be difficult to believe but even though you feel unhappy, you are a Miracle. You are amazing. No one else could do what you do. If you shared your life’s story, people would think that you are a SuperWoman to have survived. You have wisdom to share AND do not miss the opportunity to share your wisdom, even if what you share is what not to do… Your warning may change someone’s life.

By answering your comment, my day has been changed. Thank You.
You are a Blessing!
When possible, find Joy even in the darkest day or the most difficult challenge. This is easier said than done BUT you can get good at this… by… looking for the miracles and the good there is to find…

Please take good care of yourself. I am sending you my love and my thanks.”
Additional thoughts from Guidance:

Most people find times in their human lives which do not feel happy. It is part of our challenge to live as humans in a world which often teaches through pain or fear or anxious uncertainties. Perhaps we survive and feel stronger and more resilient. Perhaps we survive and feel scarred and broken. The difficulties we face are part of the “drama” we sign up for as spiritual beings come to have “human” experiences. And, Pain is real, suffering is optional…

Life has its physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. These lessons are essential. How we deal with our losses, our pains, and our life challenges is an option we have. If you want to carry your victimhood as suffering, you have that as a choice AND as a lesson.

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” is attributed to the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche and delivers wisdom worth sharing. (It also reflects upon our life experience as an affirmation of resilience.) No Guide from the Divine ever said that human life would be always easy or fun. The times when we often learn the most are when we are most tested. However, living life in a state of constant sadness or depression is probably not the intention for every soul walking the Earth. We are tested and true “Enlightenment” often includes the ability to find light and joy in every dark corner of our lives. Not as a Pollyannaish response but as a reverence for all lessons, especially the tough ones.

Even the wealthiest humans amongst us can NOT buy eternal happiness or, more importantly, spiritual satisfaction and wisdom with their financial wealth reserves. In fact, for many people, wealth or the desire for wealth can get in the way of the deepest spiritual insights. (Consider the story of Siddhartha.) Wealth is not bad however its focused pursuit can get in the way of being most fully “present” and then acting on the path toward “Enlightenment” in your human incarnation… (This reflects My opinion based on my guidance…)

“Enlightenment” includes non-judgement, empathy, acceptance, and equanimity of other pilgrims and the interactions which occur. The practice of an Enlightened being includes unconditional love of all souls even the ones who you bump into who teach you lessons as your seemingly polar opposites. A common lesson on the path to “Enlightenment” entails taking full responsibility for the path you are following. No one else has made the choices you have made and you empower yourself by assuming your responsibility to both “good” and the difficult circumstances you may experience along the way. YOU have more power to create than you are consciously aware of in your human existence! (If you do not like your life’s path, change it! If people do not like you, you could change or find new people or learn from this difficult and awkward situation. Quit making the same mistake over and over or accept this condition in your temporary incarnation.)

Depression and Sadness are not uncommon human experiences. Our choice is to “suffer.” On the other side of living a human life, there are miraculous experiences and joy to be found in every day which you are blessed to live.

YOU are a Blessing! You are a Miracle! No one else can do “You” better than you and the Divine Spirit would be incomplete without what your soul brings to our Universe. Thank you for being you… You are LOVED!

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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We Are Here to Love!

It is not easy! It is not complicated! We are here to love. To know love and to spread love. Our human lives pretend to honor the drama we create as the useful challenges we have to learn from. But, in the end, our learnings and our challenges are less complicated when seen from the perspective of the “Source.” We are here to serve each soul we bump into on our pilgrimage through this life and we are here to Love…

We want this to be more complicated and seemingly more important! Our egos want us to judge our deeds with relative values which are just constructed by our minds. We want to separate ourselves and to feel more important by comparing our “goodness” or our “successes” with the other people we meet. However, this judgement and separation is a challenge to release. At some point, we remember and then “Know,” that we are all in this together and are all heading in the same direction of being tested by our human dramas and then finding loving acceptance of all the souls in this Universe…

We are all being tested by the dramas we experience in our human existence. Isn’t it great! Difficult, depressing, painful, and challenging, BUT, Great! Our test to remember where we came from, The Divine, and where we will return, if we ever really “left” in the first place… Our goal as we grope toward an Enlightened state is to continue to connect with other pilgrims, know we are all in this together, and Love every spirit we encounter. That is “Enlightenment” and what we seek to carry forward in our human lives. We ARE the Divine, manifested into this human drama… (Not to belittle our struggles and our lives, but, perhaps we can step out of our dramas and imagine that we are looking at, viewing our lives as if we were watching a movie or a TV drama. The characters draw us in to their stories. If the acting is good, we are drawn in to the roles being played and the drama being played out. But, at the end of the movie we have new perspective but we return to our lives… It may serve us better to be slightly removed from the dramas we experience as humans so we can gain perspective without being to sucked in… But, this IS the lesson of our existence…) By “we return to our lives,” I refer to rejoining our spirit lives in the higher realms of the Divine.

AND, the “Love” being suggested is NOT human love with human conditional concerns. True Divine “Unconditional Love” seems to be beyond mental comprehension, and so beyond human definition. Even human love is really undefinable. Words do not do justice to the deepest concept of the emotions and understanding of love. “Divine Love” can not even be felt (well) or described by the human mind (and certainly words in English.) We “Know” Unconditional Love in our spirit and when dwelling in the Higher Realms. (In my personal experience, after returning from a spiritual “awakening” visit to the Higher Realms when visiting Death at the human age of 19 years old, I “remembered’ and felt Unconditional Love but could not clearly feel it when I returned to my human life. Though I “knew” it was available beyond the limitations of my human self. This was a life changing experience for me, which I was gifted.)

With all this said: Find Love. Share Love. Be Love… (You do not need to make excuses or make it more complicated… But, you will… Until, you do not need to…) And, Unconditional Love, Freedom, and Acceptance awaits You in the Higher Realms…

Paula Forget, my mentor and author of the book, “Guided to the Higher Realms,” contributes to this story:
“If I can add as a side, it is easy to Love when you see the Beauty of the Divine in others and in the whole world. It is there in its essence, even in the pain and difficulties, and in the joys and moments of awe.” (BTW: a recent rereading of Paula Forget’s book was the trigger and inspiration for this and many other of my blog postings…)

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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What Might It Be To Be God?

What would it be like to be God? Consider this not as blasphemy or as an Ego trip but through the Heart of the Divine Spirit. And, putting aside that your humanness, your brain, and your three dimensional limitations which do not easily allow such an expansive view of our Universe, you, your spirit, are at the core of Divine Wisdom. You are the perfect manifestation of the Divine, incarnated into a human life. You can back away from this responsibility but it does not change the fact that you and God are one. (You are an unexplainable Miracle.) Now, what do you do with this concept?… Beyond your struggle to know or to remember, and your denial, and to finally surrender to this “knowing,” is a theme for your enlightenment…

Imagine for a fraction of a human second what it would be like to be at the source of all dimensions of all of the Universe. In the “Higher Dimensions” a fraction of a second goes on forever AND a human life is but a blink… and Time and space, as humans understand, does not exist in the Higher Dimensions. The Human mind has limitations which boxes it in due to the belief that linear time, sequential time, exists and that all reality is found within 3 dimensions. In the Higher Dimensional Realms, “time” does not exist so you can be anywhere, in any dimension, perhaps even in multiple lifetimes in every moment. This is difficult to get your mind to understand because this is far beyond most human understanding. Likewise, it is not easily possible to “realize” that you are not confined by space in three dimensions. You can be anywhere, everywhere, simultaneously.

So, to imagine that your human mind and your human ego is put aside and you are the “Creator” of the Universe becomes a tremendous challenge for a frail human being. If you have had an “Awakening” like a Near Death Experience or a spiritual Epiphany, you might be more conscious of what is possible without human limitations. (Look up STE, a Spiritually Transformative Experience.) This is not the ego driven thoughts of unlimited power like in the movies. It is a more complete “Knowing” of omnipotence. So why is any of this important to you? You have a critical role in the Divine Spirit. You are a unique piece of the foundation of the Universe and all of the Divine. You are a multidimensional being living in a human incarnation but NOT limited to the human boundaries you have agreed to participate within in this drama of your human existence.

Putting your limitations of mind and ego aside, YOU are a piece of God. YOU are God! You are a living manifestation of Holy Spirit and have access to all of Divine Wisdom. AND, you are shaking your head in disbelief because it is too much to comprehend and there is too much responsibility that is enfolded in this consciousness. You might assume that if you were God, you would have to behave “God-like.” You could not have flaws in your humanness. AND, you fail to see the perfection of your imperfections along with the human lessons and challenges you are here to experience… You are “here” to be a crippled human, blind to who you really are. And, if you were to transcend your human limitations to realize your Divinity, you may have to live each moment within God-like expectations. Forget this expectation. You are NOT here to live 24/7 as God, though you may want to move closer to that possibility. Your purpose is to serve other souls in their quest to “remember” who they are, where they come from, and where they will return at the end of their human incarnation.

YOU can NOT get this wrong! You are Perfect! You are a Miracle! Your struggle in being human is your lesson and it is “our” lesson to get you as far along as possible in consciousness within the human existence you have chosen. So, at some point, imagine yourself in the higher dimensions. Free from time and space. As a multidimensional spirit you are surrounded by light and consciousness. You are enveloped in unconditional Divine Love. You are fully accepted for the perfect being you are. You are connected to all other spirits because you are “one” with them as part of the Universal Divine Spirit. You have the freedom to be anywhere and in any dimension and in any Earthly life at any moment. You can manifest your reality AND this is always perfect (if only as a lesson or challenge for you to experience.) In a meditation, you may have a brief remembering of this reality and this opens the door for your consciousness to walk through to have a greater realization that you are most perfect and at the core of all Divine Wisdom. For an instant, your human mind may know a small piece of what it is like to be God.

No matter what you believe about what you just read, Guidance has drawn you into consideration of these words and these concepts. You can not un-see these words or undo these thoughts. You will have your own path to enlightenment and you will find your own unique way to share these rememberings. The challenge will be to live your life with this wisdom and in some micro-seconds of your human life, know that you are the Divine. You are Loved! You are connected and so “one” with all the Universe. Though your mind and your ego wants you to think you are separated from all consciousness, you are but a flash of insight from the core wisdom. Now, you can not ever go back. What will you do differently after you are exposed to this concept?

BTW, my scribing these words from my Divine Guidance is done in an act of service to developing consciousness, to express a point of view you may have some difficulty finding. There are moments in my waking humanness when I “know” these concepts as reality and I struggle to find my way to live with Divine Consciousness in more of moments I am allowed in this lifetime… We will go hand in hand down this path to greater awareness and expanded enlightenment…

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

This posting is not created to denigrate your religious belief in God or your religion. In fact, in many cases, religious philosophy can have laws and rules which limit the way you understand or perceive of the Divine Spirit and this posting offers an expansive and inclusive view of what is possible… You have free choice to mentally understand your life philosophy in this human incarnation. Your choice of human thoughts and then your behaviors are a part of the lessons and the challenges we all are here to learn from. So, be responsible for your own thoughts and feelings and behaviors. Learn from your reactive responses and strive to move forward on your pilgrimage through this life. As stated above, these lessons are “perfect” and of service. Thank you for your service.