Find the Divine Within You!

Find the Divine within you! Honor this Divine. Find a way to live your Divine Purpose!

Some very “conscious” people in the world have told me that we are all part of the large and all encompassing Divine. We are all connected and evolving in consciousness with all other beings of light and touched by unconditional love. We all have our lessons and our purpose. We are all in search of enhancing ourselves and, in so doing, enhancing all of consciousness. We are all “a miracle in motion.” For the evolution of our consciousness to happen clearly and cleanly, it helps to be present and shed the filters that cloud our experience (and vision) of the moment. Easier said than done, because this is one of the major lessons of learning to live in the “light.”

It is my belief that we all have the source of pure consciousness within us and tapping into this source is the underlying purpose of our lives. When we do find this source, we connect, or re-connect, with all of pure consciousness which is at the source and deep in the heart of our soul/spirit. Sharing this is the ultimate service we can provide. Touching the soul of others without our own filters and offering a pure reflection can be of the greatest service to the person who we are connected to in that moment. Saying what is intuitively coming through you, from your partner, can be a lesson of great learning both for your partner and for you. To be a clear “channel” of this reflection comes easily for some people and requires significant preparation for most of us. It is worth the effort to polish this mirror of deep, selfless reflection.

There are times when I feel closer to this ability to be clear. There are times in my life when I find that the efforts of self-care through a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation make this an easier and possibly a more clear reflection. There are times when I can feel the connection without the burden of my own “baggage” and then the intuitive reflections are the most astute (and accurate.) I celebrate these moments of connection as one of the most important activities in my work and my life. I bless these moments as if they are the best thing that I can “offer” or participate within in my life.

Consider those times from the past when you have felt the deepest bonds of connection. Celebrate them and find ways to enhance your abilities to be the clearest of all possible reflections.

Be present and be open to the Divine. And, when possible, bask in the light and warmth of shared unconditional love!

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