Listening to the “Burning Bush!”

Do you listen to the “Burning Bush?” Yes, you remember the old bible story regarding Moses and the Burning Bush but how many Burning Bushes have you met AND listened to? No, I am not crazy for asking you this question. Maybe a bit weird, but the Burning Bush in your life may have been a bit more subtle than in the story about Moses. God’s angel spoke to Moses and told him to stop what he was doing, head over to the King of Egypt and to tell the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave his country. You know the details or can look these up. But, back to you. How many times in your life did that loud or subtle demand pop up for you from somewhere deep within? You know. The one that said, I want to date that special person. Or, I need to go on this vacation or to some place you have never been. Or, I have to get a new job that is more satisfying. Or, I have to move to entirely different part of the country. Wow, I have had all of these pop into my consciousness. I even fell in love twice when I was a young man and neither of those relationships worked out but they were awesome learning experiences.

For me, when I was in my second year at UCLA, my not so subtle Burning Bush told me to drop out of college and go traveling to Europe. I turned 20 in Strasbourg, France, never went back to UCLA, and moved to Northern California to live for the next 35 years. I now know that this was the best experience I required for my life to change in what I consider the most positive of directions. YOU have jumped on feelings (even odd requests) and followed through. Sometimes it works well and you are happy. Sometimes it does not work well and it was a difficult, even a painful, challenge. If you take responsibility for your life, no matter what happened or how challenging, it was an awesome learning experience. Yes, you may have learned what never to do again, but…

The Burning Bush speaks to you and sometimes you listen and sometimes you ignore the request. You have choice! You sometimes follow the road less travelled and it takes you to the very special experience you were “meant” to have. The Burning Bush is often found when you come to the “fork in the road” of your life and you know you must choose a direction to follow. Change is scary and very important for the development of you as a person. If you do not “test” yourself, you may end up with the “What if???” regrets. What if you had dated so and so? What if you had taken that job? What if you had followed your “passion” instead of what people around you thought was a sensible life plan?

If you have ever been a teenager perhaps filled with teenage angst because you are on the verge of independence and you know you must spread your wings and fly, your Burning Bush was often wild and hopeful. You had freedom to make all the mistakes you needed to so you could grow and stretch yourself as a new person. Wow, you made mistakes. These were probably not lethal because you are reading this blog. Somethings worked out well and were treasured adventures. Some of your choices have given you scars which you may still be carrying with you. All of these have helped to form you into the amazing and unique person you are today. Thanks for listening to the suggestions offered to you by your “gut,” your “guides,” or by your version of the Burning Bush!

Your Burning Bush has guided you through pain and through the attractions of relationships and your creative endeavors. It spoke to you in cravings and has pulled you into experiences you needed to know, so you could grow and stretch in ways you might not have chosen. The safe and comfortable couch you rested upon with its addicting peace and dependability needed to be pushed aside so you could step into the world. I am sure that Moses did not want to go to confront the Pharaoh but his dramatic story is far from unique in history and, in your life. Thanks for having the fortitude to grow and to change.

BTW, the “Burning Bush” which may seem like guidance coming from an external source, is actually coming to you from that part of you connected to the Divine Source.

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