Privacy vs Oneness

Our friend and My mentor, Paula Forget writes:

“The need for privacy comes from fear and a sense of separation. We want to separate ourselves from the whole, to maintain our individual sense of Self, our sense of personal autonomy and control. We fear that we will be compromised by the outside world. We want to keep parts of ourselves secret to protect ourselves from external judgements and acrimonious behaviors. We fear recrimination and injury to our sense of Self and personal identity, personal story, that we identify ourselves with.

On the “other side” of the so-called veil, there is no such thing as privacy. All knowledge, perception, insight understanding of ourselves and others, is clearly visible. You cannot hide anything. Others know you and you know others wholistically: you see them, feel how they feel, understand their thoughts and know them, and much more, all at once. They also experience you the same way. There is no judgement, only understanding. Nothing is hidden or ‘private’ on the other side.

As you develop your higher senses of Love, you will also see people on Earth in the same way. If we all saw each other that way, there would no longer be dishonesty, treachery, deceit and misunderstanding because all thoughts and intentions would be transparent. If you feel fear right now as you consider this, also consider that your human experience would undergo a cathartic transformation. Our old world view and interactions would be transformed. We would see our relationships become more honest and pure, our motives and dreams would be shared in an instant, our ability to experience others hearts would instill an even deeper sense of compassion and love. It is hard to hate someone that you understand.

Yes, this day is at hand! Heaven on Earth is possible. The limits you experience are those you have placed on yourself. Unshield your eyes! It will require all of us to mature and evolve into our realized abilities. It will cause us to examine our personal defenses, perhaps our old history, yet it will also allow us to face life with an open heart as we acknowledge that we each are extraordinary beings, capable of boundless love. That day is at hand! Go forward, express your gifts, love one another. There is much splendor awaiting us all.

From Paula Forget”

Author of: Guided to the Higher Realms

My friend and mentor, Paula Forget, “Knows” about what she writes. Her practices in meditation have allowed her to access the “Higher Realms.” (Read her first book to more fully understand why I say this.) Paula does not lie or exaggerate. She speaks from her experience. When I hear about her adventures in the Higher Realms my perspective expands enormously and I begin to “Remember” what life was like for my spirit between human incarnations. For sure, this is true for you also. AND, we are all in this together! We are One!

You are a Blessing.

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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