What Did YOU Get From Meeting a Master?

Bear with me, please. In 2015, the Masters of the Journey community came to life. The premise for this project came from “Guidance” which indicated that people need ways to connect and to be supported by fellow consciousness seekers. It was also indicated that whether we know, and acknowledge, it or not, we are ALL Masters of our journey through life and into higher consciousness. Our mind/egos like to keep us “small” so we are not targets by standing in the light our brilliance can create… So, YOU are a Master. Like it or not! In many of our community’s gathering we share our stories of personal awareness through a small group interchange called the “Triad Process.” This was indicated by Guidance as a tool for connecting people and focusing upon experiences which have led to higher consciousness. BUT, this is not just a Masters of the Journey formula. It is a formula for connecting with everyone you meet and hopefully, finding the value of this interaction, no matter how subtle…

The Triad Process:
First, it is most important to realize that whomever you meet has a soul which has been around since the dawn of Divine Consciousness. (Though some people may seem like they have stood on the sidelines too much and perhaps have not “jumped into the river of life’s changes” as much as they could have. Jumping in is scary!) When you look into someone’s eyes please remember that they are sacred and Masters of their life. (No one can do their life and be in their role in the drama of life better than they can…) If you “Judge” them, you do yourself a disservice. If you look down on them and consider that they are Not Your equal, you may lose the value of this interaction and demonstrate that your current incarnation has a ways to go for the “Enlightenment” you seek. (This seeking may be a conscious seeking or an unconscious seeking, dependent on how Conscious You are.) If you allow your consciousness to reach its potential, you will understand that there is much to gain from any and every interaction. Even if the interaction “Triggers” you into an upset, this can be a “Learning” experience.

Second, because the individual you are sitting (or standing) in front of is a Master, you can best learn to be the “Witness” who can add most to this interaction by being the listener. Your focus on your speaker, or storyteller, is critical. Consuming this “story” without Judgement or your interruption is a great skill to develop. Why? Because in our culture this “Listening” skill has been bred out of us. We are often taught to interrupt and assert “Our” story so our insecurity can take control of the conversation… Taking this control we often lose the wisdom which is being given to us by our communication partner. We can not “look between the lines” to find the “Lesson” we were meant to experience from this interchange if we interrupt. Please Know that being a “Witness” in respect of the storyteller is one of the Greatest Gifts you can offer another person. Allowing your partner to share their wisdom through their story requires patience and offers the storyteller the opportunity to practice or the reliving of their story/experience which they are gifting you by sharing. This “Respect” is not shared enough by the “Me First” attitude in our culture AND interrupting does not breed respect in return. People LOVE to be heard and this is a great gift!

BTW: With the Holidays, you may find yourself confined in a home with friends and family you have successfully avoided for much of the year. Consider this an opportunity to Give the Gift of witnessing the shared stories that are the family legacies. Yes, even, or especially, if you have heard them told many times. Your gift is being a witness. Your lesson is to learn what it is in these re-tellings that is most important for you to learn and to grow… These are a Blessing! Thanks for listening to these tales yet again…

Third, the act of looking into the “Masters” eyes helps you to focus and demonstrates the respect you have. There may be a need to ask a “Clarifying question” to assist the storyteller, if you are not fully understanding their communication. Please curtail your need to interject your story into this conversation and in so doing, redirect the conversation. YOU are looking for the “Pearls of Wisdom” and insights coming out of this interaction. Remember, if this “Triggers” you then there is an important lesson for YOU in this interaction. Equanimity and non-Judgement are skills to develop along the way toward Enlightenment. Honor the Master in front of you! (If you had trekked high into the mountains to sit in front of a “Holy Person” to gain their Wisdom, you would listen carefully and respectfully. That person may not be wearing robes or a tailored suit but you would honor them. This is the same for the “Holy Person” who sits in front of you even though you have NOT had to trek high into the mountains in search of this wisdom…)

Finally, ask yourself, What is the one thing YOU got out of this engagement? What did YOU find of “VALUE?” Even if this exchange with another Master took the form, only, of a shared smile! There are NO accidents in our Universe, some will say. Each seemingly random interaction, has happened for a reason. Maybe it was for YOU. Maybe it was you participating in a random act to benefit another soul’s learning. You are Essential. You are a Master! Careful respect for every soul you bump into, in the warm drier of life, is there as a service. Honor this!

And, as Abraham Hicks has channelled to us, (Thank you Robert for sharing,) “No one Gets Who You ARE!” Your greatness in following the path you are moving along, is not known by the people you pass. On Earth we are limited by our 3 Dimensional world. In the Higher Realms, everyone knows everyone’s business through instantaneous psychic communication, (there are No Lies (thanks Paula Forget, author of, “Guided to the Higher Realms”)) but here on Earth you have NOT walked a mile in their shoes. You can not fully know what they have been through to get them to the representation of the role they are playing in this life! For you, the lesson is DO NOT Live Your Life for another person’s values. Do NOT try to be something you are Not! Do Not expect to be liked or understood! You are Perfect! You are a Master! Be authentic! Be Your Self! Be the bright light which offers guidance to other souls whose lesson has them looking like they are struggling in the Darkness. Perhaps their seeming struggle is a chance for you to serve them and to experience another of Your lessons.

We are ALL in this together. Reach around and take the hands of the next soul you meet. Let them know that they are NOT alone in a way to support them and their learning. AND, every opportunity you get to bask in the light of passion coming from the person in front of you, honor them and bask in their light and passion. You never fully know what value this will have for YOU, for them, and for the future people you will bump into.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Your Enlightenment and Your Environment

Have you considered the best environment for developing your “Enlightenment?” Does your “spiritual awakening” require a special environment? Does Enlightenment only come for those who sit in a cave, undistracted, over a period of time Which creates the solitude required to lead you to the “Light?”

Some experienced, and a bit rigid, (want to be) enlightened masters might say that solitude offers less distractions and a better “space” to go within, to find the Universal Divine Spirit. AND, I believe that this can work for some people but not for everyone, every time enlightenment “hits.” So, I began looking for some of the words used to describe a pilgrimage into the “cave” of undistracted solitude. Words that might be used to demonstrate a reduced distracted environment might include: Isolation, Vigil, Seclusion, Solitude, reclusive, withdrawn, possibly: Celibate and Abstaining from physical pleasures, Contemplative, Introspection, Reflection, Consideration, and Focused. These concepts can make it difficult and exclusive for many people running around in my culture. Are we all doomed to be un-enlightened? Perhaps…

Or, are there other environments or circumstances which can allow for a “spontaneous Awakening” like a NDE (Near Death Experience) or an “Ah Ha” moment in meditation or in experiencing a major “insight” in life (perhaps a STE (Spiritual Transformative Experience.)) An example for me was when I hiked up into Evolution Meadow and viewed the surrounding mountains and sky with a surprising, for me at 25 years of age, insight of being in “God’s Cathedral,” realization. (Since at that time, I would never say the word “God” let alone find an experience that would trigger me to use this word.) Can activities and interpersonal interactions lead you to a moment of enlightenment? Once you have had a real moment of knowing the state of Grace or feeling the Universal “connection” to the “source” and all a “oneness” with other souls, you can never go back into complete un-enlightenment. You can NOT get the Genie back in the bottle… Though, what you do with this new insight varies and may take a very long time to surface as a useful gift to be shared.

Some “moments” of insight have come for me in deep meditation but never in a cave of solitude. For me, a private act of self-discovery, realization, or a “remembrance” have come in a variety of environments and with varying degrees of social interaction. Though these have been private in the moment, many of these experiences were not in deep isolation or seclusion. Oddly, sometimes I focus better with distractions around me, as if I would trust someone else to protect me (feeling safer) and I can “let go” of my defenses in a group. (Not always true, but sometimes…)

Your path to Enlightenment will be unique for you. The environment will be of your creation. A quiet, meditative environment may prove helpful but may not be required. Keep your eyes open for any possible “awakening” (perhaps in a Zen like way.) Allow your soul/heart to be receptive to new experience and insights. Feel your guidance which may lead you to a chance of a lifetime and a special moment of “Grace!” You are on the path, whether you know it or not. You are here, in this life, to experience and to learn. AND, when your “Awakening” happens, you are here to share this wisdom and your most recent leaps into consciousness.

Tip for Enlightenment:
No matter which path you take either as an aesthetic using deprivation to assist you in focusing or as a seeker bouncing off all the other people you bump in to in the “warm dryer called life,” you can help to clarify your consciousness by being mindful, present, and open. To be aware of the possibilities is more than half the battle. Being “closed” to new thoughts, Wisdom, Feelings, insights, conscious “knowing,” or simply the “remembering,” will slow your process and pilgrimage down. It is not always an easy task but being open AND present to enjoy, the “JOY,” can assist you greatly. All of these qualities are assisted through meditation and begin by following your breath. Slowly inhale, pause, and then slowly exhale… Attempt to feel the cool air as you breathe in and then the warm breath as you slowly exhale. Continue to breathe slowly and most consciously. Allow your thoughts and energy to flow as freely as possible. Perhaps you can “open” your 6th and 7th chakras for a better connection to the Divine Spirit. You may even attempt to allow yourself to elevate (out through your Crown Chakra) to an 8th or 9th chakra and higher dimensions. Paula Forget’s book, “Guided to the Higher Realms,” may be a useful guide to assist you to expand your consciousness to what is possible. (Check her website at: www.paulaforget/inspired for more information.)

It may also be useful to practice holding the intention that you are open and available for the Guidance to and the experience of an “Awakening!” The Divine Spirit surrounds each of us. It is embedded in each of us. A dark cave is NOT the only place where this unconditional love and energy abides…

YOU are amazing and perfect no matter where you are on your path! YOU are a blessing. Thank you for being YOU! In any way possible, allow yourself to be Open, Present, and Mindful of the wonderful adventures you find yourself within (even the challenging ones…) Whether you are actively seeking “Enlightenment” or not, you are still moving along that path.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: www.facebook.com/mastersofthejourney Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at www.dstress.com/blog