Whad’s Dat?

Wonderment… All things are new… When you travel to a new place or visit a new culture, your perspective changes. Things are not familiar. “You are Not in Kansas” anymore. Everything you see and experience may be new to you or at least a different version of what your normal life might look and even feel like. Your eyes are big and bright! Your mouth might drop open in excitement! Your ears strain to listen to the new and different tones and sounds. AND, your mind may ask, “Whad’s Dat???” Translated from 14 month old Mr. Milo’s verbiage to “I am curious. What could that be and how does it work and what do I do with it???…”

Yes, I just had 5 days with my 14 month old grandson, Mr. Milo. His excitement for EVERYTHING makes looking at my world and what I take for granted, much more interesting. His “Wonderment” is infectious as I watched him explore this new alien world which I commonly overlook due familiarity. Yes, even the magnets on the refrigerator have new uses and cause great excitement. They are no longer just holding last week’s shopping list. They are magical objects to be carried and thrown into different corners of the room. My son reported that they do NOT need to buy Mr Milo toys because everything he sees and grabs becomes a new toy to this young explorer.

I have written before, in fact recently, about “Beginners Mind” and living life in the “Wonderment.” We can all be more fully “present” and in a state of mind where everything in nature is exciting and magical. We can remember that it is a “Miracle” that our life exists and the things we see or touch are amazing, often unique, and much of the time not fully explainable. Interacting with other people adds complexity because people can “look” normal but “behave” in very unusual ways. What made “them” the way they are? What happened in their life to them? Its complicated and not possible to fully understand, if you are really open and honest. Every interaction is a “new Toy” for your consciousness. Whad’s Dat? is a question for you to consider regarding what is your lesson from each interaction.

Look at life, YES, every moment as if this moment is unique and special. Each moment is there for you to learn and experience a very special lesson. No matter how “young” YOU are, your senses can absorb the Earthly world we share and from within your heart you can feel the joy bursting bright within you. The mystery may be, what is this lesson and how can I integrate this moment into my consciousness? How then, can I tell the story and share the wisdom gleaned from this moment in time and how might it be important to all of Divine Consciousness???

If you find this difficult, find a 14 month old and participate in their adventure of exploration. Chances are your heart will fill with joy as you watch each new discovery unfold and each new and unique interaction finds its direction. Know that each moment can be seen as unique if you choose to participate in the Joy of “Beginners Mind.”

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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