I Bought Myself a Cherry Pie Today! Self-Nurturing

Remember to consider how best to be self-nurturing!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Amazing Holidays however you choose to celebrate. As I write this blog it is late December and the days are cooler and short in Northwest Washington. Today, I find myself at home coping with an ear infection which is stripping me of ability to have social interaction and to communicate. This is due to a loss of hearing and my body telling me that I need to take some time to withdraw from my busy schedule. This is an opportunity to write and today I want to share my story of shopping… Not for Holiday gifts but for the simple food required to re-stock. In my trip through the supermarket, I decided I “needed to “treat” myself.” Perhaps because I have been stuck indoors for a couple of days.

Self-nurturing takes many forms. Perhaps you meditate, do yoga, get exercise, take a trip, walk outdoors, meet friends/family, play with your child or pet, read a good enriching book, or buy yourself a cherry pie. Cherry pies are not as high up on the self-nurturing scale as some of the many other suggestions but this is what I chose for myself, today. This is not a recommendation. This is an honest admission…

This cherry pie was on sale. It was appealing. I felt like I wanted a treat. AND, I got a topic for this blog… When I got home I ate a piece of cherry pie and felt pretty good to honor this feeling. Normally, I am not the most dessert driven person. Some people are and You know who you are! There are healthier alternatives but there is NO reason for guilt or shame. My most recent past blog, see below on this blog page, was about being a good role model. I am not sure that buying yourself a cherry pie for self-nurturing is the “BEST” role modeling behavior but being “Human” is! I am taking responsibility for this weird choice and my behavior. I am not unhappy. In fact, this experience has raised my energy level (probably sugar related) and allowed me a great self-nurturing distraction from my aching ear.

Impulsive actions are not all bad. Chronic compulsive or addictive behaviors are significant lessons for everyone involved. Taking responsibility for your behavior is an important step and then decisions can be made and actions taken, again with responsibility. My cherry pie today was not a chronic experience or coming from a deeper addictive behavior but not everyone reading this will necessarily agree… We all have “choices!”

We are entering into a new calendar year and some of us will attempt to make, and then keep, new year’s resolutions. Futile! But, you do want to consider how to keep moving forward in your personal development and quest for consciousness. Do not forget to find the time, energy and resources for self-care and self-nurturing. Fill your life with JOY! Have some FUN! Live with Gusto! Dance like No One is Watching!

You are a Blessing! When a cherry pie type feeling happens, do not ignore it. You do not have to act upon it, but consider what your body is feeling and find the best way for you to celebrate life, especially, your life!

Happy New Year, no matter when in the year you stumble upon these words. You were meant to read them! AND, if cherry pie comes flying at you enjoy your options…

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