I Bought Myself a Cherry Pie Today! Self-Nurturing

Remember to consider how best to be self-nurturing!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Amazing Holidays however you choose to celebrate. As I write this blog it is late December and the days are cooler and short in Northwest Washington. Today, I find myself at home coping with an ear infection which is stripping me of ability to have social interaction and to communicate. This is due to a loss of hearing and my body telling me that I need to take some time to withdraw from my busy schedule. This is an opportunity to write and today I want to share my story of shopping… Not for Holiday gifts but for the simple food required to re-stock. In my trip through the supermarket, I decided I “needed to “treat” myself.” Perhaps because I have been stuck indoors for a couple of days.

Self-nurturing takes many forms. Perhaps you meditate, do yoga, get exercise, take a trip, walk outdoors, meet friends/family, play with your child or pet, read a good enriching book, or buy yourself a cherry pie. Cherry pies are not as high up on the self-nurturing scale as some of the many other suggestions but this is what I chose for myself, today. This is not a recommendation. This is an honest admission…

This cherry pie was on sale. It was appealing. I felt like I wanted a treat. AND, I got a topic for this blog… When I got home I ate a piece of cherry pie and felt pretty good to honor this feeling. Normally, I am not the most dessert driven person. Some people are and You know who you are! There are healthier alternatives but there is NO reason for guilt or shame. My most recent past blog, see below on this blog page, was about being a good role model. I am not sure that buying yourself a cherry pie for self-nurturing is the “BEST” role modeling behavior but being “Human” is! I am taking responsibility for this weird choice and my behavior. I am not unhappy. In fact, this experience has raised my energy level (probably sugar related) and allowed me a great self-nurturing distraction from my aching ear.

Impulsive actions are not all bad. Chronic compulsive or addictive behaviors are significant lessons for everyone involved. Taking responsibility for your behavior is an important step and then decisions can be made and actions taken, again with responsibility. My cherry pie today was not a chronic experience or coming from a deeper addictive behavior but not everyone reading this will necessarily agree… We all have “choices!”

We are entering into a new calendar year and some of us will attempt to make, and then keep, new year’s resolutions. Futile! But, you do want to consider how to keep moving forward in your personal development and quest for consciousness. Do not forget to find the time, energy and resources for self-care and self-nurturing. Fill your life with JOY! Have some FUN! Live with Gusto! Dance like No One is Watching!

You are a Blessing! When a cherry pie type feeling happens, do not ignore it. You do not have to act upon it, but consider what your body is feeling and find the best way for you to celebrate life, especially, your life!

Happy New Year, no matter when in the year you stumble upon these words. You were meant to read them! AND, if cherry pie comes flying at you enjoy your options…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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New Beginnings? Yup, Happy New Year!

We are a week into the New Year. 2017 is going to be a “Barn Burner” of a year. It is a start to a new 9 year cycle. The arbitrary date on the calendar says a new cycle – a new year – begins. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we have made it through the shortest day of the yearly cycle and are now, slowly, heading back into the “light.” The ritual of the New Year can be a time of reflection, to take stock of our lives and of our lessons to determine how far along we are. How far have we come and how far we must still travel in this pilgrimage through this life?

Some of us make “New Years Resolutions” which, by their nature, are designed to be disregarded almost as quickly as they are declared. However, the awareness of your progress and the affirmation of what still needs to be done (or experienced) has great relevance! What still needs to be done can become the “focus” and the direction which points the way to your travels through this life. Running in Circles does not serve us, in the long run. Steering out into the current, to move us down stream through the rapids and experiencing the eddies we must encounter, and transcend, is our life’s path. (In case you are unclear, we are all souls traveling in the “River of Life” and we are all “One” with our fellow souls….)

It is worth remembering… You are NOT alone! You have support. You are a blessing! You are an important part of the whole of divinity!

Your purpose is to Grow in Wisdom & Joy! As a Master, your purpose includes sharing and connecting with other pilgrims because we must all work to get THERE (higher consciousness, Heaven, Grace, the Divine) Together! (We are in Human Form to “Communicate” our lessons and to Serve!)

Blessings to You on the journey… Take one step at a time and focus upward on the path before you.

Namaste… (The Perfect Divine Spirit in me Sees, Knows, and Loves the Perfect Divine Spirit in YOU!)
(And, this is MY lesson in this life… Not an uncommon one, we share.)

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3 Pillars of Health and Wellness

Most people want to be healthy. Most people enjoy feeling good, having energy, and having their bodies be able to do the activities that are required. Most people take their good health for granted until an accident or illness robs them of their naivety. As we get older, most of us discover that good health is not always to be expected and that it may require some attention to maintain even normal levels of good health. We inherit characteristics from our families both physically, through our genetic code, and as we learn about lifestyle choices. Many families have heart disease or diabetes or obesity or dental problems, etc in their family histories which means that you may be born with a proclivity to develop certain health challenges. Or, we learn by watching our parents live in a healthy way (lifestyle) or a less than healthy lifestyle. We can not always prevent the characteristics we inherit from having a negative impact on our health and our lives. We can take steps to minimize the possible problems from developing or keep them from affecting us in the most damaging ways by practicing health and wellness for prevention. This is easier said than done.

Most people lack the focus, the motivation, and the energy to select the healthier options and to use them regularly. That is why the lifestyle diseases like heart disease, strokes, lung cancer, addiction, and obesity are still the major killers in our society. That is one huge reason why our healthcare costs are so high.
If we “took responsibility” for our good health and practiced wellness, we could live longer in better health. Taking responsibility for our actions is not practiced or taught effectively in our society (editorial opinion.) Most people find that the easier way to live is seductive but not the healthiest way to live. Convenience is not often the long term solution. Bad habits are bad choices.

The 3 principles of wellness and prevention of many diseases are 1. Physical exercise/activity on a regular basis, 2. Eating healthy with reduced portions of more naturally occurring foods, and 3. practicing regular stress management. It requires commitment to put time and energy into using these three pillars of health and many people will try one or two but not find all three in their lives.

Physical exercise or activities for prevention and optimal health should include at least 30 minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days per week. This is minimum for most people to maintain health and vitality. Exercise can be walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, playing, etc. It does NOT include TV watching or video gaming. Some societies and cultures promote non-automobile driving transportation which may make these people healthier and less sedentary.

Healthy diet and nutritional practices often include eating as close to natural and less “processed foods.” Many people believe the American society eats too much meat, or dairy, or “fast foods,” and this is probably true. Since every person is different, it is difficult to make a blanket judgement and say that “meat eating,” as an example, is bad for everyone. But it is accurate to say that eating too many calories, or too much fast food, or too much food with unpronounceable ingredients is just not a wise choice. Preservatives, artificial coloring, high sugar content, and unnatural flavorings may be worth avoiding, at least in large doses. Fresh fruit and vegetables along with whole grains are generally considered good, unless you have digestive difficulties.

Stress management is very important but often over-looked. Stress kills people. Stress creeps in to people’s lives and robs them of energy, focus, strength, and even time. Stress management often can not eliminate stress from your life, but it can help to minimize the negative effects of stress and anxiety. Our 24/7 information age has create a new set of challenges for our society, and more importantly, our bodies to adapt to reducing the constant attack. A daily relaxation or stress reduction ritual is worthwhile and will save you TIME and energy, in the long run. (Do not believe me…. GO try it for at least 8-12 weeks.)

There are many sources of information regarding healthy choices and prevention techniques that can help to keep us happier and healthier, however, NOT ALL INFORMATION YOU FIND ON THE INTERNET IS RIGHT FOR YOU! You have to make informed choices and you may need GOOD advice and support. Hopefully, you have a GOOD physician or a GOOD nutritionist or a GOOD pharmacist or a GOOD health coach you can discuss information with. Not all health practionners are “GOOD” or have your best well-being in mind. Be careful and get more than one opinion if you are not sure.

Get motivated and get to work. If you need support, find a qualified health coach or trainer to get you started. TAKE responsibility and do not make excuses.

The Stress Education Center has information on many aspects of health and wellness, especially stress reduction. Visit the website at www.dstress.com to learn more about how you get started on your own or get coaching to build a program that is tailored to your specifc requirements.