The “Veil” a Perspective

Crossing the Veil is a spiritual concept which may bring you closer to the Divine Spirit or the “Source” or the “Higher Realms”… But, what is the Veil? Why does it keep souls incarnated as humans (or other life forms) from knowing the Higher Realms? I recently heard a presentation by Robert Schwartz who had an interesting perspective regarding the Veil which I had not heard before. Rob Schwartz is a hypnotherapist who has worked with many clients to better connect with and understand their life’s purpose by “examining” the “agreements” regarding coming into their human incarnations. He claims that he has witnessed the Veil as translucent curtain which serves a great purpose. Rob claims that the Veil is a good thing. It creates a barrier to fully knowing who we are (as a perfect soul) and where we come from (in the Higher Realms.) This allows us to ask good questions until we rejoin the “higher realms” where we know everything. The Veil allows us to explore lessons as the learning challenges we are here, in our human lives, to have.

We come into human incarnations to experience the dramas of life on Earth. If we were more fully “Enlightened” in our human lives, we might not get so caught up in the our lives. We might not have to learn that we are perfect, because we are and this would get in the way of the “fun.” We would not have to learn that there is Joy to be found in every experience, even the painful challenges. We would remember and know Unconditional Love. We would know we are supported no matter what we do and not Judged. Life on Earth would not be the “Adventure Travel” experience which it appears, to higher souls, to be. (If the “Veil,” as a barrier to pure consciousness, was not in place for our human minds, we may lose motivation to “do the work” in our current lives…)

The struggles and challenges we have in our human incarnations have great value as learning experiences. We consciously or unconsciously strive for higher consciousness and travel our lives with the goal of “Enlightenment.” If the Veil did not obscure the remembering of the Higher Realms from our human lives, the scavenger hunt we are living would not be so desperate and driven. If life on Earth was so super high in consciousness without the Veil, we would not be given respect and medals for surviving our visit to the Earthly plane (Which is my humor popping through.)

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No matter where you are on your soul’s human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

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