The Mountain Between Us

Have you noticed that there are major barriers between members in our human community? In this day and age, the gaps seem wider than ever. Why are we so polarized and separated from each other? Why is it so difficult to know and to Remember that we are ALL in this together and parts of the same Divine Spirit…?

Nancy Dubois shared this information with us… Nancy responded to a post I wrote and sent to her for her editing…
“Thank you John for your love and support. Here is some editing that might be helpful.

Our Masters of The Journey member, Nancy DuBois, has reported that she has had a powerful vision download from guidance. It is with fullness of joy and highest intention of goodwill to all, that she wishes to communicate this important message to each Beloved Being out there! We have created mountains between us composed of judgements, perceptions, false beliefs, lies, ego interpretations, social pressures, ancestral conditioning, and the list goes on! But now Beloveds we have the power within to say to this MOUNTAIN,”BE REMOVED” AND IT WILL OBEY YOU!!!! Joyfully we have the power also to remove the same MOUNTAIN within us!! The message is that the Universe, all the Benevolent Beings, Source, and Guidance, are all primed with great expectation and love and are ready to assist Humanity in one of Her greatest moments, BECOMING ONE, within themselves, with each other and with SOURCE!! IMAGINE!!! You had the power to create it You have the power to remove it!

Nancy’s download experience caused spinning of her internal vortex and an after effect of dizziness which she is happy to report is well on the way to perfect recovery. Nancy went through this experience without fear, calm, and peaceful knowing as it was happening that there was a beautiful message to come of it! She is open to whatever or however Spirit guides her!

John, I saw that people need to see themselves as having the power within to manifest the removal of their mountains with the help of Spirit, being careful not to have them follow someone else. Also they needed to know that as easily as the mountain was created it can be removed just as easily. After all those things we put there are just illusions, they aren’t real. We are all searching for the real us, underneath the mountain!


Guidance wants us to free ourselves of the obstacles and separation that keep us apart. I for one, agree with Nancy and her Guidance and I signed up to assist in helping to reconnect humanity to its “oneness.”

What would you do to get the word out?
First, you want to remove your mountain and find the experience of your soul’s purpose and its oneness with the Divine Spirit.
Perhaps a posted Video interview or blog posting are possible to get this info out. Sharing by word of mouth of your “feeling”/”Knowing” of your Oneness…
But, how can we trigger a deeper spiritual experience (like an STE – Spiritual Transformative Experience) to create foundational changes which allow for expanded consciousness and a “knowing” of connectedness? This remains to be seen, and then acted upon. (Please look for the video interview with Nancy and her direct reflection of the Guidance serving all of us… Masters of the Journey YouTube channel. At:

As our consciousness expands we are moving from 3 dimensional consciousness into 5th dimensional consciousness. How will this be different? 3rd dimensional thinking limits us to what our mind/ego can understand with the limitations of linear time and 3 dimensions in space. The newer consciousness is based upon what we “feel” in a heart based “Knowing.” There are no words or thoughts which can adequately describe the freedom of “5 D” “being” as found in the “higher realms” of Divine Consciousness. It offers a new way of being. Our new goal is to assist/help other people to transition into higher dimensional consciousness. This is aligning with major changes coming in the last months of 2020 as reported my Nancy and other psychic prognosticators, and then into the future. We are going through major planetary changes to prepare us, or to force us, into new ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling/knowing.

As an example, some people believe that the social isolation due to the pandemic creates an environment for people to quiet the distractions our society has provided so we can meditate and go “within” to reconnect with guidance and higher consciousness. If nothing else, this alone is a very useful outcome from these horrendous times. We might find ourselves walking, respectfully, in the moment, in nature and reconnect with the natural world as a walking meditation and consciousness builder. A chance to consider our connection with the Earth, the present moment, and all living things in our Universe. We are small but amazingly important pieces of the broad Universe. So, consider the Joy you might find when you “unplug from media” and quietly go within your soul for unconditional love and the oneness which you can be led to. This is what 5th dimensional consciousness can allow us to more fully know, or Remember. YOU are a Blessing!

Also, for consideration: Am I my brother’s keeper? Yup, we are all connected and so we are all developing into higher consciousness (at a conscious level) together. Not in separation as an individual in competition to get ahead. We all advance together as humans in the drama we call life on Earth. We are all multidimensional beings and there is no advantage to self-limiting by existing in 3 dimensional beliefs and behavior. (YES! Even the people who “trigger” you, are still part of your challenge and lesson as we all slowly increase toward the higher consciousness that is possible. Maybe those who trigger you are your guides to learn the tough lesson of equanimity, acceptance, unconditional love, gratitude, Joy, and the “Oneness” we are striving to achieve…???)

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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2 thoughts on “The Mountain Between Us

  1. Nancy and I are great friends. She’s so in tune with Spirit every moment of every day. I am so blessed to have her as a friend. I love watching her grow! And you, John, I appreciate so much for it was through you and Masters of the Journey that we met and I’ve met so many wonderful people. So thank you John for all you are doing to help us all be Masters of this Journey. It’s quite the journey and sharing it with others like you and Nancy makes it an amazing journey.

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